The Royal Legacy (New Poll on post #1466) (Hiatus)

Oh that explains. Thanks.

So Grand Brownie Sage, shouldn’t we change the thread title?

Dear Diary,

I was coronated today! I wore a pair of party glasses, you know with the fake mustache and big nose. So yeah, I got up out of bed and decided I wanted it to be memorable and what’s more memorable than that?! Anyway then I made a big speech about how my word is law and how I plan to conquer the known world, ya know, unimportant everyday drabble. Oh and we had an execution today! The little f*ck had the gaul to question my eyewear. Now he’s missing his eyes. I keep them in a jar by my bed, one more pair for the collection. Anyway tomorrow I have a meeting, I plan to tear down the orphanage and replace it with a candy shop. All in all, today was a great day.

  • Journal of the king

Its essentially a rehaul, but the royal legacy is on hiatus as its still being developed. Not that I possess the creativity to decide a different title :sob:

Surprisingly, I’ve missed the sight of tyranny. Refreshingly unique… in the barbaric sense of course, but unique all the same. Historians will surely gather around and read in wonder.


The diary of the mad king was archived in a museum, recovered after his death. It was found bound to his corpse amongst all the others who unwittingly attended his party.

@Arcane_warrior For clarification, the game is really in its early stages of being a work in progress. I’m not sure how long it will take to complete, let alone submit to CoG. (I’ve long given up on setting up time frames)

Nothing like an unfinished story to leave to the imagination what led to the final hours of a ruler.


Is the scene where u get poisoned the end?

Essentially, yes. Assuming you chose the poison route. If not you get to see your options for your coronation night.

I recall writing the followup scene including a chance for opening relations with… Artemis? (whoever remained in the palace) For a dance scene, in a traditional Imoran dance of course. Among others, but no idea where it is now.

I “might” consider dropping a small update at some point. (It’ll be assimilated from the rehaul that’s been discarded or the followup scene should it be found)


As development and private testing continue from the shadows, here’s a potential map of Imortallia (being renamed Eternia). Enjoy, it may be replaced with something else later.


Can’t wait to see the rehual on the game!

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i remember playing this game in my Tablet downloading the html, hope you can upload compiled html in the future for us to read and test offline xD

@Koda222 Fortunately progress is coming along on schedule. :construction_worker_man: It’ll be some time yet, but work goes on daily all the same. We’ll see that rehaul out yet

@anon4518890 I can hardly remember how compiling was done before, but I do recall it was done via Dropbox which isn’t an option any longer. Though if you learn of a means, I’ll be more than happy to compile it for ya! (I don’t believe it’s an option in dashingdon)


you can still upload compiled html to das, but you need to upload it already compiled i think?
here it is–>

btw , im glad your back, so welcome again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Compiling may not take long for me to figure out again but I’ll have to find time to do so as well as how to maneuver dashingdon for the transfer. Having trouble as is navigating where the areas are. But that’s what I get for being away for so long.

And thank you, it’s very much good to be back!


you can always pm @dashingdon if u have any troubles, he is a pretty nice guy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

An important part of the royal legacy is well, your legacy. As discussed perhaps… 500 posts ago, the MC will be allowed to have children (assuming both you and your partner are physically capable) or adopt. You can choose whether to sleep with someone, but whether or not you actually have a child depends on the ahem countermeasures taken.

(My focus is on only allowing the MC to have 2 children so to allow for more diverse personalities.)

Now my question is essential… At what stage would you like the legacy making to begin?

  • I want to build my empire before my heirs enter the picture.
  • I want my heirs to be present as I unify the known world.
  • I don’t want to have heirs present at all at any point.

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im curious how will the childs be, i mean will this be random variable to have a girl or boy? or the childs will have a predetermined sex?

What I’m coming down to is that the 1st child will be up to fate. Gender, personality, ordeals (anxiety, depression, anger problems, etc.) as well as their attractions. The second born will likely be premade. With few factors controlled by the MC (regarding conditions of birth).

Please keep in mind adopted kids will be premade. The child’s nature may be beyond you, but how you nurture them and the environment they’re raised in (especially if they don’t grow up away from you) will be a great factor.


Always feel free to share why you’ve made the decision you’ve made. The thread or through PM. Insight is always lovely to have.


I’m sure there’s a quote or two from the Evil Overlord List that sums up my thoughts…

Now I’m curious as to which ones you’re thinking of. Course, I’ve little idea of what you intend for your heir either. :thinking: