A Hunger Games Choicegame? Cx

I’ve always thought that a Hunger Games choice game would be a great idea!
Just not like the one already on the sites - a full blown one, written out from the reapings and stuff…
Now, I’m not sure how many Hunger Games fans there are here, but I’m guessing that there must be at least a few (or I’m hoping… D:), but does anyone agree? -It could have so much potential! C:

(Please note, that this does not mean that *I* have any intention of writing it or putting my game on hold ':D. I’m still in the middle of my current game.)

I like the idea of having the central concept of The Hunger Games as a choice of game, but straight up copying the universe seems a bit cheap. Plus the game would run the risk of being a game copied from a film adapted from a book with influence from another film adapted from another book, and that wouldn’t do at all, would it?

I have no concept of copying = cheap, probably because I grew up in Fanfictionland, so you’ve lost me there, but I get the copying issue c:
However, playing reality/survival shows seems so awesome adapted into choicescript, like The Race by Andymwhy, and I just thought, even if it’s set in that universe, every game, each year is different, so the creation of that game would make it original, right?

Ooh, I’ve noticed the flaws in this now… XD nevermind!

fan fiction land…depends on the story. it seems like a great idea. thingsshould be alterd so its not just like the book, but the over all lore sounds fun.

If anyone who reads this can write it my vote is “do it!”

Can’t make money off of it.

The Hunger Games itself shares ideas with pre-existing works like The Lord of the Flies, The Lottery, The Running Man, Battle Royale, Cube, The Maze Runner, etc. Collins may not have seen all of these, but same ideas nonetheless.

No reason you can’t use the same ideas. The contestants could be abducted by aliens, be prisoners in a futuristic prison, etc. Make it your own, with a different reason for why the games exist, a different enemy, and characters that don’t get passive and bleak like Katniss in the third book…

Can’t make money off it, but would be very cool! I would do it, but I don’t think I can write in the same style as the hunger games…

@lackofmops could you stop resurrecting old thread ?