Y U G E N 幽玄 [Demo - 21/09/2017] - Updated



what time in history did yugen take please in japan in history love to now


Is this a new part? I haven’t come across this in the wip :thinking: for me it ends wen we crash through the floor with the fox


Ok just got back from my vacation a week ago xD ended up being sick right after I got back TwT

Sorry for the slow progress~ I know you guys are looking forward to the update and it gives me a lot of determination and inspiration to finish >w<

Thank you!


Take all the time you need,buddy! We will wait patiently,just write on your own pace!! :heart:


To me what can’t what see all hard work Ros_e has put in this steam to full game


It look like it has real potential and i really like Haruka, can’t wait to see where the story will go ^^


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so far its pretty good.cant wait for more and im glad someone did a story about this


What happened here? All I did was saying that it was interesting.


I am not completely sure on this only a guess but it could be seen as pressuring the author?


Omg. The demo was so fun. I’m going to play it again awfjoejfw


I am not too sure too~ xD I got into raiding lately hahahaha , so been focusing on that. Hah
ahahahahaha but updates aaaa


To me what you made is blood good work YUGEN have gave me 5 star love for all hard work you have put in two it