You choose your own adventure

Tsk Tsk…

the Title is SO very misleading ! I’m really dissapointed!

I though you were gonna write the ‘Choose your own adventure’ Kinda of game…

My pick would be ‘Superhero story’ and ‘Space Story’ .

I like to see a story that happen in a hospital or…in the case (without being horror) Asylum .

What do you mean, i never said i wasnt making a game/story head tilt i said i needed help deciding on a story to start with because i have too many ideas and spread myself thin working on them all at the same time. I basically wanted to know what everyone would be interested in reading so i can focus. The story genre was already picked as slice of life but i will get to other stories as well later.
Also, I do have one story series in the slice of life genre that does take place in an asylum in a later book, the story is number 5 on post 43

hum…I was teasing you . But the Title does seem a bit misleading . Why? because ‘choose your own adventure’ games…while similar to choiceofgame , they aren’t the same . Heck you don’t even play them the same way .

The Title is from the Books ‘choose your own adventure’…so maybe you didn’t mean them . If that’s the case…I apologize .

No there’s no need to apologize, it was just a play on words, I was referencing the choose your own adventure books but meant it as you choosing your own adventure, your own story, you know?

And I totally agree that they play differently, and thats kinda what I’m going for, I love choice of games but as I have discussed with some others on this thread I do want these stories to have more freedom for the player. I find myself in these same situations with choice of games, I often dont deviate from my norm when replaying choice of games, I dont explore other paths because I am rewarded for playing one way or true to my stats, and will constantly restart my game just to fix those choices im not rewarded for, when in the end it doesnt change things or matter anyway, I dont even know if any of the choice of games I’ve played have alternate endings besides small things. I know doing a more complex stat system and alternate endings would take more time but I dont want to make a story I wouldnt enjoy. I’m not trying to bash anyones work or say that its flawed, I do enjoy these games/stories and want to see more from these world, I just want more from my stories, I’m that type who always thinks my work isn’t good enough, and I’ve gamed all my life and know what I like and dislike from video games.

All in all thats what i meant haha, I want to do something new while showing people the worlds I have created and they want. If you have any questions or other things to ask then by all means feel free to ask, dont worry about offending me or anything :smile:

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I know that feeling very well…

I like a story , it seem perfect . Then look at your own work…and think ‘If I make a story , it gotta be better , much better then whatever I read’’ . BUT…I don’t mean the story has to be better then X story…I’m just setting challenge…a bar…sort of . Dunno if that made any sense…

But often…that’s how I feel . I’m like 'Who need peer pressure! I can do that to myself! *Mind melt * :joy:

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Hahaha exactly, we are our own worst critics XD

Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I didnt see this, I will be doing medieval fantasy stories later but the results of the poll were that most people wanted a slice of life story. I’d love to hear about what you are interested in seeing in a medieval story, and greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts on the new slice of life stories I posted.

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