Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

I want to love an abhuman. Hell I want 4 lovers and a minotaur.

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As we are tentatively nearing a release, I’ll ask about DLC. Specifically, any chance we’ll get an option to buy a guide similar to the Legend guide for the Heroes Rise series? I may be alone, but I wouldn’t mind having something of a cheatsheet on how to balance my desire for a low anarchy peaceful revolution.

Gosh, I don’t know. The code is so convoluted and may not work with each person’s individual play styles that no matter what someone comes up with, most notably @cascat07’s famous walkthrough, it doesn’t fit all of us.

Something to account for every different person joining your band that you want, achievements, personality and best stat is going to take loads of walkthroughs.

All the more reason to sell a guide, lol.

the guide won’t be accurate Because a playyhrough like mine or many others won’t be included. There are so many ways so many options. That include all is impossible.

Well, it could be a long guide, lol.

General tipps would work better instead of just a guide to be honest. A guide alone wouldn’t be enough, because there are various ways to be succesful with the rebellion…alone for the fact that different players may define succesful in very different ways too. A guide wouldn’t help with that.


Pardon me for just now ceasing to dream amongst the clouds and being actually productive enough to inform of some slight inconsistencies that I have long since meant to mention.

As a noble:

[quote]“Don’t you speak of mother!” you yelled, fighting the tears that burned behind your eyes.

“Who else gave you the idea that you could question a priest?” He lurched to his feet again, his face now savage. “Damn it, child… between them, they’ve ruined you, ruined our House…” Before he could reach you, you fled.[/quote]

and a slight bit of amnesia later

And then this:

A bit tricky to maneuver here as a future choice cannot yet inform this one, but, at this point, my devout MC trusts Breden, and yet still shunned chastity, and all shame, for Hector (because who doesn’t need complications?), therefore the reasonings here do not really reflect MC’s potential hypocrisy. Unless I go against character and select option 4, 'tis quite perplexing, (and o so hilarious), how my character extolls their own untouched virtues with a desire to lead clean-living by example, and then later negates all that by recalling a summer of clandestine tumbles with a killer cousin. :blush:


I really don’t see the inconsistence. My character is saying a thing and doing totally different. For instance, Mara is atheist, however has fame of devoted of shayardene codex . She is not pure, however she faked it with Simon. So is not inconsistent, it is there for political snakes like Mara.

The first option makes sense, as it’s a chaste “reputation”; no one could see you smang Hector, but your dad and others will certainly know if you’re smashing Breden (but surprisingly not banging Kalt/Kala). I assume he doesn’t get out often.

The second and third don’t, really, though; the third only works if your character is convinced Breden is “the one”, worth more than Hector, or they seriously regret their actions in the past doing the horizontal mambo as a hormone-riddled teen. Well, younger teen anyway.

Oh, another continuity error! One mother is capitalised, the other is not! Oo!


Does anarchy and notoriety do any good in the final battle? It seems the only thing that helps is kissing some serious keister on the other ‘‘factions’’.

Quite consistent for the cunning Gandhi, not so for a genuine Jesus.

Yes, very true. Except for one who has been open and honest about their goals and motivations from the start, and yet now decides to perpetuate the lie wherein what we present differs from what’s in the heart wouldn’t sit comfortably at all. As said, that choice is beautifully crafted for Mara.
I suppose 'twould be like venturing into the Xaos lands for @Havenstone to account for all our nuances.

And “smang” and “smashing” I shall absolutely be saving for future use…

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Notoriety causes them to send more Phalangites and Theurges after you. Every 60 notoriety cause them to send another Theurge, but it caps at 2 (5 in total based on notoriety). Lower is always better for notoriety. Anarchy effects how many Alastors they send in addition to the Phalangites. If you have anarchy higher than 30 some of the Phalangites will also be staying behind with the Alastors they don’t send. The higher the anarchy the less Alastors get added to the attack. Unless you have 0 anarchy which gives the same amount as the 20-30 range.

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You could imagine the pain in the ass could it be in a game already so branched . Flag each choice to coincide with each one previous decisions and if say truth or not. Also you could say the truth all your life and in certain decision decided lie. You can’t close all choices to them.

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You really fill me with joy sometimes, you know that?


I’m… touched. :blush:

Maybe I’ll be finally at Blood Contract by the time the final draft of XOR comes out. Currently at 3-7, which is fine after the Fresh Godless Hell that was 3-6 (a.k.a “It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a tiger”). Disgusting chapter. I spent six hours on it. I’m so rusty it’s sickening. I hate this.

EDIT: Now I’m going to bed. I’m on 3-9; four more to go.


This actually makes me suspect the title of the second game refers to someone other than the MC since it seems unlikely the title would apply just for MCs that favor intellect.

@Havenstone When I was going back through Chapter 2 to try to conserve Aetherial blood for the battle in Chapter 4, I noticed that the first temple raid in Chapter 2 does not subtract a phial of Aetherial blood if you use it. I suspect I never noticed this before because my MCs were too busy preventing starvation.

I think I found the reason in the source code.

If the MC uses Theurgy to stop the Harrowing in Chapter 1, then the variable theurgy is set to 4.1, 4.2, or 4.3. The code to deduct a phial of blood checks if the variable theurgy is less than 4 or greater than 4.5 and does nothing if the variable is in between.

            Are you going to spend more blood on a more decisive, destructive Change?
              *if blood > 0
                #Yes.  I pull out a blood phial.
                  *if theurgy < 4
                    You unstopper one of your ${blood} precious phials of rarefied "aetherial" blood and pour the contents into your outstretched hand.  It has a deeper, richer color than normal blood, but it also feels much lighter on your palm, sending wisps of crimson vapor up into the air and leaving no stain behind on your skin.
                    *set blood -1
                    *set phial 1
                    *goto templechange2
                  *if theurgy > 4.5
                    With your thumb, you flick the stopper from
                    *if blood > 1
                      one of your ${blood}
                    *if blood = 1
                      the last of your
                    phials of aetherial blood.  
                    *set blood -1
                    *set phial 1
                    *if theurgy < 6
                      Even without pouring the contents out, you feel the faint thrum of power as the contents rise wispily into your clenched fist.
                      *set theurgy 6
                  *goto templechange2

If the temple raid in Chapter 2 starts deducting blood phials then some Int 2 MCs will end up with 1 less blood phial at the start of the battle in Chapter 4. I agree with the suggestion of being able to loot blood phials from defeated Theurges. Someone will need to test how doable the battle is as a Theurge with 1 less blood phial. I’d test it myself but my MC can never convince the band to stand and fight :grin: even when my MC is supposed to be making all of the decisions :persevere: which I attribute to having been reliant on Breden leading begging for food all winter.

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How can the PC increase theurgy levels?

If I understood the use of the variable theurgy in the source code correctly, the parts I read used the variable theurgy more as a way of tracking how the MC used magic in the past.

For example, levitating Chirex sets the variable theurgy to 4.3 which then appears to be used so the game remembers that the MC has levitated someone in the past which changes the text displayed when trying to levitate someone later.

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