Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

Ah yes. The quote of “There don’t seem to be many of them,” is meant to trigger when few/no kids are left, but you should obviously be getting different choices thereafter. I’ll fix that for the next update.

To side track from Xaos-Storms to Theurgy.

My harebrained theory about how Theurgy works has developed a bit thanks to a new scene and looking back at some of the chit chat with Horion (R.I.P).

If you lose the battble with the Phalangites or can’t mange to escape them you’ll see a scene with a Theurge telling a solider to make sure to capture all the little children. (Some variation of the scene @Sneaks posted.) He does it because; A) the Hegemony is not a nice group of people, B) the soldier might be a merciful or lazy sort who doesn’t want to wrestle kids into a harrower, and C) the blood of those rebel children is esspically good for Atherial Blood.

Now since people are meant to be Makers of Change the more the potential for change in them or the closer they are to being a Maker of Change the more potent the blood. The less Telos they have (more Xaos) or the closer they are to their true Telos (Maker of Change/Thergry) the more potent the blood is for making Change.

This presents a problem for the Hegemony. As they successfully beat Telos into the helots and drudges they also successfully beat out blood for their own use. However people who fight their supposed Telos, like helots not having children, committing crimes, launch revolts, and other Xaotic behavior end up with more potent blood. This all helps feed the cycle of instigating Rebelions to harvest their blood and keeping everyone afraid. At least according to our late friend Horion.

So the reason the Theurges want the kids is because rebel children are a double dip of extra potent blood. Children are still developing and forming into adults who have skills and talents that work them toward a Telos and are the rebellious sort that seek to Make Change to the current order.

Now I’m either entirely on top of the marker here and have discovered all the key secrets of Theurgy or… I’ve gone so far into left field with this I’ve collided with the right side foul pole.


I’m still not sure, I think Horion and Linos could just have easily dressed up some of their accomplices or hired another band of (fake) bandits to stage their deaths and they’re probably laughing their asses off right now in Erezza or Nyral, maybe even Halassur (as Horion’s Koinon seems to be favourable to the Halassur supported Laconniers).


I want you to be right. I really truly do. But considering the timing and the fact that their destination was also hit by the Hegemony, apparently shortly afterwards, I suspect that our hopes are in vain. If he is alive that son of a bitch has had the luckiest few months in history.


All in all my mc would be neutral about it, Horion is valuable due to his knowledge and intellect, but those same things also make him potentially very dangerous indeed, particularly since his Koinon vision does not exactly align with what my mc wants.

Both are safe. They are Kriptast probably double agents on Lacoste people.I never trusted them.

Damn y’all are paranoid! You’d make excellent rebel commanders… “Jeff said he’d be gone two hours it’s been three. He is obviously an informant. If he ever makes it back burn him. Burn him, and the room.”


No the spy is obviously who say to the leader look Jack he is late… That’s the double spy Jack is just stupid.


Nah, we’re just properly paranoid. :wink:

Hmmm…I don’t think they’re kryptasts (or at least I don’t think Horion is, maybe Linos), Laconniers (like Simon) would certainly be possible though.


They are something else appart what they try to sell us.

The most diabolical kryptasts are of course Mara’s mules. Just look at them and their shifty eyes. Kinda look like over grown chipmunks to me. :wink:

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Well, they certainly are more intelligent than the helots,that’s for sure.

What do you mean, excellent rebel commanders? I’m already this paranoid in real life!

Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after me.

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Major Bug: When choosing to raid a noble estate for the second time, and choosing to lead it yourself, the raid is said to be led by someone, but it is clear that the selected name was meant to go at the beginning but was not inserted. Furthermore, the raid is described in third person even when your leadership choice should result in its being described in second person.

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The game doesn’t actually lower the number of Plektoi if you use the bees to kill one of them.

Also, I don’t know how, but I ended up with a fractional number of followers when fighting the Plektoi. The stat screen said I have 431.111111 followers and that I had lost 98.888888.


“Sir, how many people do we have?”
“Well, four hundred and thirty-one, at the moment. Oh, and an arm.”
“An arm?”
“Yes, but it might as well be useful. Lob it at a Plektos or something.”

“No! Angels! We lost Alja too!?”
“Not exactly. You see, we do have her arms…”


I had that bug a few days ago, but no longer have it.

I’m not sure, but I may have found the cause: when setting the cas variable at the end of the mule supply raid, none of them are set to “round”.


@Havenstone: New bug: Found following text in one playthrough, which is hypercorrect redundancy: The 0 sick outlaws with them didn’t survive.


Well, I dunno about you, but Jeff could be leaking our plans to blow up the Death Star!

Edit: What is the name of the Telone’s wife again? Or the name of the Telone himself…? I… kind of forgot, and I need it for something.