Can we save SPOILER or is their death scripted? (Zombie Exodus Spoiler)


Can we save Starr or is her death scripted?

I m curious to know if we can save Starr or not and if yes what choices lead to it…please any help is appreciated.


From what I remember when I was testing the demo ages back, it’s scripted. Sorry.


It’s all scripted. In Choice Script… :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I seem to remember Jim specifically saying that Starr always dies. Also, your title is pretty spoilery.


I can change the title, if you’ll tell me what game it’s a spoiler of.

Oh! I worked it out. Silly me. My brain is not working today.


Ah,thx and sorry i m new to this so little known on rules.


Not so much a rule as a courtesy. It’s rude to spoil the story in games in an unavoidable way. Hell I forget it myself sometimes.