Y U G E N 幽玄 [Demo - 21/09/2017] - Updated



this must have been the same warning system in the raider of the lost ark…not that i mind. iz good drawing.



:eyes: Could it be my mc’s long awaited reunion with Kyo is at hand?


Indeed is it! Hahaha xD


Welcome back (20 char)


Welcome back!! Looking forward to future updates!


Oh cool, welcome back @Ros_e


Its back! You’re back! Woo!


I’ve been lurking on the forums for ages and this has been one of my favorites since it was posted. looking forward to future updates! :hugs:


im beyond glad to see you come back to the forum~ long time not see :grin: cant believe you’re back at the same time as my birthdays :joy:


Woooo YEs you are back! My mc can’t wait to get his sweet revenge :clown_face:

hopefully, we will be able to destroy the empire in the future :man_cook::ghost:

Quick sketch of my happy little MC when he was still with his poor mom


My top WIPs as of right now

These sketches look so good I’m getting blessed ;-;


That means that I can finally see Kyo again :eyes: Honestly I’ve been waiting for the rest of that scene for so long I’M SO HAPPY AAAAAAAA



Welcome back and my most humble apologies, but i found something:

Haruka went from female to male

Edit: and again


Welcome back :blush:


And… My apologies for finding this


I can’t believe I finished the demo T-T Ahh but really, I enjoyed this a lot! I like to learn about folk lore, especially Japan’s own, so it’s cool that I get to do that here! Looking forward to the next update! がんばって!! :grin: (Also, I’m curious, can Haruki change his human appearance to look more like the MC’s age?)


Love it! going to my ‘must buy , take mah money already!’’ List ! :grin: