Choice of Ice and Fire

hello fellas i ve been thinking of creating a text game releated to the famous series of a Song Of Ice and Fire.The story will take place lots of years before the series or the books events take place so there will be no spoilers. However there will be House names and locations from all over the books as well as events like the Blackfire Uprising.I am a huge fan of the books and i have readed all of them so far. So i have spoilers if anyone is interested.So… I’d like to know your opinions about it and also some advice by an experienced game maker in the site.If you wanted details about what I ve thought so far just write it bellow. Thanks

uhh… i think those material would be copyrighted

really it can be? you kidding now i mean the books don t have copyrights do they?


Most books are copyrighted.

so…i can t write the game??

@alexpap Depending on where the book is published and where you live you can get away with “fair use” or writing for personal pleasure but you can’t profit from it, nor publish/redistribute it.

Also depends on your goal. If this is fanfic just for fun, never to be made into a sellable story…yes. But otherwise, no, you can’t use another’s ideas.

:stuck_out_tongue: of course i ain t gonna sell the story :stuck_out_tongue: so…just share your opinions with me and someone experienced with game making please pm me

@alexpap sadly, games with ‘choice of’ in their title have to be CoG games, not hosted games (as this would be). Any other titles are fine though. Also, you really should check copyright and everything or you could get sued!

@Redgrave concerning the title yeap i know but i haven t found a good title yet.Concerning the copyright thanks i ll look into it :slight_smile:

dammit…i can t find anything about it can somebody help me with it?

I don’t know if this helps or not but

I like the sound of the idea and if you did want to sell it or anything along those lines then I think the best bet would be to get in contact with the author and anyone that he mentions.

As fan-fiction your game would never be published on the main Choice of Games site. According to “Mr. Martin does not approve of or allow A Song of Ice and Fire fan fiction.”

There’s also a valid point at

Now I don’t know how many active he is in sending cease and desist letters. The only book-based fandom I’ve been peripherally involved in, the author was extremely heavy-handed sending cease and desist letters from her lawyers. Children were getting sent these terrifying letters threatening lawyers and to sue them. One woman, who had previously gained permission to create an item based on the world and sell it (I saw scans of her hard-copy letters signed by the author) had the author suddenly turn around, deny all knowledge despite the letters as evidence, and send out mails to the entire fandom inciting them to ostracise this person. Those letters drove that woman to a breakdown. So, I’m well aware of the darker side of creating fanfiction works.

I wouldn’t risk it. Create your own world instead, learn world-building, you’ll be using your own characters anyway so why use his world? You can tailor your own better for the game. And in the end you can sell what you make if you really want to. You’ll retain all the copyright to it.

@FairyGodFeather Is right, you can be inspired by the world and use the theme (Fantasy, Medeval, I’m assuming) and make a world of your own from it.

If im not mistaken isnt the universe of Fire & Ice = Game of Thrones?

I seen a few episodes of the show somewhere. Everyone keeps talking about how its suppose to be one of the best medieval stories or something, but im completely lost. the charm of the show went over my head.

@2Ton yeap that’s it… it is a pretty good show but the books uuuuh the books are frigging awesome @FairyGodFeather,@trollhunterthethird thanks for your advice I’ll do so.I saved it for later…truth be told i hesitated a little but since I want to write something and really don t want to get sued I’ll try it. Check out the new discussion theme I ll open

Finally! Someone else who doesn’t like it! Like you I only watched a couple and never saw what the big deal was.

Didn’t read every post so this may have already been said. However many people said if you write it then you can’t distribute it. You then said you would make it into a free game. Making it into a game is distributing it. This topic has been brought up a couple of times actually (hunger games and fallout, Pokemon, possibly even more). The best bet is, if its not an original idea, don’t do it. Why not create your own world, and just take some of the themes or an outline of Ice & Fire and incorperate them into your own unique game (albeit some changes)

just make your own world that is close but not in the same location as song of ice and fire.

Hey folks, read the comments @Alexpap made. He’s already said that he won’t. I think his own ideas will be far more exciting.