Xenophobia 2.0 (WiP)


Hi all. As many of you may know I’m working on a few things already, but since an update for my main project is probably still a few months away, @Nathan_Faxon doesn’t have access to a computer and things are pretty quiet on the Forum Community game at the moment I just had to start on a side-project. Which is this, basically. Since it’s a side-project updates will be slow and infrequent, so be warned. Now, about this game…

Xenofobia 2.0 (working title) is a lot more cheerful in tone than my main project… Which basically means I really wouldn’t recommend it to people of under 16 years old. Now for the more elaborate warning…


This game contains violence, blood and gore, sexual innuendos and discrimination (not based on gender or skin color, but still).

Have fun :imp:

Oh, and I’m supposed to say something about a plot, ain’t I? Uhm… Supernatural detective agency and angry townspeople. (The torches and pitchforks kind.) That’s about the gist of it.

Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/9zzz7djosv41h1e/Xenophobia%202.0.html?dl=0

Link: https://dashingdon.com/play/cecilia-rosewood/xenophobia-20/mygame/xenophobia-20_compiled.html

Update log:

  • 01-04-2016: Small play-test, just a general introduction. Only one choice this far.
  • 01-04-2016: Updated the play-test. It now cuts off after the MC has chosen a name.
  • 01-01-2017: Game uploaded to Dashingdon. No other new stuff

Empty Shell (name still up for debate) (WiP) - Stage: Alpha

Sounds interesting so far can’t wait for more updates in the future


I like it, it good so far


I really like what you have so far, I also like how we can choose to be a vampire hunter and our partner is a vampire

Give me an idea for a game and I'll make it

Is our partner a shapeshifter and vampire, or are the vampires able to shape shift?


I like it so far, it has lots of potential, hope it gets continued!


@SheaMcD ‘Old Ones’ (look it up in the beastiary) are able to shift.


faery sounds more like witch! :smile: lmao i’m only sayin that because im a witch born from a witch raised by witches

I do like this oooo!!!


I really like this @Cecilia_Rosewood , got a simple concept that’s also fairly interesting.


So it’s now 15 hours after having created a topic on April the first (admittedly very early in the day) and there are still no conspiracy theories floating around? I’m terribly disappointed in you guys and gals :expressionless: Oh well. Time for stage two :grin:



We don’t have much to go on to make a conspiracy yet, but i do like being a vampire hunter with a vampire parther which I would like to know how that happened


Sigh. Ever heard of April fools? Anyone? (Not saying this is an April fools joke. I haven’t got enough humor for that, but I do like people getting all suspicious about things posted on April the first…) Oh well. Joke’s on me, I guess :disappointed:


April 1st conspiracies are usually up in your face about it…
Unless this is a regular conspiracy that just so happens to be on April 1st…


Not around here. Some guys from the radio even managed to convince some people that there was a humongous traffic jam somewhere. (Like, really ridiculously huge.)

Anyway, for those who didn’t realize, ‘stage two’ meant update. The play-test now cuts off after the MC has chosen a name.


Well I just finished stage two, and I’ve got to say I really like being a fairy.

I guess my town is in your face for April Fool’s day.


Honestly the entire day I was wondering if someone on these forums was going to make a short WIP just to troll everyone since it’s April 1st, but now that I’ve seen that no one can be asked, I actually just wanna see more of this story


Why not call the Witch class, Warlock if our character is male?


I like how I can choose my gender and pronouns
Most games just assume if you pick an nb option you use they/them pronouns.
So thanks for that :smiley:


Because you only choose your gender after picking your class? And why wouldn’t witch be a perfectly gender-neutral name for a class? (I know it traditionally isn’t used as such, but screw that. I’m the one who makes the decisions here :wink:)

@Bloodhawkereaper I’ve seen so many different sets of pronouns being used by nb people during my time on the forum that it felt wrong for me to cut corners that way. And besides, my main WiP doesn’t allow for a nb gender option for plot reasons, so I felt like I needed to do it properly this time around.


In Spanish culture there’s no April’s fools day. It is celebrated 26 December the day Herodes killed all those children we called the Innocent’s day. I liked the demo but I missed a charisma or some sort of personality stat. I love being a Witch that means poison!!!