S.C.A.R. (Supernatural Combat and Advancement Research)(WIP)[Update 11/10][NEW POLL 3/17]

Warning: Game has scenes of intense violence and or language. You have been warned.

I’ve had the idea for this game for about a year now, but have finally decided to stop being lazy and start writing/coding it. This is my first game, as well as my first time using choice script. I’ve only started coding it Thursday, so I’ve only been at it for about 3 days now. But I like to think I’m getting the hang of it and making pretty decent progress. Also to make things a little more interesting, I added some Easter Eggs in the game. Try and find them all if you can, saying what they are and where they’re from.

Also, while I have a vault of other ideas stored away, a particularly enticing idea came to me while coding this. So, I’m gonna write and make a short demo for that idea and post it as well in the coming weeks. Why split my time between two games? Because I want to see which one is more well received. The winner will receive the most attention from me, while the other will be given less priority. Without further ado, on to this games info, the demo link will be at the bottom.


All you’ve ever known has been inside this secret facility. The love of family, what’s that? You’ve never known love nor care. Only pain. So much pain. A place where the strong rule and the weak suffer or die pathetically. That’s where you are and that’s where you’ll live out the rest of your days.

Taken at birth by a secret organization because of what you are, you are raised among other supernaturals like yourself. Treated since birth as a weapon of death. Raised under strict discipline and training and even harsher punishments. You were raised to be obedient and ruthless. As one of their most promising subjects, they see great potential within you. And they will do anything to make you achieve it, whether you like or it not.

They think they broke you ages ago, to be nothing but a powerful, obedient little tool of destruction. But how wrong they are, your will is far too strong to be broken. You will carve out your own path in this life, if its the last thing you’ll ever do. Consequences be damned. Destiny waits for no one, you either grasp it lest it slip on by. And grasp it you shall, by ANY means necessary.

Play as male or female
Straight, gay, bi or asexual
Play as a Witch, Esper, Necromancer, Mystic or Nephilim
You will encounter other supernaturals such as shifters, half-demons, fae, ayakashi/yokai and more.
Choose your own path. Will you be a team player or lone wolf? Ruthless or Merciful? Manipulative or Genuine?
Will you stay loyal to the only life you’ve ever known? Or will you forge your own path and embrace your destiny?

If I’m reading it correctly, the demo is currently at 51,136 words. But most of that is probably code. Coding for 5 different types of MC’s, each with their own unique magic or abilities is very tedious and time consuming. So, I may lay off a bit on the fighting and focus more on the story and maybe relationships for the next update. Hopefully the MC will be at the teen years then. Anyway, let me know what you all think and I hope you enjoy the story.


To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/play/otakuking/scar-supernatural-combat-and-advancement-research/mygame/index.php?cb=80768



11/10 - Added a new stat bar: Rebellion/Order. Changed the opening bed stat gain/diminishes to reflect this. Added a new option for the bully fight and changed the stat output. And fixed a couple of typos I came across.

1/18 - Added options to manually input your race(s) and added select able names for both genders.

Other Demo:
Wolf Blood: Magic Bloodline


It was a nice demo so far but holy crap does the MC sounds like an asshole even when you just pick the choice to spare the guy. Also you can actually just murder another resident in the facility in the first chapter you’re introduced to it. Might be starting the game a little bit too strong there

Other than that though I’m always happy to see games where necromancy can be an option since I’ve a slight obsession with that power and I can’t wait to see where this goes


You have to remember, the MC was raised as a tool of death. No parents to teach them the values of restraint or morals. All they’ve been taught was how to fight and kill. Survival of the fittest. A product solely of nature, without a shred of nurture. Also yes, you can murder other subjects if the staff don’t say otherwise. Such as during training, etc you may have to hold back. After all they only want the best. If you die, then you just didn’t cut it.

Yeah I find that power fascinating, so I’m trying to make that type the best it can be.


How tall is the bully? My MC is already tall and they are somehow taller than me? Holy crap.

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Things I'm found (and some suggestion)

Caucasian or Caucasoid

It’s would be nice to have option to not attracted with anyone.


And I think “they’” should be “she” :thinking:



I also going to agree with @MossHeart, the beginning do too strong, I also don’t really like MC respond to that bully since I not fond of swearing, so it would be great to have choice of what kind of respond mc have. Beside that I liking how is this going so far :slightly_smiling_face: (I like it being Esper!)


I probably need to add an option to choose your actual height, which the options will be based on ranges fitting what you chose. But you’re only 10, the bully was most likely a teenager and shifter’s can be rather tall and bulky too. I need to modify the bullies height difference to vary on the height you chose. I think I just kept it saying he was bigger than you as default and forgot to make it vary depending on your height. Like I did with the guard and how they respond to you as you leave the bedroom based on if you woke up on your own or not.

Thanks for pointing out the typos. I found most of them, but some slipped by lol. In regards to the fairy, its the genetic trait of their race. They are tiny by nature, so their physical strength would be rather low, but in return they can be rather spry. Of course, some could change that and train to increase their strength. So I’ll go ahead and change it. I’ll add that to the list of changes needed.

As for the option to spare the bully. I can add an option to just warn them not to mess with her again and keep the current response but set it to the threaten choice.

Regarding the excessive violence coming on too strong this early. I was thinking about it a little myself. But I did put a warning on the actual game’s first page. That’s also why there is an option to spare the bully, if you want to follow the path of restraint. I’ll wait on toning down the violence first and see how more respond to it.


Admittedly the beginning is intense, but if that’s exactly what you’re going for then it’s an excellent tone setter. As long as your readers are prepared with a warning about everything you’re going to put them through then it should go well. If you really can spare the effort to offer a more SFW version of the story it could attract more of an audience. This kind of reminds me of the child mutant super soldier training facility from the X-Men movie, Logan just with supernatural creatures instead of mutants. Which makes me wonder if there are occasionally gentle and kind people who get mixed into the staff only to be reprimanded for their kind treatment towards the children. I also wonder how often an older child takes advantage of the system by trying to gain strength by targeting the younger children, or whether all the age groups are separated.


that was fun i hope you keep on going


Now that you mention it, it does. Completely forgot about that movie, loved it, sad ending. But yes, I’m still working on developing various characters. I was thinking about adding a kind staff member or at least another subject that was actually raised outside for sometime. So they would have some semblance of morals and kindness and would show you how to be good. If you encounter/befriend them that is. But I still have to work on how to incorporate them into the story, etc.

As for the violence, I think I am going to keep it strong here. But as the story progresses and you start leaning more towards a certain morality, then you’ll see a difference in their actions. Its too soon story wise though at the moment. Maybe by the time they are in their teen years or adult life, if you chose to be good will the difference be noticeable.

Regarding the bullies, all minors are in a certain area, while adults have their own section for obvious reasons. But just like some samurai/ronin of the past would randomly cut down civilians in the street “to keep their skills sharp”, some turn to bullying to vent their rage on those they know can’t hurt them. Because they are filthy cowards. It was just his bad luck to run into a brutal MC lol. I’ll finish the option to ignore the fight and move on to the cafeteria in due time, so that those averse to the violence can choose to skip it.


First chapter and I’ve already killed someone and drained their life force to strengthen myself…ah…the wonder of necromancy~

It’s a very enjoyable demo, albeit a bit too short in my opinion. There’s something that that bugs me…when we decided to help that fae girl, it raises our ‘team-player’ stat even though she didn’t help at all during the fight! Maybe let the player choose what to say to the girl before starting the fight to determine what stat increase they got? For example, “Leave this to me.” would increase the ‘lone wolf’ stat while “Don’t worry, we can take him down together!” would increase the ‘team-player’ one (while actually having her help us during the fight).


I had it increase because, even though she didn’t help at all, you fought for the sake of someone else and not just yourself (lone wolf). Instead of ignoring her and leaving her to her fate.

But yes, the demo is really short. I could have gone the easy route and put the entire fight under construction, while focusing on the story from the cafeteria scene and on. Most authors probably would have done that. Though in my case, I like to tackle the difficult or more time consuming parts first, so the rest will be easy sailing. Plus, I figured even though the demo is short, the players would enjoy some intense action with replay-ability more, instead of just blah-blah-blah.


This is so delightful violent!!! I love it!


Would it be possible to help the girl because, I don’t know, you’re looking for a fight, or you want to show how tough you are, so nobody will mess with you?

I’m going to say that looping, RPG-style battles don’t really suit ChoiceScript. It’s a combination of factors: they’re not ever going to be as complex as they are in an actual RPG. This combines with the obvious lack of visual elements to mean that easy battles are far more boring to play through, since it’ll basically just be the same text over and over again. Meanwhile, hard battles are far more difficult to work out how to get through, which is compounded by how infrequent such battles will be, as you won’t really get many chances to learn how the battles work. I think such a battle could be made to flow well, but it would be far harder to do than simply writing the battle out in prose.


Enjoyed eating someones disgusting soul, nice work!


Updated game. Changes include: fixed typos, added asexual orientation, changed they to she’s for fairy info, changed bullies size to width, will reflect a small change if you’re wide as well and changed original outcome of the spare option and added it to threaten and added a warn option as well, he still threatens a bit on this, but hey, no cursing.

I can add an option like that for that fight. As for the rpg like fight scenes not really suiting choicescript, I have to agree, it was a major PITA coding the fights. Not to mention very time consuming. That was simply me testing out how it would work out and look. I didn’t like how long it took me, so I’m all for changing out how fights play out. So you’re saying make it kind of like how I did the kill, devour and drain choices at the end? If so, I just need to work out how to make the stats have an effect on what I write out.


I enjoyed the game so far, there seems a lot of options and freedom in the game. Keep up the good work!


My first run through on the demo as a Esper was… how should I say it… Amazing!!! I had to try out the other classes so I played through all of them Most of them are well put but for some small reason the witch needs a lil work just the feeling of it being a lil too weak for some reason I know you can contract a devil and it’s still a demo so just keep doing what your doing and I’ll like to see how things play out for that class but I’m definitely staying with the Esper and necromancer please notify me when there is new updates or new ideas you want to put out I’ll be glad to read all about them and give you my feed back :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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Okay,… This is pretty neat! :smile: It’s been so long since I’ve played such a fascinating story!

My first playthrough as a Nephilim made me think of the Azures from Unnatural(in a good way). I’ll be sure to watch your wip. :slight_smile:

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Note on races: Hispanic and Latino mean the same thing - and neither is a race. (What most people think of, in America, as “Hispanic” is actually biracial Caucasian/Native American.)

Also, I would think you wouldn’t be able to choose your hair length until you got out of the facility. Hair below the collar is out of uniform, maggot!


Really good idea here you have. I was really surprised to see nephilim choice (I like being nephilim or an angel, if I have such a choice and I’m really glad that I have it) Great job and good luck!:slightly_smiling_face: