Zombie Exodus and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Hints and Tips

How can you do it? If you don’t mind

Not at all.
You would have to have a high relationship with her, and on the hill in
part 2 when you are setting up your
tent to sleep she will drop by.

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I just had a threesome with Jillian and Gina, no idea how that happened lol


I’ve been wondering for a while if there is anyway you can take Lopez to your house in part one without killing the group of soldiers? Idk if that makes sense so my apologies. I just wanted to know if I could recruit him or become friends with him without killing anyone. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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You can recruit him without killing the soldiers: give him water or first aid and he will come back looking for you (at the end of part 1) after he survives a car crash that kills the other soldiers (or the remaining other soldiers if you killed one earlier). You cannot take him inside your house and have him live with you until your house is destroyed in Part 1; the other soldiers put him in the humvee before they interact with you, and there is always two survivors that drive away with him even if you do kill one of them.


I’ve been wondering if anyone has an achievement guide for the game? I’ve looked but can’t seem to find one.

How do you get a high relationship with Kelly in part2

What stats do you need to train your dog in Part One? I have it when I play a military background, but I can’t seem to reach them on any other, it’s just greyed out.

Leadership is the stat that relates to training animals.

I thought you had to have at least a level 3 in survival to train your dog :thinking:. Unless something’s changed in the game and you need leadership now or maybe it’s both ?

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No, it’s leadership (Leadership’s stat description says that it can be used for leading people and training animals. Have you encountered the dog on the farm yet?).

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Actually, it can be both. I think you need 45% in survival or 55% in leadership. I could be wrong so feel free to correct me.

No you’re right, I think. It mentions Leadership +55 and Survival +45 in the second round of training for your dog. I think it’s either or.

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Did anyone got “I see right through you” achievement with Lyle ? For some unknown reason i have issues getting there

You need to have some levels (Level 3+) in Medical. Choosing Doctor, Nurse, or Combat Medic (I am not sure if there are any careers apart from these three that have medicine as a preferred skill) as your career at the beginning of the game is the easiest way to get there, although you can expend skill points to get Medical 3 on a PC that isn’t any of those three.

Then, you need to be alone, or have a pet. The nephew will figure out that Lyle is lying about his blindness and tell you, if you have him. You want to figure out that Lyle is pretending to be blind on your own.

Invite Jillian and Lyle in, and build a decent relationship with them (be kind, but assertive and firm). Stay up pretty late. Eventually, there should be an option to pass the time by “deal[ing] with Lyle pretending to be blind” after PC sees him flinch away and cover his eyes from an explosion outside. Call his bluff (I usually do so cleverly, but you can intimidate if you’d like). The achievement will pop up.


Huh, so the nephew was the issue then, i got it in the end, my sincere thanks @Snowflower

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uh for me it’s level 3 empath and search but of course you need level 3 persuasion or intimidate to call his bluff

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