Possible HungerGames WIP

I’ve been thinking about making my own story for awhile, and i’ve looked around and haven’t seen anyone touch on the subject of a Hunger Games story. the only issue is i lack both the creativity and “drive” to create a story myself. but if enough people want to see it happen, i guess it couldn’t hurt to try :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive never been a huge hunger games fan, but the concept has always interested me, so you have my support on this game if you choose to make it

@zolo999 @YoungSweetJ0nes

Intriguing idea overall, but I have to give a bit of caution here. You cannot make a WIP based on somebody else’s property, like the Hunger Games franchise.

That being said, you can make something taking inspiration from the HG and all that. It’s just that you have to distinguish it enough to avoid potential problems.

Best of luck to you in any event!

the idea sounds cool i love the hunger games series if you need help on the story shoot me a message.

Doing something Hunger-Games/Battle Royale-esque was on my list of oh so many ideas, so I definitely think it’s a great idea and I’d love to see you attempt the project.

My current WIP project is partially inspired by the whole idea, but I decided to go fantasy setting and it twisted away, and I realised writing horrifying games of death, with kids murdering each-other wasn’t quite my strong suit. (Well it’s what happens if you cross How To Train Your Dragon with The Hunger Games and some other fantasy stuff.)

Have you read and/or watched Battle Royale? I find the similarities and differences between it and the Hunger Games quite fascinating. I initially read The Hunger Games trilogy since I’d heard that it was a teen version of Battle Royale, which I don’t think does it justice.

I have no idea about what the Hunger Games is, and never liked the trailers for it, but if @FairyGodfeather is right, and it is akin to Battle Royale, - which I found most amusing, - then I say go for it.

@Drazen @FairyGodfeather

Which Battle Royale are you referencing?

The written and cinematographic versions are insanely divergent, to say the least…

@Turtler The film version. I have not read the book.

I’ve read both the book and watched the film. I found them both interesting in their own right. It’s been about ten years though so my memory is a bit hazy on the specific differences between them. I haven’t read the manga and I hated the second movie.

I found the fights in the Hunger Games movie the absolute worst part. The camera jolted about all over the place in a most nauseating manner. There was also none of the getting to know any of the other contestants and so their murders seemed to matter far less than those in Battle Royale. While those in Battle Royale had the added complication that they all knew each-other, they were in the same class, they had a history together, and none of them expected to be whisked off to an island in order to murder each-other until only one remained.

I did thoroughly like Katniss from The Hunger Games though. She was quite unique as a heroine.


The book’s good to. In a lot of ways, I found it a lot better than the movie (though the constant politicking got a bit annoying in some ways).


In their defense regarding the killings not mattering and there being far less time to get to know any of the other contestants, I think that’s probably deliberate. Especially since the story (and particularly the book) are told from Katniss’s POV, and from her POV (that of a shell-shocked, traumatized person who can only afford to look out for very few people) they really wouldn’t matter.

The Games do require everybody to fight to the bitter last, and it’s not in the Capital’s interest to have everybody get too cozy-cozy with the people they’re supposed to kill for light entertainment and intimidation. Granted, that doesn’t change how entertaining or deep it might be on the screen, but there is some logic to it.

so it seems like i’ve got quite a few supporters. i’m really happy to see this, i’m probably gonna start on it tomorrow though :slight_smile: eso beta is still up and running

I will die happy if I get to play this game. :slight_smile: Hows it going to go? Will be be able to pick what Ditrict we live in if we trained, our family members, etc? Will we get to meet Katniss or any of the cannon characters?


Sorry, but unfortunately it’s a no-go. HG’s copyrighted territory, and you know CoG policy on that. Barring personal permission from the owner, it can’t happen.

Spiritual liscencees are fine, though.

Hopes and dreams - crushed.

now hold on now. i cannot legally let u meet katniss or any of the other hg characters, but i did have plans for “districts.” but the storyline is going to have to be slightly different. but yes, it will have similarities to the hunger games. just not enuf to get me sued :slight_smile:

EDIT: i’ll start working on learning choicescript tomorrow. first chapter SHOULD be up by the end of the week, if all goes well.

@zolo999 That’s great news. If there’s any way I can help, don’t hesitate to say.

But I’ll be looking forward to it in any event.

@LadyPsycopath My condolences.

Hunger Games: some people smashing eachothers heads in with weapons and doing ultimate survival :stuck_out_tongue:

But im exited that you are going to make a hunger games game and i would really like to see where this is going

@Turtler I did understand that, but since I assumed everyone here has read/watched The Hunger Games, I figured I’d mention what I thought was one of the main differences Battle Royale had.


Don’t do a Hunger Games copy. It’s one of the reasons that I suggested reading and/or watching Battle Royale too, since it doubles your sources of inspiration. The Running Man movie has similar themes, but with adults. (I haven’t read the story it’s based on.) Have a look at the Theseus and the Minotaur legend which Suzanne Collins claimed was an inspiration for her. You even have the likes of Survivor and the other similar reality tv shows. While there’s not killing on them (yet!) there are survival aspects and competitive gameplay.

Cabin in the Woods has certain similar elements, but for the horror genre.

The Districts system limits you. If you do decide don’t call them districts. Have cities, or different lands, or regions.

Think about all the aspects. Question them. Don’t just copy. You can take the elements you love about The Hunger Games and transform it into a completely new beast.

Hope is still here!

This game would be both Illegal and against the rules of CoG, you cannot base a game off of a already established storyline.