Zombie Exodus and Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Hints and Tips

Does anyone know how to unlock the Aj Austin premade character for part 2 I have the 75 skill attributes but it’s still grayed out

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I’m guessing to stop people from being stand offish. Like other survivors or when people in camp get into arguements

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Also your reputation/plan of action when dealing with other groups, more than intra-group relations. Do you shoot or ask questions first?

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Hello everyone!
I was wondering if any of you could tell me how to get unanimously voted to be the group leader? it’s an achievement. Do I need high leadership points?

Yep. You definitely need high Leadership. Careers that give this is Military Commander and Police Officer (I’m not sure if there are subtypes of police officer like there are of military; Military Commander is a subtype of the soldier background), or you can invest level 3+ in Leadership when you are spending points (Leadership allows you to train animals as well, so if you want your pet in part 2, it’s a good idea to do so) regardless of your starting career. Another thing that helps is being friends with as many people as you can (they will vote for you if they [think they] know you, even if what you’re proposing goes against their personal desires for the group), and high Empathy helps with that. If you’re proposing unpopular things such as becoming a raiding group or only caring for the extant group (killing other survivors if they have to), Leadership and Empathy become even more important.

Also, be an adult. Reilly will never vote for a Teen PC even if their Leadership and Empathy are maxed (and he has plot immunity at this point).


Hey everyone!
Maybe I’m not searching the forums thoroughly to find answers but could anyone help this Jaime simp?
How do you get Jaime to make out with MC, when you go with Jaime, Woody and Rachel after the hillside dinner in Part 2?

Jaime won’t kiss you. He’s not distracted by the sexy stuff as of the moment. He’s more focused on the task at hand. It’s apart of his character. Serious when necessary, wild and carefree when he can afford it

Thank you for responding, but I refuse to give up on this just yet. :sweat_smile:

I don’t remember the choices I made before, but I believe he did give in. A bit vague on the details, but he like grabbed thot MC by the belt loop or something.

How to do the military storyline with the sat phone from Colonel Faulkner?

Not sure how one can go with this if the profession is not Soldier because that’s where you get sat phone. However, if Survival skill is high enough, you could recognize some Morse code when doing the pharmacy mission with Jaime.

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He’ll only do so if no one died during the hill fight.

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I’m pretty sure I remember kissing him when I chose the ‘hint at wanting to make out with him’ while he was fixing the truck on the highway. I always play games with high persuasion and Jamie was always my main priority during the camping, so that may help?

Sorry if this is redundant information, but he definitely kisses the player.

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I shall consider. Thanks much!

I see. I chose social worker before because they have high bonus in Persuasion and Empathy, but it didn’t work. I wonder what I may have missed.

Thanks much tho!

Hi, hopefully I’m in the right thread. I was wondering if @JimD or anyone else could tell me what the poly options are, how to start each one, and if the nephew can help you steal in Thelma’s store or if the best is he’s like reluctant?

The poly options are Gina and Jillian in the 2nd book and your MC needs to be an adult.

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Really trying not to spam or anything sorry but thanks

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I read some code. and there are more poly options to be added if Gina , Jillian or Lopez is your roommate but that might change

Update: Nobody died on my latest run (except Sifer ofc) but it didn’t work. :frowning: