So yeah Hello! I just finished the game a few minutes ago and must say I had ALOT of fun with it, Especially the ending hit the spot for me. (I’m always like that in Novels).
But like the others said before me the biggest problem I had was that the few choices you got(and in comparison to other Choice games that was not alot) didn’t feel like they had much impact on the story and sometimes they didn’t even had any what so ever, wich was a big disapointment most of the time.

But I have to say I really enjoyed that you only had a few choices to make, I like Novels and I also like to make decissions in these games so having a Story that drives itself alot more was a nice thing to see. (But seeing the few choices you made doing nothing in the end was still sad).

I really hope you make more games like this especially in a Fantasy setting because I think you write these really well.
I would rate this game 7.7/10 :3

I really liked this game some of the unique things.

The Stats. I noticed early on in the game. You have a choice where you lived. What race lived beside you. Depending on your upbringing. The story was influenced in a way that made an actual impact on my choices. That’s exactly what I look for in a game. Choices that matter.

I noticed early in depending on what I said boosted certain things about me. (Leadership, Noble, Etc) I early on in the game started to build bonds with my best friend. While I "(Spoiler Alert) decided to craft her the weapon from scratch because I knew how much she liked it.

Learning those hidden secrets from woman in the woods. I was surprised how strong I became. Though I found it disappointing that I didn’t see her later on. I played the game twice. I noticed when your other friend throws her to the ground trying to choke her. There’s an option to pull her off or not. What I didn’t realize till the second play. That trying to toss her off sometimes didn’t work.

As the story progressive. I grew familiar with the humor in the story. Towards the end of the story. I really wished I had seen that woman in woods return. As I grew attached to her early on in the story. Also I would liked to explore my companion who thought coin was everything towards the end of the story. I knew some about her, there wasn’t a romance option or even a chance to talk in depth.

I played Tin Star, Zombies etc. But this game ranks high above them. Because the personal stats that have an impact on the story. How long the actual story is. It was like finishing the novel. I like the fact you took your time with it and didn’t rush. I really liked how you had alternative paths to follow down. I hope your story would inspire other authors that they can have alternative endings and paths.

I hope you are writing a new story that would be in equal to length, choices making a difference and quality of the writing. Your story is one of the best of hosted games. I know. I played almost every single hosted game out there. This is easily one of my favorite story’s.

@Jason_Miller You mean patch?

Depends. What we talking about again. Person in the woods who does blood magic. No

The woman at the end who believes her worth is in money. Is that patch.

@Jason_Miller You DO see the person in the woods again, at the end of the game. They’re one of the three romance options.

‘Patch’ is the cat-person who primarily cares about money, yes. They are ALSO a romance option.

On another thread, I referred to Fatehaven as the “novel on rails” type of CoG. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like it – in particular the twist ending is fantastic, beautifully meta like nothing else on the site – but like the Heroes Rise games, I felt Fatehaven prioritized plot and length over meaningful choice. The story was satisfyingly long, and that length means that the plot is very similar on repeat playthroughs. The author himself has been very clear about making this trade-off:

Because the author knew the story he wanted, and wanted to get it done and published in reasonable time, he made some choices that limited the impact of player choice:

  • The choices after the opening “demo” section don’t move your stats.
  • The stats you set in the early game occasionally determine whether or not you fail at something you choose to do – but whether you succeed or fail those checks, the plot rolls ahead on the same course.
  • If you try making a choice to do something which would send the plot in a significantly different direction, the impact does not last more than a paragraph or two. Your choices don’t unlock subplots.
  • The “element” of your magic makes no significant difference in the story. Fire, air, water, earth… you get only quite small flavor text differences (and if I recall correctly, almost none after the first four chapters).

None of that means it’s a bad game. You’ll see a lot of reviews earlier in this thread from people who didn’t like it, and you’ll see a lot of rave reviews from people who did.

But it highlights how hard it is to combine length with real, meaningful choice. We’ve had conversations in the past about the trilemma that authors face – when it comes to CoGs, the story can be long, deep (in terms of “real” choices branching the plot), or economical, but not all three. Tin Star has length and depth like nothing else I’ve seen on the site… and it’s an obvious labor of love, which probably won’t come close to compensating Allen for the many, many hours that went into it.

If I’m wrong, I hope he lets me know, as that would encourage me in my own labor of love game, which has been taking literally years longer to write than I’d initially hoped! :slight_smile:


After I rescued that woman from the tower. She kept asking me to look at her with eyes full of lust. I ended up kissing her then shortly after the game ended. I suppose I overlooked a choice that could have lead me back to the woman in the woods. At the ending. When Patch, and everyone else is at the Tavern. I didn’t see the girl that taught me magic.

Was there a choice that lead me to her.

Other people may not like the game. If they do. It may not be their favorite. I like it because of the unique choices. The alternative paths ensures people will replay the game. That to me is what a choice game should be all about. Over time in the story you build up certain stats like in Mobster.

When if you have enough of those stats you can use them in a choice. I’ll admit at first. I wasn’t too found of the game. More I read into the story. More engaged I became. More attached to the people. I don’t see why people like games like Tin Star(No offensive to that game) more then this one.

It’s length wise is great. Quality of the writing is excellent. Offer several choices to pick from. Something not all games do. You also don’t charge an arm and a leg. There’s this one game called The Ascot. It’s priced at 4.99. I assume that’s with the discount till Jan 2.

It barely has two sentences in writing. The humor as others mention falls flat. I just hope there’s a sequel to this game or a game like in a different story about. I’m really interested in getting the next one.

I’ve only sampled The Ascot once, but I agree that it’s nothing like Fatehaven.

I’ve replayed Mobster some 15 times since it came out, because (a) the endings are really distinct, (b) there’s an interesting variety of subplots unlocked by your choices throughout the game, and (c) there’s a real challenge in getting the right combination of high stats to reach many of the endings. By contrast, I share the Fatehaven author’s own judgment that the variation in his story can probably be exhausted in 2-3 readthroughs; and on the plus side, I also agree that his focus on narrative makes for more vivid characters than Mobster.

Breadth, depth (of choice and/or character), length, something’s always got to give – unless you’re writing an uneconomical labor of love that tries for everything, in which case what gives is your hope of making a living off your CoG work. :smile:

Fair enough that Tin Star wasn’t your cup of tea. But it has even more possible endings than Mobster, much more pathway variation based on your choices, and characters with considerable depth whose relationships to you (and each other) can go down wildly different pathways. For readers who value replaying with significantly different paths and outcomes, there’s nothing else like it in the CoG canon so far.

People mention that it takes more effort to put alternative endings, different paths. Stories. That may be one reason why some people don’t do it. The highest price item I saw was 5 dollars. I’d pay up to 9 dollars. If that’s what it took for a story around the length size of Fate Haven, with the same quality of choices as Mobster, Fate Haven.

We’re pretty much paying 3-5 dollars for normal sized story. For the extra effort requires more options. These options actually make a difference. I’d be happy to pay up to nine dollars. That should ease the burden of the writer knowing they will get paid more for in depth choices. The person buying it is happy.

Just an idea. As I mentioned I bought almost every story. Just to experience what they were like. Tin Star just didn’t strike my fancy. I’m more of a medieval theme. Kinda person. Not that Tin Star, wasn’t good. It just wasn’t that interesting. We all are into different things.

I like more medieval theme style, with people carrying swords. Where magic still exists. Etc. I do make some exceptions like for the game Mobster.

I guess it’s possible you’re somehow getting a different scene than I am, but every time I’ve played, the person who teaches you magic IS the person you go to the tower to rescue (Turns out it’s not that simple, though)…

Have to say, the ending was kinda a letdown. Spoilers (duh)
I could get past the railroading cause it was hidden well enough. And the story really drew me in. I played as a girl who wanted to learn as much about her powers as possible before her forest village was burned down, then revenge became all she wanted out of life and was willing to do anything to get it, leading her in a downward spiral to corruption.
Then what happens? It was all a simulation…wut? I was really getting into my self-destructive quest for revenge, and you throw that card? It’s almost as bad as “it was all a dream”
It was actually a pretty good story, but the ending really soured it for me.


I’ll probably replay this game after seeing this thread but Bregan was my favorite romance! I really thought I’d just dismiss him and go for Patches but then he reappeared and was all knight in shining armor. I was really surprised when during my second playthrough, I wanted to stick with him. You made me like a character that I usually could care less about. x)

Plus that ending! You wrote a great story. I’m glad I purchased this.

Hello, excuse me but I need some help.
I’ve been playing this game for a couple of days - I’ve replayed it multiple times and enjoyed it thoroughly (Patch is definitely my favourite! He’s just so cute.) but I find myself stuck.
It says there are six possible endings, but I found myself with just four - Punishment, Two Mages in Time, Down the Wedding Aisle and Gone Fishing. I can’t seem to find any other possibilities, no matter what I do.
Could someone help me and nudge me in the right direction? I’ve tried all I could think of, and explored about as many options as I think I can. I’m really at a loss of ideas here.

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Glad you enjoyed Fatehaven so much, and welcome to the forums! The other two endings are actually bad ones. Our intrepid hero can meet their end if you choose to choke out Brigid/Bregan, and again by getting your spirit leeched from the succubus/incubus.

Oh, so each one of those are considered their own ending? I got both of them while exploring all choices but didn’t think they were part of the six endings listed. Now I feel silly, haha.
Thank you very much!

Wait, is this the ending when the MC doesn’t have a romantic interest?

Sorry for being slow. How do I get this to happen?

@Owlet yeah, if you don’t have a romantic interest you get Gone Fishing.
Also, you get the choice to choke Bregan/Brigid if you have Emotional over Logical!

@MultipleChoice I know this game released a while ago, but I’ve just finished playing it for the first time and I must say that I LOVE this game! It’s probably one of my most favorite interactive novel ever. I love the story and the characters are awesome especially Brigid and Lillian(Patch). I almost cried when I saw that my love interest died, but the ending brought her back to life in the end. It just shows how invested I am in this game and I can’t wait to play another one of your games! :smile:

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Pretty good I give it 4/5

Ok, after reading a few of the posts, ive notice a few things.
First of all, i didnt understand the ending. and second, what is all this about the “new” patch?