Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

-thinks hard- …Bleys??? CORRECT M E

I think Huette is the name of his wife, and she joins with the healers.

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It is! And thanks @Lys, I thought it was Helena or something like that.

I kid you not, it’s been maybe months since I actually read XOR and not just skimmed the code. I’m actually pretty proud that I remember it! :blush:

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There seems to be a bug preventing me from being a secret Theurge? Even when I avoid using Theurgy in public and don’t tell my band, come the final battle everyone and their mother seems to know.


Happy to be back on the list – and this time, it’s actually going to happen…


Congratulations, Long-in-the-wind!

But, are we going to be in the “beta testers” part of the game? If so, can we pick the names that are going to show up there?

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How many years in the making? Well, I can’t say I haven’t been proud to be a part of something this inspiring and ultimately so fulfilling… it really gave my life purpose for a while. :joy_cat:

Hopefully I’ll be seeing all ya in a few more years, and then a few more years after that. I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud of what this became.

I’m so grateful for letting me be a part of this journey. Thank you so, so, much. I couldn’t express it enough, not with all the words in the world. But this… this has been fun. I’m happy. Thank you.


I got an error when fighting the plektoi, unfortunately I seem to have lost the copied text, but it was something about a line in 1711, maybe… And something about ‘‘com’’ not being right, I’ll see if I can find it again later and give you some more info :slight_smile:

@Havenstone: Will there be an opportunity for a 1 int helot character to become literate and/or learn Theurgy in Book 2?

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There will be, yes. .


Great! My playthrough is confirmed.

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Excellent. Now, about math…

Nah. We don’t need it. The Tououpinambos and Mundurukú only count up to five. The Pirahã until recently didn’t even have numbers in their language: they had “few”, “many” and “a lot”, but now I think they can count up to four.

We’ll be fine. Fuck math.


In the next part would charisma meaning something. Because I have decided go all way Charisma train When first demo came out. So I suppose my rebellion would be less successful and I accepted that.

Everyone uses charisma as their dump stat. Even now, knowing that this game series is built against minmaxing, I can’t help it. It’s a habit.

Who needs charm when you’re knee-deep in your own shit, dying of starvation and beating the crap out of people for a living? I certainly don’t.


well I play max charisma and every other players found me TERRIBLY useful. Too much goblins to kill in a cave Mara cheating with them and make a treat while cheating and stolen their treasures. I save entire parties talking also bard songs are based in charisma .


I mean, that’s great, but if you’ve majored in being a tank the way I do, an army doesn’t even stop you.

i just love being the tank of the team??? I love using tanks too just??? No need for all these finicky situational stats like charisma and dexterity just pack it all into strength and defense/constitution. who cares if you never find true love when you can kill a dragon in two hits. just dropkick the final boss. god i love minmaxed tanks

I mean I’m always too dumb to play anything but a tank, believe me, I’ve tried. Mages? Squishy. Rogues? Confusing. Bards? Situational. But tanks? Warriors? Oh yes. Yes. I can do that.

I don’t really have the brain power to do anything else but smash stuff repeatedly until it dies. Too much thinking just brings back my clinical depression. I like to mash buttons. I like fighting things. Just think of me as Grunt from Mass Effect 2.


All characters are useful. That’s why we play parties :wink: I don’t like tank or warrior. But I need them to protect me give me time to put traps or disarm them and warriors love my songs that gives them valor or stamina or just sleeping enemies. So yeah I like warriors big bulky to protect poor Mara with low strength.


Where I tend to vastly prefer mages or at least magically inclined characters. If Simon proves himself trustworthy in those Xaos lands then my mc can use him as a tank.

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I love playing tanks in tabletop roleplays but even then I try to add some intelligence or charisma to make sure I’m more versatile. I think charisma characters are essential. I like being bodyguard to a charismatic or intelligent character more than just being resistant otherwise everyone die all the time, you cant smooth talk peoples and EVERYTHING IS SO EXPENSIVE.

Also you know, more potential for different situations. I’m not a fan of dungeon crawling. I’m into the RP part of the game.

I alway prefer intelligent characters in singleplayer games though. Magic is strenght but for your brain and I think its beautiful.