Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

Mara goes alone lol. You could say whatever of Evil Gandhi but she has balls lol.

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Whenever there’s some type of multiplayer I’m always the tank, and I always go off and get lost. The entire party has to go find me, of course, since I actually don’t notice if I’ve wandered into the wrong area (a real-life trait sadly, I have the directional sense of a lemming).

I don’t have a good memory or attentiveness due to my dissociation problem, and I’m pretty dumb; either people have to tell me the answer to the puzzle or I figure it out via a brute force attack, which means often if it’s something I can’t afford to get wrong even once, I’m not doing it myself.

Simon has a sword, and swords… are balanced, but not good for a tank. Also, I don’t think Simon has armour, or at least anything notable. Isn’t the main idea of a tank some kind of armour, natural or otherwise?


When I was young I bit a guy called Daniel on the shoulder. I was raised for quite a while by dogs, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this publicly.

We met up a couple months ago at a fair in where I grew up. He still had the scar, 15 years later. My teethmarks eternally buried into his shoulder, little round pits a quarter of an inch deep, like patterned dimples, where the flesh had been gouged out and healed wrong. Oh man. Oh man, what a rush. Couldn’t even remember how I’d done it. Man. Dude. Boi. Savage.

Like, magic is good and all but… biting people? That’s primal, primaeval. I still do it sometimes if I get in fights. What a rush it is. Goodness me. I practically thrive on animal instinct.


Somwhow I feel this would have ended differently if daniel could have set your hairs on fire with his mind


Or use a poison dagger or song later on. I really believe all are necessary and all are fun for someone. I need tanks and tanks need me and everyone needs a healer.

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You’re right. Ultimately the moral of the story is that daniel needed a damn healer.


The human mind is taught to think and believe and obey and reflect on so much it’s practically disgusting. Just fight. Worth living for.

And… I don’t think so? The ancient berserkers were apparently not affected by fire or by arrows in war when in a blood-trance according to historical accounts, and I actually get… into a blood-trance when I see blood which… makes a lot of people nervous and as a young teen made me think I was some kind of sociopath.

Whenever I see a bit of blood, I get kind of disgusted. And then, as I smell it, and intake the colour of it, I… I need to see more of it. It’s strange. I have to physically control myself. I feel energised. Like my body is taut like a bowstring. And I just get numb and really, really hyper. Like, I want to fight so much you don’t even know, I just want to get out there and dig my nails into something…

I’ve fought people in that state, when I allow myself to. Tore a boy’s hair out last time. When I was younger I took a girl’s - her name was Isabella - head by the hair and smashed the side of her skull against a metal grate a couple times. Bullies thought I was strange at school but never came for me because of that.

I dunno, it led to a lot of soul-searching. Thought I was a monster for a very long time. Kinda still do… But I don’t know. Maybe it’s being half raised by dogs. Maybe I was a berserker in a past life. Maybe I’m serial killer in the making, even. Heck knows. I sure don’t.


Ayyy you should have a relaxing cup’o’tea buddo.

Honestly though I wont fight if I dont have to. Personally I dislike hurting peoples because there is too many reasons not to. Even from a pragmatic point of view I only see fights as a waste of ressource and potential. Unless someone is a nazi or something similar its just more efficient to smooth talk or out think someone. Then you have more people on your side, a relatively clear conscience (still depend) and no trail of body behind you.

I drink juice mostly, but I do have peppermint tea often! Hence, my name. I chose it myself.[quote=“cyanide, post:7120, topic:1601”]
Honestly though I wont fight if I dont have to. Personally I dislike hurting peoples because there is too many reasons not to.

Even friendly? Or as a show of force or will? It’s the oldest sport! A friendly tussle might leave a few bruises but it certainly gets the blood pumping and for me, brings me closer to the people I wrestle. You learn a lot about a person by a fight with them.

Mara can also take note that a good fight is actually an aphrodisiac. Doesn’t affect me much because grey-ace, but, the more you know.

Feeding people to pigs also does that. :stuck_out_tongue:

My character would have no problems going by himself, but this affords him an excellent opportunity to test Simon and see if he can even begin to trust the boy a bit more, plus Simon is eye-candy and that is always welcome.

He is a nun lol. Also is the only noble available. Is a pity I couldn’t say him IF YOU SEE AN HELOT TRYING TO THINK FOR HIMSELF KILL HIM WITH FIRE!! @Havenstone why not let player give some advice to their choosen leader and some order like be ruthless or recommendation peace and quiet.


I second this suggestion. I’m leaving the camp to Breden and I would cry if the scene where we leave them in charge was even heavier with us asking them to be good and rule justly like we did with all the ugly sobs and promises

People hate Breden and I just like them more as the game goes on. Btw peoples, if you romance Breden and give them leadership before moving to the other side of the seal, they will get pissed and ask if its just to keep them safe from harm. That lead me to think even harder that Breden might not be the traitor.

They are definitely a kryptast or something similar but I have a hard time seing them as an evil manipulator when all they did to me so far is pump up peoples to support me, save my socialy awkward ass and steal my heart.

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Breden is totally the traitor my friend. I have no Breden no poisoning attack not sabotage anywhere. Maybe you could redemption Breden.

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Or is it to tug at your heartstrings so that you might reconsider?

Yoooo idk I don’t trust them… boi… I worry for all u folks romancing Breden… I can just smell that Havie has something big planned for em… Whether it’s good or bad I cannot say but whooo… /fans face with hand/ too much drama 5 me… I only romance for fluff and world-building…


I’m sure Breden is a scapegoat! It seem too obvious otherwise. In a way they could be a master manipulator but I have a feeling that while originaly an agent provocateur, breden could have been converted to the cause. The thing is that depending on how you are, it might not be your cause.

I have very few doubt about breden being converted to the cause of the helot though. I guess that we will see what happen when I give them the leadership while I’m gone with ciel on the other side.(ciel is the hunter dude and breden possible lover if I’m not wrong? If thats the case I might try starting an open relationship with breden and Ciel if made possible. Imagine dating your lover lover)

I noticed that Breden only really cause you problems if you put them aside. At the begining I didnt trust them and put them aside. This lead to Breden trying to step in front of me and amass a following to contest me.

Now I still choose svad as my second but I alway bring Breden with me and they have been terribly useful to my theurge character. Eventually svad get killed and I switch leadership to Breden and they keep saving my butt during hard charisma check but not in a way that steal my leadership. Hell they are they only reason why I can end up creating a new religion that encourage equality and generosity instead of servitude. I never see Breden disagree with me or try to cause problems anymore!

Yeah, don’t you think that’s suspicious?

I’m pretty sure that won’t end well down the line. Martyrs that end up messing with religion always end up the worse and forgettable ones.

Thats why I think they are converted to the helot cause and not our and might try to grab power if they believe you’re doing the same by separating them from leadership.

The fact that they are suspicious doesnt make them THE traitor.

And yeah that could cause some problems but it could also do tbe opposite. Remember protestanism. They succesfully split didnt they? Just like islam have the ibadi splitter group and another one I forgot the name. Budhism have three branches too.

Anyway creating a new religion gave protection to all childrens of the group so thats a big victory to me.

I love charisma above all other stats because it allows to recruit maximum followers, give them the best morale, spare them from most fights, and allows them to succeed in the fights that cannot be avoided.

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@Havenstone Great writing, as always! I managed to beat the Phalangites on my fourth attempt.

If you’re still open to suggestions, it would be really cool if a high Combat protagonist were given a bit more agency in deciding when and where to bring the Hegemony to battle.

If their flanking forces are sufficiently spread out to hem in our rebels, then it would be nice to have the option of concentrating our forces and hitting their most isolated column to break the chain. From there, the ambition would be to keep wearing them down with hit-and-run attacks and ambushes on supply trains and isolated columns until they’re either forced to pull out or their forces are so depleted that we’re confident of taking them on en masse.

And I know it’s something of a fantasy trope… but it would be awesome if the protagonist had the option of fighting a climatic duel against the Tagmatarch or some other worthy adversary.


I want to kick another theurge in the face. I’m a magic user but I want to use my foot in a face.

Thats the climatic fight I want. The guy fly, crash and then I just kick him. Thats sound lame but it would be the most epic thing to me.

…I want to boop an Abhuman friend eventually. That’s all I want…