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Why even live

Ah yes, the advisors of the mad king… well since I can’t be an overpowering force due to magic anymore we can just party ourselves to death, those who try to leave the castle are next on the menu :smile:


Nooo not the magic lol.


you know in real life there are certain womans that have more fsh (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) than others and that together with familiar history of twins… will increase the possibility of having twins.

thats what i mean by depending wich one you marry you can have a higher possibility to have twins xD

You guys are something else :joy:

@Legionnaire I do not (least not CoG related). I can’t see what I’ll use it for/have on it :man_shrugging: If I do discover a use for it then I don’t see why not.

@Dark_Stalker Now, immortality, so to speak, is still an option for you. Though it’s surprisingly still nonmagical :sunglasses:

@anon4518890 Yeah I can see that aspect, though that’ll affect pregnancy in general rather than probability of twins.

Edit: If it’s any consolation, being Archon (absolute ruler) will give you complete influence over your subjects lives. Command them to live or die. Give up their homes. Throw their lives away trying to kill your enemies. All these things… Until they overthrow you for being mad.

Being an Inquisitor is still a thing thereby the taint is still an issue. That being the case, you can certainly indulge in the taint (though it’ll moreorless inevitably kill you) it’ll be the closest thing to magic while maintaining a scientific explanation. I’m still working out the extent however.


you know, now that you are talking about this i wonder if being a soldier will give us a boost in troops in the future, since the mc can have many old coomrades of arms…:smirk:

I do love magic and it will be missed.

I agree with this sentiment.

For my MC, the whole paint of the taint was rediscovering the lost potential for sorcery. Without sorcery, why bother with the taint?


@anon4518890 You assume any of them liked you :smirk: The royal military is loyal to the crown, the force that the MC joins despise the crown. Being a soldier will be a factor, but it’s about what you did and how well you did it as a soldier that’ll affect your army in the future.

@Norilinde The lore/history remains the same. The old rulers were tainted, using the taint to control the populace and perform destructive wonders. The heir (MC), can more than certainly rediscover the lost history, the taint, and its uses, as well as the potential of it.

It was never intended for the MC to be able to stand on the battlement and throw balls of fire down or anything like that. (Though I had considered using the taint to bring down thunder and fire or even healing) The taint in itself allows the heir to do amazing things they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. Though it could be considered sorcery, there’s still a scientific explanation to it.

The use of the taint is unsustainable, detrimental to the user (though I suppose there’s a safe means of using it), horrific not only to one’s own nation but neighboring nations. You can imagine what it would be like for everyone to be able to use it and the state of the world after. Thus the Immortal, the faith, and the story.

Simply said… the taint will be a lot of fun and should you forsake the warnings and delve into its studies you’ll find yourself among the very few in the world capable of using and unleashing it. Your people and enemies will submit but will madness take you first? :thinking:


atleast one of them is with us :slight_smile:

You’ll need that optimism :smile: Imora will be severely outnumbered. Particularly the province the MC is in as there is a civil war going on at the start. Strategy, tactics, and logistics is where it’ll count. And of course it’ll be quality over quantity.

Your military background will be most healthful in initial allegiance and strategizing. Course you could simply leave it all up to Serenity and your generals and hope a coup d’état doesn’t come or they’re as capable as you hope.


ofc im optimist, i like Thalia a lot on top of that… xD
And i cant really wait to win a war against more powerfull kingdoms than us ( like leonidas :heart_eyes:)

Ooh, head in a jar? I always wanted to be Walt Disney! Then wait 50 years to give me an awesome robo body

Yeesh, I got my work cut out for me…

Bankruptcy, corruption, traitors, civil war, invasion, plague, conspiracy, and more all spilled into a mixing pot. When things are at its worst, you can’t go down any further right? And it’s all the more satisfying when you come up on top.


Another Poll, how fortunate! This time around involves backgrounds. The scion (MC), will have several backgrounds to choose from. I’m trying to decide whether or not to have the story begin in the past where the scion can build their foundations and then make their return from exile. This would essentially mean most if not all (assuming too much depth isn’t put into it) would take place before the MC even gets on the throne and starts ruling.

The other option is to have the past highlighted as the game goes by. The plan for this was to have the MC playout their past in their dreams.

Regardless there will be time jumps as the MC has a decade in exile and that could essentially be a whole book in its own right. That being said, there’s one option to simply have your background be chosen for you and there’s no looking into the scion’s exile days.

Lastly, there’s the simple option of the MC’s major decisions being chosen right off the bat. You won’t playout your exile and would instead, depending on your background, be given several major decisions related to the path and that would define the state of the world at the game’s beginning.

As always, if you’ve questions or insight, I await them.

  • Begin the game in exile and play through it.
  • Begin at the end of exile and reflect on exile as the game progresses.
  • Choose major decisions of exile at the beginning of the game.
  • Exile isn’t important, choose my background for me, the throne awaits!

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Well, I certainly appreciate the swift voting! Although, since the votes are… very much equal. It would do wonders for hearing some reasons of why you guys think so – made the choice you did. Either here or via pm would be fine.


I picked starting during the exile as to why, I just like to expeience the journey and I find it good way to show us why we’re worthy of the throne instead of “your the leader now, here’s the throne do what you can”

if u take my advice or suggestion, i think is best to do flash backs of the exile, that way you wont have to rewrite the entire code and game etc.
(remember you can always do flash backs like " 3 years Ago…" etc that type of flash.

I suppose it depends on how you want to deal with the exhile period. A prologue letting you make major decisions during that background period might be the most practical approach.

@Bahamuht Hm, that would give a sense of accomplishment and truly show the struggle that was endured to get to the throne. Although taking the throne is only a small part of the journey.

@anon4518890 Fortunately there wouldn’t be much in regards to rewriting. Flashbacks may come off as more disruptive than I would like. There’s dedicating the first book to the decade long exile and fleshing it out more thoroughly. Then there’s taking the key events and wedging it throughout the story. Being pulled between the past and present may turn out more troublesome than intended.

@chrisbat I’m leaning towards choosing the major decisions of the exile and perhaps coming back later to flesh it out to allow someone to play it out should they choose to.

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as long as you dont make the exile change stats or things like that it should be fine? for example like what cataphrak does in Guns and Lords if you replay major choices.
Thats what i did mean, that should not be a problem at all i think.

Maybe if its too much work you should just go with the game as it is, you can always do another book in the future to make a prequel of this game. The most important thing is what do you want to do, after all you know better than us what can motivate you more to write (the present story or the past - exiled- story)

The argument for magic has given me a lot to think on and I’ve found a means to reincorporate it. As a subtle touch to the world. Still no standing on the battlements and hurling down fireballs or anything like that, but it’ll exist in the world.

@anon4518890 I’ll have to do a more thorough mapping of the exile period. The biggest issue is the fine details of what happens. Such as who the MC encounter, what their relationship was, did the MC betray/kill them?

I’m leaning a lot towards, and have already begun on the exile period. Should my motivation fall short I’ll push for that approach and summarize events.