Y U G E N 幽玄 [Demo - 21/09/2017] - Updated



Thank you! Good to know…and I don’t play around…so no worrie! :grin:


Welcome back, @Ros_e! The prodigal daughter returns? XD


this game was really fun also how do u romance the fox


You can’t yet. There’s no way to have stats high enough to pick the option and the demo ends at that moment anyway.


Everyone wants the fox xD


Agreed and those fluffy ears are a valid reason


Actually, I find myself more curious about the Oni girl and Feather boy (who I think is possibly a tengu). Also Curious to deepen the bond with Haruki/Haruka. I will admit the Kyou is interesting, but I find myself more curious about meeting the other guys.

Isamu can go relax in his Captain’ quarters alone (not sure if he’s a love interest or not. Either way, definitely can’t see my main MC being interested in the guy. Would more likely get interest in Daisetsu). :laughing:


I mean… Fluffy Ears and Tails ahoy!

Older Unrelated Art from a Friend of mine

He’d screech and stab me if he knew I shared this. So shhh!

But fluffy tails and ears~ :black_heart:


Just finished the demo…wow, I’m keeping a close eye to this! Love it!!!
I’m really hoping to see more Isamu! I’m not much sold into the kitsune, but I guess I’ll see.
Haruki is just precious!
Hoping to see this being continued, becuse I love this and the customization options!!!


Why do I get the feeling that the oni will be related to Shuten Doji somehow?


Everyone loves what they can’t have
Something about greener grass on the other side.
Edit: I am on team everyone. So many playthroughs in the future.


I like Kyo but that drawing of Isamu… :heart_eyes:


Theres a Drawing of Isamu? Where?


First post under character sketches


Kyourie :black_heart:


I should add in sketches of the others too xD any requests?


What about Daisetsu?


Maybe Sensei, Daisetsu and our mom? Those are the only characters I know…


Is this a bug?


Oh! Thank you, yess~ it was an error on what name you would prefer daisetsu to call you