Who's Your Hero?


Real name Peter Lewis
Male, into women
Codename Super Amazing Man
Justice 55
Lawful 21
Defensive 32
Team Player 23
Power 100
Health 100
Money 104774
Legend 29
Your relationships:

Black Magic
Millennial Group
My sidekick was sparrow who turn out to be prodigy


O and black magic looks like Hayley Williams



Yes and yes! I heart Jenny too. That’s two of us for the boat. :smiley:

@Scelous @Eriedanna

Well, if you role-play for fun, as lesbian/bisexual/femslash heroine, Jenny becomes a romance option if you do flirt with her enough and are nice. However, this occurs very late in the game, and no, this doesn’t interrupt the “Black magic” female/male romance. So feel free to be a Commander Shepherd and romance everybody! :smiley:


Hey…Thought this seemed cool…So I decided to post here…

Codename: SFX ((Am I the only one who thought that sounded cool?))

Fame: 55

Lawful: 90

Offensive: 53

Team player: 80


Legend: 75



Victon: 4

Side kick: 1… (( I was testing if everyone became prodigy…And the Water lady was my sidekick ((( cant remember her name…))) And i chose to save Sonja…SO I think that ruined my partner rating…))

Black Magic: 91 ((Natalie portman))

Millennial group: 82

Alright done! And Also I rather liked black magic as a charachter…I dont think it was really fair that she wasnt really developed…I hope in the new game, If it is a continuation of the old one…That they develope more on The Player/ Black magic relationship, If its still intact that is…


@Greenwolf what does SFX stand for.


It doesnt stand for anything…Thats just his plain code name


SFX usually means sound effects


Ya…I thought it meant something along those lines


I thought it meant special effects

@NS @Gwolf



D’oh you’re right lol


Does anyone think of the song ‘I need a Hero’ whenever they read this thread.


I think about the song of scrubs.


Name: Damian Tricamo
Code name: Delta Wave or just plain “Delta”
Outfit: MCs scheme–I think bronze and black? I’ve always imagined Delta’s costume to be silver and copper-ish.
Male and Gay–my first playthrough and i never regret it. Very immersive experience.

Justice over fame
lawless over lawful–Huh? Justice that’s lawless? Yep. Delta paved his way through hero hood by pushing the limits of the law to pursue his own definition of justice.
Defensive–but if he gets cornered, one blast of his high-tech blasters would do the trick or maybe the victorious sound of a nose crushed under a forceful punch.

Legend was 54–At first, Damian wanted to be Famous. He’s always dreamed of becoming part of the mainstream than spiraling downwards the road of the nameless but protected life he’s lived in… But after his first mission, seeing the destruction and the pain he’s caused himself and others, he discovered that all that fame, the adoring fans, and the comfort of other A-list heroes under constant appraisal, meant nothing compared to the endurance towards justice. True, he had a different way of perceiving Justice; always turning a blind eye to the consequences of his actions, oblivious to the trap his own ego has set. He hated how it felt to fall… how it reminded him of the shard of memory that deep wounds refused to heal–but he didn’t give up. He didn’t want to give up protecting the precious few he had left though devastation was right around the corner…
Love Interest: Black Magic (Sothe… HAHAHAHAHA. I didn’t know who else… *Fire Emblem*) relationship 91
Side kick: Sparrow

AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaahhh this game is so GOOD. I’ve played other CoG games but this one really spoke to me. I’m so into it, even until now. :slight_smile:


NAME: Lylone Incarnata
CODE NAME: Chime (figured it somehow works with sound and fury)
OUTFIT: Bronze and Black (with littew wings)
Female and Straight

Justice 90
Lawful 89
Defensive 52
Team Player 86

Family 97
Victon 6
Sidekick (Sparrow)
Black Magic (I’ve just notice that his code name hints to his secret) 92
M Group 87

I felt that all my choices when in combat where the wrong choices but somehow I survived. And not only that but I was still able to join MG even though I gave up my attempt in getting into the reserve spot. Near the end of the game a lot of my choices where basicilly already made because of my States. For example I wanted to pick the reporter lady base on the thought 'well sparrow knew what she was getting into and that justifies me picking Sonja but I had to pick sparrow… I’m particularly interested in what happen in the final showdown portion in other people games. I think it makes some sense about ignoring Black Magic although personally I wouldn’t want to. Also I don’t know if anyone else got this thing call the MORALITY BADGE, that tells you basically how to get most amount of power / ledgend points, did anyone else get this?

I enjoyed this. As much as the others even though I felt like I was going to die in every fight (well techniquly yeah…) and I like Black Magic (Taylor Lautner) what I don’t like is how i somehow agreed to 'share ’ him with Diva (no way!)


Name: Alana Amberson
Codename: Essence
Outfit: Red and silver with rocket backpack and metal wristbands
Female and straight

Fame 34 Justice
Lawless 40 Lawful
Offensive 32 Defensive
Soloist 41 Team Player

My character started off as a rookie who was extremely desperate to do anything to prove herself and rise up in the ranks of heroes so that she could honour her parents. Fame was important to her, obviously people would need to know who she was if she was ever going to restore honour to her families name, but she didnt want to become famous and known for the wrong reasons. But as someone who never thought of the law and had absolutely no regard for it, she bit off way more than she could chew when she tried to tackle her first case all alone rather than working with the police. After completely failing on the case and having the police turn on her,she realized what a mistake it was and decided she’d try harder to follow the law, even if it wasn’t really her style.


Oh and forgot to mention relationship stats, they were…

Family 96
Tarana Rain 1
Victons 6
Black Magic 85
Millenial Group 28 - and all because I butted heads with that stupid Diva >:c


Code name: Grim Reaper
Real name: Russia Shepard
Sidekick: Bird girl(hate her)
Black magic(Collin Farrell) 97
Kept my stats at 50/50
Legend state: 67
Female straight


Codename: Voltage
Family: 65
Black Magic: 31
Lawless over lawful
Justice over fame
offense over defence
teamwork over soloist
male straight


i finished heros rise 2 months ago and i luckly saved all my stats

Players Names: Nikoldo Singh
Heros name: SSX(I wanted a short name but didn’t like SFX)
Money: 5975


Black Magic:60(Megan Fox)
Millennial Group:89


Heheheheh…given Black Magic’s personality, I think Megan Fox is an excellent choice…