Possible HungerGames WIP


@Darkstar2101 No words can describe how much I teared up at that. Beautiful man.


Battle Royale was one of the best books I ever read…what happened to Shinji was just not fair at all. Hunger Games is a bad rip off.


maybe depending on what happens in the regions, whichever regions warriors dye first then the winning regions army attacks the losers. if you were the losing region then youd have to defend and if your the winning region then you have to help attack the losing region.


Aw u guys u make me tear up


U should make a scene were we have to hide in side of someone and sneak up and chock a guy with his own intestines


Will the slaughter be televised


Oh dark how I love your sick evil mind.


I aim to please




With death match games u gots to be ruthless for example
Give me the gold or I’ll eat u if he gives it to u you eat him anyways