Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion (Part 3 beta coming in December)

Until the forums allow longer thread counts, please post feedback and character profiles here (end-game stats, survivor summary, etc.).
Release Date for Part 1: 10-28-16
Release Date for Part 2 1.0: 3-21-18
Release Date for Part 2 2.0: 3-21-19

Edit - RO as of this latest release (3-21):
Bailey: playersexual
Brody: bisexual
Gina: bisexual, aromantic
Jillian: bisexual
Jaime: bisexual
Kelly: playersexual
Lopez: bi/homosexual, (relationship +75 needed if female)
Madison: bisexual
Rachel: playersexual
Reilly: playersexualbisexual
Tommy: homosexual (and nb MCs)
Woody: bi/heterosexual , (relationship +75 needed if male + high persuasion)
To be done: Rosie, lesbian

*Teenagers have Madison and Brody available for romance right away, the others will stay as friends - at least for now. (up to part 2 1.0)
Thanks for the help @Lycoris
The list will be updated as information is found out.

Scripted Deaths attributed to pre-production auction/prizes:


Things to do in Part 2
  • Scout the area around camp.
  • Read Trisha’s notebook.
  • Email Julianne and Jason.
  • Set up a SurvNext server.
  • Romance 2-3 characters.
  • Be a leader. Be a follower.
  • Kill a group member.
  • Celebrate Mother’s Day.
  • Go to the Lake.
  • Scavenge the caravan.
  • Reinforce camp.
  • Fight another survivor group.
  • Triy multiple Challenges.
  • Train your group.
  • Receive training.
  • Train your nephew to kill zombies.
Part 2-2 additions
  • 3 missions in chapters 6 and 7: You will be able to visit up to 3 different places. Contributions from @Eiwynn and @Lys
  • Conversations with all NPCs in the open-ended camp scene in chapter 6.
  • Other little additions people are asking for.

Future Release Plans:
Part 2-2 Release Date: “Soon”
Part 3 Release Date: TBD

Link to Discussion Thread One : Discussion Thread One

Link to Zombieexodus.com : http://zombieexodus.com/

Link to Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jimdattilo


If you could ask any ZE: Safe Haven character one question, what would it be? Best question gets in Part 2-2.


Does “Will you marry me?” count? :innocent:

(Sorry, that was literally the first thing to pop into my head!)


Sure. Your question is currently in the lead.


Who actually was Dilan?

How did Lopez escape and what happened to the rogue NGs?

When Is Reily planning to split the score with the Bank rober MC?


I could ask one of the serious questions I have stored away, but…

(To Dog): “Who’s a good boy?”


Can’t see where Jim posted that, but had a bit of a think and…
I couldn’t think of just one question :stuck_out_tongue: , but my first question is why is Jaime so nice? But thinking about it it’s probably due to life experiences etc I guess, though I do wonder if the outbreak will make him less nice in the future.

But a more pressing question, with a less clear(and more opinion based?) question would be to a ro or an npc who my mc is close to would be what now? As in my mc was a uni student, they wanted to graduate then promote their causes/ issues with my main mc being either a sociology or politics student. But now that the outbreak has occurred now what? Build a safe haven, secure it etc then what? Just live out their days without meaning or purpose? Merely existing not living?


That would sorta tie in with my (joke) suggestion :thinking: not, like, as a proposal of marriage, but “what do you want out of life, now? Where would you see our relationship going? Is marriage still a thing—or was that ever what you were after? What does our relationship look like in the kind of future we have to face?” Even if they’re not an RO, asking about the future of a friendship, the future of community, and just where their lives are going to go—that could be a pretty weighty question.


To a romantic partner:
“What would you do if I told you I was infected?”


Hey @JimD I recently have been playing around with being a teenager and realized something off about attributes. When I played teenager with the “prebuilt” set of skills and custom attributes, my attributes only dropped 5%, but when I played teenager with custom skills and attributes, my attributes were not even above 45%. To begin with, I’m not even sure why teenagers lose so much attribute percentage in the first place. I’m not sure if this is the place to ask this question but since the main ZESH discussion topic is locked, I figured I could ask here.

Edit: I don’t think this is just related to teenager, experiencing problems with attributes across the board now on all new characters I create. Is this an update or a bug? All my attributes drop by 5% the moment I start customizing my character.

Second Edit: Have been fiddling around the customization screens now for a bit, it seems that everytime you choose teenager as a profession, whether or not it’s custom or premade, it drops all your attributes by 5%, however, if you decide you want to play another character, the attributes don’t reset and just remain at a really low score. Furthermore, if you repeat this process, your attributes drop by another 5%, essentially making it possible to decrease your attributes to 0% eventually. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug that the attributes don’t reset if you pick the option to choose another character after looking over teenager as a character. However, I’m not sure if you’re even supposed to lose 5% attributes just by playing teen in the first place.

Third and LAST Edit (Sorry lol): I’m not sure if this is intended but your preferred skill as a teenager doesn’t give it a discount on leveling it? Like normally preferred skills take 0 points to level up to basic, but as a teenager it still takes 1?


@JimD an old bug resurfaced: Like iEch0 reported the teen attribute bug has resurfaced again. Now if you choose teen and change, the lost attributes doesn’t add back.

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To Madison: Why do you feel like you need to be and do certain things in order for people to approve of you? What if I told you somebody liked you for YOU, not just for your looks or knowledge?

…That’s two, but they tie directly together. Sorry if they are a little cheesy, haha. But reading your deeper intentions for her made this subject so intriguing.


To Madison : " The night at your pool party, before zombies start attacking us, you were meant to tell me something before being drag away by your friends… what was it you were about to say ? "

To Madison : " What was the deal between you and Jonathan Reynold ? If he somehow survives and you meet him again… will it change anything between us ? "

To Bailey : " You mention you were running away from some problem in California , mind telling me what was the problem ? "


Fantastic. I didn’t think of touching on past issues…


To Arsenal AK: “Why can’t I find anyone else that fits me as perfectly as you do?”


Actually I also want to ask Jillian about her relationship with Lyle, who will she choose if Lyle is back…but i thought i ask too many question already :wink:

even though Madison had said that she already knows who she really want after the zombie outbreak , i am still curious about her relationship with Reynolds and whether Madison was interested in me even before the outbreak :slight_smile:

As for Bailey … i am wondering whether she was running away from a jealous admirer , she fear for her safety so she changed college :smile:


I’ll look into it. This was a problem a while ago as @TheDrake says but it was fixed. IT’s possible an old version of a file got uploaded.


The most important question of them all, directed at Woody: “So… which one of us is topping tonight?”



To Nora : “Have you ever killed a man?”

To Nora : “How many times have you been in prison? What for?”

To Driver : “How did you get your back scars if you don’t mind me asking?”


Since it looks like the topic limit of 10,000 posts is not going to be changed, JimD, would you mind putting a link to the previous thread in the first post? Just to make it easier for people to refer back to it? :slight_smile:

Or @Eiwynn :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :slight_smile: