Zombie Exodus and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Hints and Tips


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What does the will skill do?

I’m assuming it has to do with praying and religion. But what does it do specifically?

Willpower—mental resistance and impulse control, as well as sensing emotion in others. Willpower is a prime attribute for Empathy, Intimidation, and Survival.


I’m having trouble with this new build I tried. How much reinforcement do I need to stop the Makarovs’ raiding

3 - 4 upgrade to stop the makarov raiding

talk to woody he will give you on how good your defense is

if it’s bad or average don’t go to the convenience store unless you want the makarov to raid your house



Another question, what do I need to find Kent liking Harriet? Sometimes I got it, sometimes I didn’t
Also, about Parker’s wound. If I rush(choose less option or something), will it make a difference? I always got the “If he ever fully recover” outcome

Really high Empathy. 70 or 75, I think.

Shit, 75 I guess, my empathy is 73 :sneezing_face:

I asked gina and woody to build a trench and a smokeless campfire, and assigned 5 people on watch, but didn’t stop the theft?

Did you build things such as the barbed wire, sharp stick fence (you can do the barbed wire and sharp sticks, but if you build the sky nest, you should only do one), and alarms (or even the sky nest)? These not only improve security, but reduce the number of people needed for watch.

I just played Zombie Exodus. Whoo. What a ride.

I loved the action-oriented nature of the game, although some of the mechanics confused me. (I could pack over 45 pounds of gear, even when the game said that I couldn’t.) The dialogue for ending four confused me, I think it was copied too directly from dialogue from another ending.

Obviously this is a pretty old game but about the Tom route: Okay, I just don’t understand why Tom was sleeping with an MC who he was simultaneously trying to kill, out of what we assume is petty jealousy. He was okay with Uncle Lou dying just to make MC look bad, even if he’s been with MC for months now and they’ve been nothing but kind to him. If MC confronts him, he’s just totally smug about admitting it. There’s no display of remorse, and no chance for MC to ask him if he ever felt guilty, or if any of what had happened with them was real. It’s a pretty unsatisfying conclusion. MC just kills him, the end.
Tom seemed like a shady character from day one, but finding out that the deal is that he really is just a psychopath with no regrets about romancing MC and also trying to have them murdered for no reason other than jealousy/insecurity didn’t strike me as satisfying.

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I have 100% persuasion as a Female MC at the start of Safehaven Part 2. If I start out at 55% or so relationship with Lopez, can I date him in Book 2?

No you need to have at least 75 relationship with him by the end of part 1 and you don’t need persuasion for him but you definitely need at least level 5 empathy to get his relationship that high

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That sounds really difficult. We have maybe one interaction with him in all of part 1.

This is a good reminder for me that I have to look at how all of the ROs get initiated. I also need to add an option early on in Part 3 to ask who the MC sees as their main ROs.


ROs as in plural? It’s been a while since I’ve played, but I always assumed going for one would lock the others out.

Are there any choices in the game that would prevent a female MC from romancing Woody? My MC was at 80% relationship with him by the end of Part 1, but she didn’t manage to romance him. :frowning: