Favorite supernatural creature you'd like to romance?


A literal muse, a goddess who inspires artists as they offer her their love. Come on, we are all lovers of the written word here to some extent no? It is a good example of a positive feedback loop, your love for them gives you inspiration and the inspiration brings more love for them.

Also unlikely to eat or murder you so there is that at least.

Athena, virgin goddess notwithstanding, would be the perfect nerdy, intellectual girlfriend in some interpretation of her myth. Also really unlikely to lead to your untimely death unlike say, Ishtar or the Morrigan. For those people who thought that the yandere character archetype had its roots in anime, I would say you really should brush up on your ancient mythology.


Well for me there are three that share first place.
A Succubus
Pro Gorgeous women who bringst eternal sexual pleassure.
Con Most of them take your soul after the sex.
Pro Athletic beautiful women with awesome proportations
Con Mainstream
Pro One of the mightiest creatures who can fly me everywhere.
Con Can she even bear me children and if yes how?


Most dragons who are old enough can use their magic to transform themselves into a human form for as long as they want.
So it is possible for them to have children that are part dragon and part human. If you want to know more look up a dungeons and dragons dragonborn it will explain this Hunan, dragon breed better


I know it’s cliché, but i really like vampires XD
Or basically any humanoid creature that is considered attractive and is prone to forcibly subdue me
I also like kemonomimis, so maybe nekomatas?
Lycanthropy isn’t very attractive… But oh, any creature with some magic to transmute into a human form would be acceptable to me(Lycanthropy not included because it is more of a “natural” transition, and one form influences the other) like some dragons, for example.


Pretty sure romancing a being who isn’t human like or has the ability to be human like brings up the awkward subject of bestiality, depending on what you want to define that as. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (If a being is as sentient as a human rather than animalistic/feral I don’t consider that to be the case… probably.)

(This is under the assumption of course you’ll do anything… erm, well… Pure romantic non-sexual stuff likely doesn’t has to fret about it. :sweat_smile:)


I’m totally here for dating the classics (the vampire, the demon, the werewolf, the elemental spirit, the old god etc), especially if we talk about incorporating LGBTQ romance. Something I’ve not seen and am interested in exploring is romancing the classic Dungeons & Dragons character archetypes. For example, the ability to date a gods-blessed cleric, devoted druid, or a magic-inheriting sorcerer who also need to go on epic adventures.


Hobgoblins 100% :joy::joy::joy:


Well, Tohru from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid anime would be just perfect for you to date since she can transform into human form sometimes… I jest. :slightly_smiling_face:


I already have a dragon but thanks anyway


animalistic bad

I agree. I’m writing a quite large piece about the topic of this whole thread (independently), and one consideration I made ahead of time was making sure that every romance option no matter how monstrous in appearance has, at baseline, human intelligence. You’ll probably be more at ease flirting with a giant snake if you know it can beat you at chess.


Exactly! Ideally the general rule is whether they can speak (which defines general sentience unless you are a Gungan), though of course you might have a Shape of Water situation where a creature is clearly intelligent but has not the traditional means of human communication. But I’m totally fine with it as long as it’s consensual with both parties and both have as you say baseline intelligence. :slight_smile:


@Dagger1819 and @No_This_Is_Patrick, apologies for this random comment, but I could not stop myself. Remember our discussion about the Greek Gods a few months ago? Persephone and Hades in particular?

Well, I just now stumbled on this gem and I simply had to share it with you two:




I hope you two like it, if not feel free to ignore my ramblings. No hard feelings ´・ᴗ・`


That…is adorable.


That’s so fun!


I’m not sure what it is, but something about this comic feels off to me, deep in my gut. Anyone have any idea why?


Perhaps because it is not really a ‘true’ depiction of how Hades and Persephone interact during most of the Greek (re-)tellings?


They’ve always been stories, always constructed, always tailored to the personal experiences and outlook of their writer. Just because the ancient Greeks believed the stories doesn’t change the fact that they were written, that they sprang from someone’s imagination. After all, in some tellings Hades ripped Persephone from the overworld by force, while in others, she went willingly out of love. Modern retellings of the story similarly take on aspects from the worldview of their writer, and this version is no exception, emphasising romantic aspect of … a teenage girl eagerly awaiting permission from her mother to see her older boyfriend? Anyway.

That’s a long-winded way of saying that the differences from the myth aren’t what make me feel weird about this comic. There’s something else. Something darkly insidious. I just have no idea what it is.


Well, ancient Greeks did had an irritating knack for darkly insidious stories. Didn’t they?

@L_M I like your style. Do you perchance have a blog or something where you display your drawings?

Ad OP - banshee. No romance like a tragic romance. Ain’t the entire genre a deliciously clever employ of heartaches?


These are not my drawings, I stumbled upon them on the internet (Pinterest to be precise, and from there to the Artist’s Tumblr).

It is drawn by a woman who goes by the name Linda Sejic (her name is visible on the first image). And her Tumblr name is sigeel.tumblr.com (this can be found at the bottom in the last image).

I hope this helps c:


@L_M have you seen Lore Olympus? You might like it.

I’m not sure, I think she kind of feels a little bit too hyper teenage girl rather than goddess married for years to Hades.