The Royal Legacy (New Poll on post #1466) (Hiatus)

Glad to see you are back at this. I think to answer your poll question it’s likely that heirs to the throne would play factor slightly later on in the story after your character gets married and presumably expands their influence.

Thank you all for your wonderful and swift input, this has been very helpful. I look forward to the next poll whenever that may be.

Regarding the poll and discussions… the heir will be able to have a newborn, adopted or otherwise, once things settle down in the city. There may be a chance of having twins. (5% chance in comparison to the 3.4% real life average)

Rather than have the MC get pregnant//get everyone else pregnant should they sleep around, the chances of catching a disease will go up rather than chances of pregnancy. (As a means of keeping the MC children at 1) There will also be the chance to adopt a 7 y.o. premade child.

An important part of TRL is being able to choose your consort/lover. I’d rather not have the MC start out with someone they barely know and already have a child with them. And yet, in regards to input, I had also wanted to have a child old enough to understand what’s going on around them and give thoughts and input. E.g. The MC is allowing slavery… your child (adopted or otherwise), wonders if they’ll become a slave too. Scenarios like that. But we’ll have to see and look into this further.

A point had been brought up regarding whether or not miscarriages and being poisoned while with child will be added. I can see how Choice of Romance handled it, but in regards to the legacy, I’m not too sure. It’s something up for discussion/on the back burner for now.

Random Fact: TRL is not European inspired.


i sugest depending of the ones you take to bed… for example a noble woman who is mostly being only with one man or 2 be a less risky option than a professional one. Thats why in the old age some kings did opt for having concubines rather than going to some “house of pleasure” so to say.

in cor it was rather tricky to avoid death, i hope you dont go that far xD

i dont really see how will that make sense if your child is not adopted, i mean unless your child is an unwanted one i dont really see how he/she will think that.
If the child is adopted/bastard i can understand it.

thats pretty good thing to add, since they will be the heir by mere minuts… whoever get first out xD
(i know you said we can name the heir, but it can be funny if they think it will be the older one :laughing: )


Perhaps I had been thinking too hard on the matter. The MC can certainly have their chances with someone that isn’t royalty, but it will, of course, affect the repute of the MC and their child. Still sticking with the one-child policy, so it’ll likely simply come down to “when” the child is born.

I don’t think I’ll actually add something like that in there after all. No, my heart can only take so much. However, if the MC is poisoned successfully, it’ll likely affect either the child’s constitution or the MC.

This could even be helpful for the sickly child, rising above the odds and making something of themselves. Assuming, of course, they’re raised in an environment by cough a sovereign that doesn’t push them aside and sends them away.

It was mainly directed towards a child that wasn’t raised in the palace. (The MC’s own child can be raised outside the palace for various reasons including as ransom in a foreign nation). Regardless, in the innocent mind of the child, they can understand that if a regular person can so easily be turned into a slave, what exactly is stopping that from happening to them? The MC themselves was disinherited and cast out of the palace, it isn’t such a far shot.

Having twins should be a lovely affair. It may simply become that instead of one child there will be twins instead… we’ll see.


Huh, I can’t believe it? Returning from the depths of the nether realm after so long? I wonder how I didn’t notice, not that I’m sure you’d remember me Arcania. Regardless I’ll take a look over the demo and see what has changed since last I looked.

Now how could I go about forgetting you? I remember all. :smirk: My return hasn’t been long and it’s mainly in the background so it’ll be no surprise you wouldn’t have caught sight of things here.

I’m plowing through the codes and writing for the overhaul so I can’t give in to the urge to edit and revise this version–as much as it needs it. Unfortunately that would be counter productive. Do enjoy it all the same!

Edit: Welcome back to the forums yourself! @maj12 here’s a cookie :cookie:


I love the game as it is, no need to edit it.
And i cant wait to see more content :slight_smile: so dont beat yourself about it xd.

Btw i have a funny suggestion for the twins, you can make it so depending on the woman you get have a much increased percentage, unless ofc u make it predetermined xd

Could you uh, clarify that one for me?

I think he ment one romance would have a higher chance at twins than others

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@Xxxyaboi094 Ah, I see. In that case…

Who’s up for a little science?

Fraternal twins are mainly up to genetics (female side), weight, height, and age (woman over the age of 35 are more likely to conceive one). Twins in general (now including identical twins, are generally a fluke of nature so to speak. Fate will do what fate will do. Previously having twins doesn’t hurt either.

Yam is surprisingly said to increase one’s chances of having twins. Studies on the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria (who have the highest rates) are concluding such. Can you guess what the MC and counterpart will be eating lots of?

Anyhow, it’s more than likely the MC will have twins no matter what. Though there will be two chances to have a child, adopted or not. Early in the MC’s reign and later during their reign. It’s likely the first time around the MC will have twins off the bat and the second will be left up to chance (depending on who the mother is)


I think having some magical potions would be cool to improve chance’s for twin’s or health. Or maybe like giving them a chance for a trait or something?

I’ve essentially purged magic from the game and simply took the obscure science path. Depending on how the game is played, everything can be scientifically or at least, reasonably explained. Though there are potions… they’ll be from Rolo, I wouldn’t particularly consider them magical either.

The initial physical health would be affected by what the birthmother is doing/eating/drinking while pregnant. It could especially be affected if there’s a famine/drought and the MC hasn’t secured goods or trade. :woman_shrugging: but no, there won’t be magical potions or otherwise to solve one’s struggles.

Although… just because, there’ll always be a small chance of having a sickly child, and it’s not of course necessarily a bad thing. Raise them well and show them how to use their weaknesses as their strengths and give them the love and care they deserve and things will be just fine :smiley:

Assuming one of your advisors don’t get to them first and does the same thing before you do…


do you have a discord?

Why even live

Ah yes, the advisors of the mad king… well since I can’t be an overpowering force due to magic anymore we can just party ourselves to death, those who try to leave the castle are next on the menu :smile:


Nooo not the magic lol.


you know in real life there are certain womans that have more fsh (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) than others and that together with familiar history of twins… will increase the possibility of having twins.

thats what i mean by depending wich one you marry you can have a higher possibility to have twins xD

You guys are something else :joy:

@Legionnaire I do not (least not CoG related). I can’t see what I’ll use it for/have on it :man_shrugging: If I do discover a use for it then I don’t see why not.

@Dark_Stalker Now, immortality, so to speak, is still an option for you. Though it’s surprisingly still nonmagical :sunglasses:

@anon4518890 Yeah I can see that aspect, though that’ll affect pregnancy in general rather than probability of twins.

Edit: If it’s any consolation, being Archon (absolute ruler) will give you complete influence over your subjects lives. Command them to live or die. Give up their homes. Throw their lives away trying to kill your enemies. All these things… Until they overthrow you for being mad.

Being an Inquisitor is still a thing thereby the taint is still an issue. That being the case, you can certainly indulge in the taint (though it’ll moreorless inevitably kill you) it’ll be the closest thing to magic while maintaining a scientific explanation. I’m still working out the extent however.


you know, now that you are talking about this i wonder if being a soldier will give us a boost in troops in the future, since the mc can have many old coomrades of arms…:smirk:

I do love magic and it will be missed.

I agree with this sentiment.

For my MC, the whole paint of the taint was rediscovering the lost potential for sorcery. Without sorcery, why bother with the taint?


@anon4518890 You assume any of them liked you :smirk: The royal military is loyal to the crown, the force that the MC joins despise the crown. Being a soldier will be a factor, but it’s about what you did and how well you did it as a soldier that’ll affect your army in the future.

@Norilinde The lore/history remains the same. The old rulers were tainted, using the taint to control the populace and perform destructive wonders. The heir (MC), can more than certainly rediscover the lost history, the taint, and its uses, as well as the potential of it.

It was never intended for the MC to be able to stand on the battlement and throw balls of fire down or anything like that. (Though I had considered using the taint to bring down thunder and fire or even healing) The taint in itself allows the heir to do amazing things they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. Though it could be considered sorcery, there’s still a scientific explanation to it.

The use of the taint is unsustainable, detrimental to the user (though I suppose there’s a safe means of using it), horrific not only to one’s own nation but neighboring nations. You can imagine what it would be like for everyone to be able to use it and the state of the world after. Thus the Immortal, the faith, and the story.

Simply said… the taint will be a lot of fun and should you forsake the warnings and delve into its studies you’ll find yourself among the very few in the world capable of using and unleashing it. Your people and enemies will submit but will madness take you first? :thinking: