Wolf Blood: Magic Bloodline [WIP]

Warning: This game may contains scenes of violence/gore and contain strong language. You have been warned.

Here is the demo I spoke of in my S.C.A.R thread. Its just the prologue for now, but once I finish chapter 1 I’ll update the demo for you all. Without further ado, here’s the summary, followed by the demo.


Relations between the Witches, Werewolves, Vampires and Nephilim have been quite strained for the past several centuries. Not yet at all out war, but many disputes and acts of aggression have taken place over the years. However, even during these turbulent times, something unexpected happened. An Alpha Werewolf and a Maiden of the Witches fell in love and became married. Similar to Romeo and Juliet, albeit without the tragic ending since you were born. Born with both the gifts of the wolf and magic, you are essentially the only one of your kind. You lived out your childhood in peace with your parents until one night disaster struck.

Your parents were attacked and killed in a siege on their home. You narrowly escaped death, your parents having defended you with their lives. Placed in the foster care of humans, you have to decide where to go from there. Will you seek out those responsible for your parents deaths and wreak vengeance? Side with one of your bloodlines; witch or wolf and help them to victory in the coming war? Bring both bloodlines together and unite them as one? Or will you seek to end this lifelong feud once and for all and broker true peace for all your kinds?

  • Play as Male or Female.
  • Straight, Gay, Bi or Asexual
  • Wreak Vengeance, choose a side, unite or broker peace.
  • Became a possible Alpha of your own pack.

Wolf Blood: Magic Bloodline



Prologue: Complete
Chapter 1: WIP

To do list:






  • OK, fixed all the typos listed that I could find, except for “Its fights against you as it struggles to breathe.” as I couldn’t locate it.
  • Added reckless/cautious bar
  • Added a new option/scene to the stairs choice, it will add courage/reckless points.
  • Had the original descent option changed to give both courage/cautious points.

Other Demo:


Enjoying this so far, not many werewolf games out there at the moment so it’s something new which I enjoy and the magic as well is a nice touch :grin:


Love it so far. Im looking forward to your next updates :heart_eyes:

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Nice little demo. Do humans know about the supernaturals living on edge of their periphery?

typos and stuff

You’re parents aren’t here to turn on your musical thingamajig hanging above your crib


(also I don’t think baby understands it’s magic :stuck_out_tongue: better to write you will it to start or something)

Its fights against you as it struggles to breathe.


You both make your way back to camp and you mom gets to work preparing and cooking the fish.


Though I would have dodged the crotch attack though.

remove one of thoughs (get that? Those-Thoughs? :laughing: )

Hard to do when sunlight is streaming into your room and makes it way past your closed eyelids,


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Only certain humans know of the supernaturals existence. Such as the hunters that work for the Nephilim. The normal human populace however does not. The poor saps that do find out are unfortunately not alive much long after. Mainly due to the more voracious drinking vampires.

However some humans that do find out or show potential in certain factions eyes are recruited into their ranks. Such as witches recruiting those with potential for magic, werewolves turning their human mates, Nephilim sensing potential and vampires either needing to replenish their ranks or if they’ve taken a liking to certain humans.

Thanks for pointing out the typos, etc I’ll fix them later today.


can,t what see all your hard work

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It was very nice and amusing to play, but it favours the wolf side a lot more than the witch one. Can’t wait to read more :grin:


True, it kind if does. That’s why I had the witch side earn a few more points if you chose magic training at the river. And had your mom teach you various spells to make up for it.

The wolves will have a somewhat easier time in fights, with their partial shifting stat boosts, but the witches make up for it with their utility. That’s also why I added a fighting stat. So even if you lack strength and agility, you can still hold your own in a fight if you increase the fighting stat.

That’s how I’m going to do my MC favoring witch. Kicking ass and taking names. About to get hit by the enemy? Either counter, shield, “force push” or “force choke” (learn a spell similar later). Then rain down magical attacks while they’re off guard.

Somewhere down the line its possible to meet a witch who is like a combat mage; uses magic to boost their stats in battle. If you befriend him/her you can learn that spell.

Don’t worry if you’re lacking in stats. When chapter 1 is finished there will be various options on how you spent those 4 years training. So you can raise up your lower stats, try to balance some out, increase your favorites, etc.


Nice looking game so far the only critique I have is you might want to switch coward for cautious in the stats as, at least it did for me, it may feel like you made a wrong decision rather than a different choice


Not really in those situations. Like at the stairs, if you were brave enough to go down, you still did so cautiously. If you couldn’t do it at all, that’s cowardice imo. I can possibly add a reckless/cautious stat but the coward stat would have to remain.

Though not going down them is perfectly natural considering you are only 9 months old and have never used stairs. So its a realistic option.

How does adding the reckless/cautious stat sound, so that if you do descend the stairs you get a brave and reckless boost, but if you don’t you get a coward and cautious boost? That way it won’t completely be a bad choice.


Your game is really good this far. I especially like the magical aspects. I’m eager to see, how your game will turn out in the future.

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Thanks, glad you liked it. I enjoyed describing how magic worked in my game. To me that’s how I would think magic would work.

I decided that for the stair scene, that I’ll add another choice to make a scene that is brave/reckless. While the current one will stay but will earn brave/cautious points and the coward option will just reward coward points.


That seems like a reasonable compromise

Other then that i really enjoyed playing and can’t wait to see where it goes from here

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@Otaku_King This looks promising, and I will continue to follow its development.

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Is anyone else not able to follow the link??


Nope, just played it a few minutes ago and it was fine

From what I just read, I’m assuming that the MC can go to war against all supernatural in revenge for our parents? I mean you did type in “Wreak vengeance” in your description for the story.

Wreak vengeance on the faction responsible for your parents deaths. Though a war is brewing between all the factions. If you don’t follow the path of vengeance, you can attempt to ally with one or both of your brethren and fight the war with them by your side. Or you can try to unite all the factions, so that what happened to your family won’t happen to any one else’s and end the age old feud and bring peace to all of your kinds. Though the latter will probably be easier said than done.


Is there any other way to access the demo

Omg, I’m so in love with MC’s parent’s, so caring and loving T-T I’m already heartbroken