How to meet Jesse again in Memphis

does anyone know how to meet Jesse again.

Yeah wait for COV2 >:-)

but i meet him again in the first one in memphis and i cant find out how to again

wait for COV23?

Wait can you really meet him? @vampierkid222? And has anyone actually gotten the scenes where you can have sex with Jesse or your Sire? I’m just curious because I have never seen then, but have read people talking about it…

yes i did but i have no idea how i did it i tryed to do it the same way but never got it right

does anyone know how to meet Jesse again.


It’s been established that a Vampire’s “equipment” doesn’t work any more in this game. :-S So I suppose it depends on one’s definition of sex. Nevertheless, despite that lack of intercourse, there are certainly some short scenes that could be described as physically intimate.

@vampierkid222 I hope you can find out again! I would love to see him if for nothing else interesting banter. I did notice though that Jesse seems to like you (or the most out of the “family”) because in his letters sent to Vicksburg it sounds like he misses you. @P_Tigras are you sure? I’ve had sex scenes with Silas that went perfectly fine. You have to not rush into sex if you want to have it. I’ve never done it with Clotho (stayed in her room till she slept) but when Silas comes to sleep with me I tell him to wait and meet him a few days later and we make love with all parts working just fine! And on a side note this was done with both male and female vamps! :smiley:

Whoah what?
I thought the closest you got to intercourse was sharing a meal which gave an orgasmic feel since pleasure rods and vayajays don’t work on vampires.

I shall try nd If I get it I will tell u


If you try to explore the pleasures of the flesh with Clotho:

Much to your dismay, you discover that your parts do not function as they did while you were still mortal. And while the act of pleasuring her could–in theory–be rewarding in and of itself, the whole time you find yourself thinking about drinking her blood. …

So yes, I’m fairly sure, assuming our male vampires are packing all of the same “parts”… :stuck_out_tongue:


Spoilers Below and its slightly long lol!

Okay here are the scenes:

A few nights later, you find yourself reading in your study. Silas has been unavailable since the night of the parade, and so you have been occupying yourself with some of the recent newspapers bringing word of the war from the various fronts.

You are startled by a tap at your window. Looking up quickly, you see Silas smiling through the panes.

“What are you doing?” you scold him as you admit him to your study.

“I could not stand to be apart from you for another moment!”

“It is late! You will be reprimanded if you are discovered away from your Company!”

“Every lash will be received with joy if you will permit me to spend the night with you.”

My response:

“No! You have gone too far… I cannot… not yet…”

Next scene:

“Have I offended you, my dearest?”

“No… it’s not that…”

“What then?”

“Give me a few more days… meet me where I first found you the night after next…”

With a frantic kiss full of longing, Silas departs through the window. You can almost imagine your heart beating in desire as the sounds of his footfalls fade.

As far as you are concerned, the time for your meeting cannot arrive soon enough.

Next scene:
The early March night is crisp and clean, an evening rain having washed the air of the regiment’s campfires. The space between the two of you is pregnant with possibilities. He gazes deeply into your eyes, waiting for that sign that there is no turning back.

My response:

I profess my love for him. Amor omnia vincit!

Next Scene:

He takes your hand in his, and proclaims his love for you as well. The two of you embrace, and spend the rest of the evening in breathless ecstasy.

You steal away before the break of dawn.

This is attainable by both Male and Female players, with slightly different dialogue for genders (YAY!). The above verison is with a Female French Noble vampire (though race does not seem to play a part in sex, but does in the story). I’m not sure if you or Silas is the “Top” in the male/male but I’m thinking you are. So as I said vampires CAN have sex, but maybe just have to be mentally prepared for it and can’t just do it on demand lol! So maybe half vampires are possible! Though probably only for males! :wink:

@jammy Yes, but to get that text, you have to have already learned that “your parts don’t work”.

Thus, a vampire can still have an ecstatic experience, it just doesn’t involve erections, orgasms, ejaculations or natural lubrications.

@jasonstevanhill How would we know our parts didn’t work if this is the first sex we’ve tried since being a vampire? :open_mouth: I’ve never tried sleeping with Clotho with my vamps so logically my vampires couldn’t have known could they?

If male vampires can’t get erections and both gendered vampires can’t have orgasms/ejaculations or create natural lubrication how can they have “blissful sex”? Humans can’t NOT notice this. Silas would notice that a female vampire’s vagina is (I’m assuming) cold and unresponsive (meaning not squeezing) and that a male vampire does not have an erection and never ejaculates during/after sex.

And I’m assuming Clotho would pretty quickly at least for males see that something is wrong when they never try to penetrate her.

If the vampires (of the CotV universe) can’t get erections or ejaculate/orgasm then their nerves are dead so sex can’t be a thing they would like to do at all or enjoy and a living person shouldn’t enjoy attempting sex with them.

Logically I’m not getting the sex lol! Why have it at all if vampires in this universe can’t actually do it? :open_mouth:

Well I’ll just assume that being fed upon kinda knocks you out and you don’t remember much of what happened.
Dunno if being fed upon is a good experience for the human as it is for the vampire.

It’s kind of interesting that while White Wolf in its Vampire the Masquerade game initially took a very strong stand that vampires didn’t enjoy sex because as they stated, vampires only produced two fluids, blood and saliva, and things were rather dry and dessicated down there. They slowly backed away from that position however because of its unpopularity with a very significant portion of their fanbase. By the time they ended the game line they had produced novels with vampires enjoying sex and even had some very young vampires producing baby dhampirs. In the sequel game line, Vampire the Requiem, Vampires now can have and enjoy sex, they just don’t form emotional attachments over it. uhuh…lol :stuck_out_tongue:

While I don’t personally have an issue with Vamps having or enjoying sex, and can easily see lots of Vamps using it to attract and ensnare prey, I’m enough of a purist to have an issue with vamps being able to produce babies, even dhampirs, because dead people aren’t supposed to be able to give life. If they can make babies then they aren’t really undead, they’re just transformed humans with cute little fangs, cool super powers, an embarrassing craving for blood, and a very bad allergy to sunlight.

Hold on there?
Vampire the masquerade bloodlines got a sequel?
What? How? When? Where?
Oh goodness, the best RPG in time has a sequel and I don’t know about it…
I think I need to go lay down.

No, There isn’t a sequel to Bloodlines, he’s Referring to the sequel game to Vampire the Masquerade…


@Zed is correct. I was speaking about the original “tabletop” game upon which Bloodlines is based. The publisher killed the VtM setting and replaced it with VtR, so there will unfortunately never be a sequel to Bloodlines. :frowning: