You choose your own adventure

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Hello Hello!
This thread is basically my way of making myself actually complete a story. I’ve started a ton but finished none, some I plan on working on for many years but for some others I would like to start/finish them now and just need the motivation.

So to determine what story I should work on I thought I’d ask all of you what you’d be interested in reading. So here are some genres and story types to choose from.

The Dance of Death - This story is a bit different from how choice of stories usually go, in this one you play as a predetermined person, I know most games you are pretty much the same person even if you are a different gender or name yourself, but you wouldn’t be able to do that in this game. For this story i have also written tons of seemingly small choices that will have big impacts later on. At first you would only be able to play as the main guy but I have written some of the other characters paths, I’d just want to get the story finished or mostly finished before doing their routes too.

I also wanted to try something different with this story, I was thinking of doing stats a bit differently by having a wisdom stat, and this stat would encompass all skills. We’ve all heard that we learn from failure, but no games ever have the character learn from failure, we as players do and might load up a save game to change our choices, which is definitely harder in choice of games but I’ll still start over just to change that one choice. This stat would make a skill go up say 1 point when a choice you pick uses a skill and you pass successfully, but it would go up more(like +3) if you failed a choice using another skill, so its a balancing act throughout the game, like can you afford to fail right now. (The numbers are just placeholder for now depending on length of story and how high skill levels end up going, and I am unsure if I want choices to say you will succeed by using certain skills and fail using others. I have seen some games having certain difficulties have that while others dont, just let me know what you guys think would be best.)

If people would be interested in seeing this in other stories id be willing to do that cuz as i said, this is something I haven’t finished by any means and would be cool to work on

2nd story - I dont have a name for is about a nameless knight that was once a prince/princess, who was betrayed and ended up renouncing everything to get revenge. I have written some stuff for before the character renounces their name and stuff for after as well. This story might just be from the knight’s point of view again but i was thinking of adding in other characters later as well.

3rd Story - This one is an online fantasy game where you take on the role an npc that is released from their role by a hacker and go on a journey through the game with them.

I have a magic school story I’ve been workin on recently, I have a lot of ideas for this one to make it different from other stories. A major disappointment I had with harry potter was wands, all they do is buy them, how come they never learn to make their own wands, how did anyone learn if it isn’t taught. In my story there’s classes for wand making, I even was thinking of writing a whole book just about the different effects different creature parts, plants, gems, and other resources have on the wands properties :smiley:
I also had a different idea I’ve never seen before on the nature of familiars, but that’s for later.

I don’t have any names for any of these, i think I did for one but i cant find where I wrote it, and these stories would be purely romance with possible fantasy elements thrown in but im huge on romance so if you prefer another story type or genre please vote for that because romance will be in all of them.

1st Story - This is more suited to a regular story than choose your own adventure, it’s about two people who are outcasts. The guy being seen as a thug and the girl has a speech impediment and chooses not to speak, she only communicates through writing or sign language. Oh and this one has fantasy elements in it.

2nd Story - This is basically the most popular guy in school, that seems to be a trend in anime, kids who are the most popular. This kid is nice to everyone but gets screwed over by these other guys who hate how popular he is. They end up making him hated by the whole school and only one person believes him and remains friends with him. Oh and I’d be willing to let people choose their gender and gender of the romanceable person for this.

3rd Story - Now that I think about it my other romance slice of life I’d want to write on here is basically just role reversal of the second story, in this one the romanceable person is the coolest person in school type haha, this story is darker though, both characters are severely depressed.

Pirate Story
I currently don’t have anything written for one but I’m a huge fan of the anime One Piece and am interested in doing a pirate story. I have a problem with treasure in most stories though, it is never really done right in my opinion, sure one piece has devil fruits but treasure is pretty much just gold, and in stories like pirates of the caribbean the treasure is some overpowered thing that ends up destroyed for the greater good, if I do a pirate story I need to find a middle ground.

Space Story
If I do a space game I would need a little time to come up with some races and creatures and such, but that would definitely be fun to do.

Superhero Story
I do have a lot of work on a superhero story done, but I would like to use that at another time. I’d definitely be willing to work on a superhero story though, I think if I do a superhero story I’d like it to be on another planet or far into the future maybe. Possibly in the past, I’ve never seen like a medieval superhero story :smiley:
And also what would heroes be like on another planet, I’ve never seen that explored before, especially if everyone on that planet or of that race has powers already.

Wild West Story
This was a last second thought but I really enjoyed Tin Star, and I would definitely like to do a wild west story. The wild west only existed because of colonization, so if I do a story like this, it will most likely be on another planet just discovered or colonizing more of a new world. If people aren’t interested in that though I can definitely do a wild west earth style.

Concluding points
If people are interested in seeing some other genres or story types I’m fine with anything fictional.

I know this is different, but I’d really be appreciative and happy to do any story people are interested in, if there are any questions or anyone wants to put in their own genres then please don’t hesitate to do so. :smiley:

If a lot of people are interested in adult or 18+ content then i can make two versions of my game for the adult group and everyone who isn’t interested. Just know that it would be more a side note still, story first, and romance is the only way i would go for relationships in such a game.

Thanks to No_This_is_Patrick, I totally forgot I could do a poll, I looked up how to do it so I hope it works well.

P.S. I mentioned these in replies to comments but figured I should put this here as well, if you want to vote for more than one thing you are free to do so, just remember I’m doing this so I can get the guidance I need in choosing what to work exclusively on, and that I will get to other stories in the future.
For all these stories, once the poll is done I will talk about what everyone wants from the story type that is chosen, I will try to implement everything that fits, and possibly mix genres slightly if that is what people want to read. Thank you for reading this super long thread :smiley:

I will probably close the poll down by early next week, and for those voting for the slice of life genre what kind of story are you interested in seeing, I have some other ideas I did not write on here, one being a dystopian and set in the future a little bit, it isn’t too futuristic though. The other one is I was thinking of doing is definitely futuristic, it’s in a time when the world is full of nothing but robots, no more humans, but they are living their lives somewhat like us with a bit of a dystopian feel as well. By no means am I saying “choose from these two”, I just want to get everyone’s input on what kind of slice of life they’d like to see, thanks again for your time and i look forward to seeing what people are interested in reading. :smiley:

  • Medieval Fantasy
  • Dance of Death
  • 2nd Medieval Story
  • 3rd Medieval Story
  • Magic Story
  • Slice of Life
  • First Slice of Life Story
  • 2nd Slice of Life Story
  • 3rd Slice of Life Story
  • Pirate Story
  • Space Story
  • Superhero Story
  • Wild West Story
  • Napoleonic Age Story
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Supernatural

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I love almost everything you’ve presented here!!! Just do it. Do it all. Every last one. Leave nothing to collect dust on that metaphorical shelf in your head. The world would be lucky to cast the light of day on these potential works.


You should probably just set up a poll.


Yeah, just put all of these together and sell it as The Great Earthican Novel. :wink:


do a medieval story or a napoleonic age story.


To be honest I feel like we could do with more piracy around here… That came out wrong.

Of course in this case you COULD choose to keep a maybe not so powerful but very useful item (think maybe on the level of Jack’s compass) but still possibly with strings attached? So when it comes to the “final boss” you might walk it sort of cause you kept the things, but there’ll be palpable consequences for you and your crew, or else you destroyed the things because of that “too powerful for anyone” conceit and it’s much, much harder, or maybe you only destroyed the really terrible ones.

Lot of possible outcomes there depending on your MacGuffins, but that’s just a thought.


Wild west 20 characters.

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i am sticking with medieval or napoleonic

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Hey, i created a account just for this, so hey there!
Well i would really like to see a game (medieval or urban fantansy) here there is magic, demons, mages, elfs , hunters and all the good stuff ( think mortal instruments or supernatural), but intead of playing as “the hunter” or human you play as the “monster” , like a half demon or something badass. Being hunted for what you are, discriminated, etc being a hated species. That would be awesome and something is rarelly done, i think

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It all sounds good but I agree with Carlos and set up a poll. But pick 1 story and complete it and then do the next

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Or accept my challenge and try to find a way to combine all of your ideas into a single universe


I also think you should create a Pole, allowing us to select our 3 favorite options. For now I’ll cast my vote for medieval fantasy story number 3. It would be very interesting to read, especially if you allowed us a lot of freedom in how we acted as the character. You could also use it to make some jokes about the hassles and quirks of coding.


I think I like the third option for Medieval Fantasy the most. It would be fun if the game’s real protagonist, the hero, were still in play and would grow increasingly pissed at this rogue NPC from some little fishing village suddenly starting to steal all those coveted quests and XP. :grin:

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I’m all for choices and all ( this is literally a CYOA community) but I think you should narrow down what YOU want to do before setting up a poll.

I was completely demotivated after reading half of those ideas.

Idea 1 and 3 seems best so far

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Thank you so much, I definitely plan on working on all these stories, and certainly can’t allow myself to slack off now that I got people hyped for them haha! :smiley: Thank you again for your kind words.

I promise you don’t have to worry about that, every story I’ve worked on is tied together into the same universe and will one day be revealed how they tie in. :slight_smile:

20 characters? Challenge Accepted :sunglasses:
But I am going to raise that challenge by making them all worthwhile characters haha :yum:

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Haha, I totally agree, I want to come up with some kind of treasures that are a blessing and a curse at varying levels of severity, of course I want it to be different though so nothing like One Piece with the curse always being the same. I need treasures that are very helpful and might harm you greatly or barely harm you, but at the same time, there might be some treasures that barely help you and greatly harm you, how to balance this would be the thing. Lets say some of these treasures curse you or crew members, you wouldn’t even know till taking it though, so what would make you take the treasure if there is a chance of a curse, legends about said treasure, sometimes these legends are right, worse than the treasure is or played up a ton when the treasure sucks. There can be a way to remove these curses, but you are also a pirate sailing on an unpredictable sea, sometimes it might just be best to ignore or destroy a treasure. And yes, I think it would definitely be fun to have these treasures affect some battles or scenarios you face, a treasure may seem worthless the whole game, and you’d have the curse to deal with, but it could make something later extremely easy to get through. I’m not a fan of items in stories having only one purpose though, I might have the treasure’s usefulness be minute and for only small things but at least it will have uses before a serious or important usefulness, and other objects might just always be helpful for smaller things, then you end up trading it or something only to find you miss it haha :joy:

Oh I definitely get you, if I did something like this I think I’d want to make up my own monster race but I do admit I have always liked the role reversal or black sheep characters, my question to you would be, in the story you want, would the monster be evil or good, or would that be up to player choice. I didnt write about this on here but I recently came up with a new type of vampire I’ve never seen done before but these vampires are strictly good, well lets be honest, no one is, but these vampires dont crave blood, they have evolved past that. If people are interested in a story like this I can definitely put it in the poll as well. Also thanks so much for making an account just to comment on here, I will not fail you :ghost: even if I make another story type first, I will get to that one as well someday. :slight_smile:

I promise they will all be connected somehow, sometimes it might be obvious but other times you might be scratching your head like, I don’t get how this fits. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: