The Royal Legacy (New Poll on post #1466) (Hiatus)

You can simply cut out the *image command in your code, or replace the image with a blank file.

Other than that, welcome back! I know how it feels to be someone who gone hiatus for a long time and returning.

I’m still outside right now, but once I get back, I’d love to taste how does a story made from 2-3yrs ago reads like.


Ha, it pains me to even display it without properly sweeping it off grammar issues, but ah.

I had given that a try however, both cases, but it doesn’t seem Dashington likes me very much for it refuses to update. I’ve messaged Dashing on the matter, hopefully he’ll be able to sort it out.

Worst case scenario I’ll simply re-upload everything.


Heyya there, is it just me or does the game take a long time to load? Also it seems to be game keeps loading when I try to select view profile.

There we are, that should do it. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Here’s an apology cookie to make up for it. :cookie:


So can i just kill everybody in my way and take over.

That’s one way to play, yeah. The world may become a very lonely place should everyone be seen as an enemy however…


Still at least it’s my lonely place and another thing do you think you could add a cheat menu for quicker replays

I’m afraid there won’t be any incoming updates until the new version is ready, so a save section won’t be an option. If you’re meaning something like a couple of pre-existing characters, that’s doable.

Send me the general choice path that you took and I may be able to get something up, time willing.

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I mean like a cheat menu to add money and stats and troops things like that.

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Ah, I see, I see. Though certain choices reset your stats in the initial scenes (such as speaking to advisers), so messing with stats would be more complicated than its worth. Funds is an easier one, but that’s mainly the moneylender’s zone. I could raise that. Troops don’t affect anything (in this version).

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Another question how long will the game be.

Expansive to say the least. The outline is completed, though I had hoped to keep things compact. It’s very likely the game will expand three books.

The whole unifying the known world…
Raising an heir(s)…

It’s possible it may only take one or two books, but regardless the game will be large. Despite the format and appearance that makes it seem short.


Well well well. This is a blast from the past. Glad to see you’re back @Arcania

(It’s NeoHeartless btw)


Why, thank you! It’s good to be back. Cheers to another dawn.


Got it thank you for the info.

No problem at all @Arcane_warrior

One of the features of world building for the game that’s coming with the rehaul is the tome section. One bit allows for the MC to record their legacy as they play. So essentially a summary of each chapter, perhaps one that will be handed down to their heir or publicized or kept hidden in the family crypt.

More relevant right now is the in-game stories. The world is quite large with rich history and culture. Thus, interesting reads are called for. Short stories that share a bit about the world while also giving some background insight that isn’t otherwise mentioned in the gameplay.

This may be a journal from say… the pinder expedition. Perhaps a journal left behind from a prisoner. A storytelling of a criminal who became a legend and is told of to children. Perhaps such stories that can or have been banned and can be found and read to your future heir.

In any case, if you’re interested in lending a hand in the ‘codex’ bit of the game, let me know. From the humblest of beginnings can blossom the greatest of things.


Another question if you don’t mind me asking when the game is released will it come out on steam.

Well, this demo itself is not even yet entered the publishing queue. I’m not even sure if CoG even received a draft, though don’t take my words for it.


Umm when will you add a save system do the game?

@ollierocket23 This version will no longer be updated. The rehauled version will have save points added.