So, what's the criteria behind a Black Magic breakup?

In The Hero Project? Because she dumped me. After she gave the ultimatum about voting Lucky off of the unpopular team or losing her affection, my MC decided that she couldn’t vote off Lucky so she ended up voting out a member of the popular team. Which somehow resulted in Black Magic being booted off the show. After I did this everyone’s reaction -including Black Magic’s- was shock and betrayal. My question is does BM break up with you anyway if you refuse to go along with that plan? I’m thinking that I may have accidentally clicked on her name instead of the other character whose name starts with a b. :eyes: In that case then that was a complete derp moment from me and I totally understand her reaction.

BM always breaks up if you don’t vote out Lucky, because voting out Lucky is the only way for BM to stay on the hero project.


Ah, okay. I didn’t know that, thanks! So either way it’s a lose/lose situation in my case at least.

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Just being curious here…
Which celebrity did you guys name when you had to describe how Black Magic looks like? Or did you even like the idea of making them a celebrity lookalike?

On my first playthrough I put in Halle Berrys name. On the second playthrough tho since I don’t really feel comfortable with using real peoples names in my games I used my moviestar MC from ZE:SH for this.

Edit: I realized something just now. Making “Black” Magic as Halle Berrys lookalike could be interpreted as a racial joke or whatever, now to make that clear: Did you guys see the X-men movies? I loved her performance there and that’s why her name was the first to pop into my mind when I had to describe a superhero.
Sorry if I’m overthinking things but on the internet I try to be rather cautious.

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I don’t like to imagine characters as any real person so I named him Sebastian Michaelis.


I normally make mine look like Chris Hemsworth, but I’ve also done Chris Evans and even a friend’s OC. My sister’s Black Magic looked like Jennifer Lawrence, but her blond look. She was very particular about that.


I went for Scarlett Johansson, since I wasn’t creative enough to model BM after anyone other than an already existing “Black” superhero.

As I greatly dislike BlackMagic I went with
‘Elizabeth Bathory’ for a female version, and ‘a purple people eater’ for a male one.


I imagined mine as Nicole Beharie. She’s not exactly a movie star but I like her, so. But what’s ZE:SH? I’m curious now.

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Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven

@MeltingPenguins It was hard not to laugh out loud when I’ve read your post (I’m on a bus atm).

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I do wonder… though.
How many have said a male bm looks like Hannibal Lecter?

If it’s the Mads Mikkelsen version… Hell, I’d hit that.

I wrote Black Magic in as Kayto Shields, the male lead of the dating sim Sunrider. The heroine was the genki girl from his harem, Asaga Oakrun. In HeroRise she slept with him, kicked him to the curb, and found true love with Lucky as an awesome hero; just doing my bit for female empowerment.

It seems like that not everyone is a fan of Black Magic, can’t blame them though. Made BM look like Natalie Portman, too lazy to think of anyone else. MC’s been loyal to BM through thick and thin, as the cheesy saying goes from Grey’s Anatomy, “You’re my person.”

I did play an MC like that, who ended up betraying Jenny to stay with Black Magic. However, I thought BM never really opened up about her past or true feelings in the ending, which was disappointing; a satire of shallow love interests could do with a bit more depth.

I think the trouble is that BM is 1. Not even intended as a parody and 2. Their backstory feels tacked on to invoke pity.
It’s all very, very checklisty.
Not to mention, why are we supposed to sympathise with them but hate Jury who did far far less bad?

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Black Butler fan, eh?
But same here, I went with Sebastian. Because

Hot demon is hot, ok?

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I put in Jason Momoa. :heart_eyes: It seemed a good fit at the time.

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Seems like I’m in the minority, but I didn’t like the idea of making them a celebrity clone. I just left it as the first default choice and skimmed whenever it appeared in the text…but it appeared a LOT, which felt increasingly awkward/inappropriate as the story progressed and MC was supposed to be getting to know BM as more than a pretty face. On my next playthrough I’ll probably input BM’s real name, and see if that makes me feel any better.


You’re not alone with the sentiment. And you can’t give them a real name. That one is set and you’ll only learn it as such if you hook up with them.