Possible HungerGames WIP


I was hoping that @Zolo999 meant a game that was just inspired by The Hunger Games, as opposed to one that was using that exact world and story. The Hunger Games was nowhere near the first story to be told of people being forced to fight to the death in such a manner. I think if you take that basic premise, and then run with it, you can create something that’s thematically similar to the Hunger Games, while also being different enough that it won’t be considered fanfiction and thus against the CoG rules.


@fairgodfeather this is what i’m talking about. its part of the reason i half ignored his comments. its not actually a “Hunger Games” WIP, but its the best way i could describe it :stuck_out_tongue:

as for what u said before, thats exactly what i was thinking before i looked over the chat again. 15 small regions, and monthly they compete to see which of these regions are most “powerful” like a way to find up and coming war leaders. so 2 people are chosen at random, and are forced to compete.


Monthly? Monthly seems to be a bit too frequent.

How did this come about?

Was it a case of the regions were at war, lots of people were dying in battle. They came up with an alliance agreement that instead of everyone dying, they’d each just send their best fighter, and whomever won, was considered victor of the war?

You know like in those stories where the two armies face off against each other, they send forth their champions, and David totally defeats Goliath with a sling?

Or is it kicking various competitive sports up a level into blood sports, where the losing team is slaughtered by the victors in gruesome gladiator games. Where the sports get more bloody and brutal and it’s more than a world cup and the pride of the nation at stake.

Or is it entertainment? The logical conclusion of where reality tv is headed, where the audience craves more and more spectacle, until they’re sending people off to die. For some reason I’m thinking “The Eurovision DEATH contest!”

What sort of setting are you going for?


i’d say a combination of both one and two. they were all originally at war, and came to an agreement that it would be beneficial, to just send their best warriors out to fight, but it eventually turned into a sport of sorts. people would make bets and wager on who would win, and eventually regions started forcing their young to attend “fight school.” to train them in their specific talents for the fight. at 18 your either picked to attend, or you simply go on with your life.


Is it a fight to the death? So each year fields candidates when they’re 18 with only the best of the best being chosen. And it’s volunteers? Why do people volunteer?


My bet is one of ten survive , i mean there are categories like in reality shows. VOTE TO MOST POPULAR GIRL AND SAVE HER TO A GRUESOME DEATH.


If you win like in Roman empire Money women men fame even if you are intelligent politics. Gain or survive could make you a member of nobility , in a society where or you are a barely feeding in a mud within rights or a noble with all richness power and more people would volunteer.


they do not volunteer, they are forced by their region to attend school and if chosen, attend the “competition”. it is also in your best interest to do well in training school, because it can be quite… lethal…




let their be carnage >:)


oh, of course. i’m still contemplating whether or not to implement ROs… they’ll have to die anyways…


Rather than being forced to compete why not twist it and have compitors volunteer, could even let players choose their reason. It would move it further from the hunger games

For example…

Volunteering was seen as a great honor, often done for many reasons. You know someone will ask for your own reason…
__#I want to represent my region.
__#I need the money for my sick mother/father
__#I just want to kill people legally,


This is my reason to play
I know what I have become… I am the inside of this world… I taste the gore, and I smell the crying… AND I WANT MORE! I want to bathe in your flesh, I want to savor your fear. I wanna live inside a castle built of your agony, AND I WANT TO CRUMBLE IT WITH AN AXE TO YOUR CAROTID ARTERY!


I like @Nocturnal_Stillness idea if you wish the game to be more different from hunger games


Let’s keep this going. Very interesting thread/idea indeed.


I volunteer to kill people legally would probably be a major reason…


I just wanna do the world a favor and slaughter the idiots personally! Because the rest will probable take care of it’s self


It’s a little risky due to copyright laws, but a battle to the death has been done before the Hunger Games and will be done after the Hunger Games.
I mean, to me, CoZ felt like Left 4 Dead in a way. Like a cut down but personalized-to-your-skills version. It still felt like a different game but with themes I’d seen before. I wouldn’t make it exact, but you can take the basic idea of The Hunger Games into account.


@Roslyn_samalt06 True dat.

*anxiously waits for a demo*


Good Luck.


@Darkstar2101 that was genuinely terrifying to read