Who's Your Hero?


I just finished playing Heroes Rise and loved every minute of it. But as much as I had fun going through it twice and thrice, trying different things, I got to wondering. What were other peoples heroes? Show off your PC! What was his/her name and codename? Were you in it more for justice or sought out the glory of fame? How romantically involved did you get with Black Magic? If even?

I’d love to hear it and go on about your favourite (or least favourite) moments!

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Your Hero Name (Original Trilogy)

(Might as well post my hero for the lulls of it )

Codename: Orpheus
Real Name: Luther Laclair
Gender: Male and fabulously gaaaaaaay
Legend: 75
Justice over Fame
Lawful over Lawless
Defensive over Offensive
And 95 love level with BlackMagic O.o I actually enjoyed romancing him(her), I ended up really liking him as a character and I think the romantic scenes were nice. I like when the small things matter, like they touch your hair, sit knee to knee, a hand on the back. I love that, it’s one thing to have a booty call with a character, but I liked that affection was put into the romance scenes not just building up to the romping in the sack… though there is nothing wrong with that, especially when you got to choose what he/she looks like…

I got a kick out of my first reaction to discovering Black Magic’s secret XD I’m not leaking any spoilers to people who haven’t played it yet, but it was an interesting twist. My mental reaction the first time was pretty much this:

Luther: Nope.

BlackMagic: You don’t understand, it’s not what it looks like, I have to-

Luther: Nope nope nope nope nope nope. *back pedalling*

BlackMagic: But-



Name: John Kastan
Code name Shade
Male and straight
Justice over fame
Lawful over lawless
Legend was 83 if I remember right.
Black Magic (jessica alba) relationship 96
Side kick was Tamara

I quite liked taking everyone out in the splice club saving rebellion black magic and static then making Black magic smile by my reply to Jury :slight_smile:

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Well I thought this was something different so I named mine sonic hedgy


Code Name: Spectre
Name: Claire Marshall
Female and bisexual
Justice over Fame
Lawful over Lawless
Sidekick: Tamara Rain
Legend: 83
Black Magic: 95

While I was rather taken with Black Magic, I would have been much happier with Jenny. There were too many literal skeletons in his closet for my tastes. I also would have much preferred to have been able to work alone without missing out on so many Legend points, but perhaps I haven’t explored the options thoroughly enough. That being said, this is by far my favorite Choice Of game and I am waiting anxiously for whatever comes next because Victon is a horrid bitch and needs to turned inside out, preferably by me.

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I’m Conduit! Because I con do it! :smiley:

Justice: 90%
Lawful: 93%
Defensive: 73%
Team Player: 84%
Money: 4373
Legend: 62

Family: 97%
Black Magic (Leslie Nielson): 78%
Millenial Group: 85%

I’m still thinking about my final thoughts about the game. But my first play-through was pretty promising. I hear the complaint that the story gets railroaded, but I thought it was pretty interesting how it had a more pronounced gamey feel, with Power expenditures and Legend levels and everything.

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im Charge
my hero wants money, and power and women, sex, status and glory. he demands the finer things in life. he will break the rules if there in his way of doing something he hungers for fame. he is offensive fighter and he works alone. i say mine is better then your goody goody hero’s.

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Oh @cpface you made my day with that one


What was Black Magic’s secret? My friend downloaded it and i fell asleep before he got to that part. He said there was a dramatic twist w/ Black Magic, but i was on the forums barely paying attention to him.


Stephen Decter
Code Name: Rush
Straight Male
Sidekick: Sparrow (bitch; I’m glad I saved Sonja instead, even if I didn’t care that much about fame)
Legend 76
Justice over Fame

I don’t know what my other final stat numbers were because the Kindle doesn’t have a Stats button and you don’t get a report of all your stat numbers at the end of the game. Yet another mark against the game from my perspective. But I do know that:

Black Magic (Jessica Alba) was happy with my answers at the end
I didn’t join the Millenial Group (and didn’t care to anyway)


Brynne Foxx
Code Name: Grey Matter
Straight female
Sidekick: Sparrow(it still hurts me when I find out her true intentions)
Legend : 75
Justice, Lawful, and Defensive

The romance with Black Magic (mine being Channing Tatum <3) was a really nice addition.I love how I actually felt like I knew each person in the game.


Chase Eaton, code name Lag (har har). Thrillseeker, flatterer, compulsive liar with a heart of gold. Bisexual male, and flamboyantly so. I actually wouldn’t have minded going down the path with Jury if given the chance, just for kicks.

Justice over fame (only slightly, at 49, I originally had a much higher fame but the Sonja vs Tarana decision flipped that right over)
Lawless, defensive, team player.
Sidekick: Tarana Rain. I grew pretty fond of her and didn’t regret saving her even in the very end.

My only regret was not being given the option to join the Everyman Brigade (maybe next time? :wink: ). The game forced me into the Millenial Group because of the flatterer trait, boo.

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Wow, I’m surprised just how many people based fem!BlackMagic off of Jessica Alba, that’s like ten people so far xD I based my male Black Magic off Tom Hiddleston, well, Loki from the Avengers really. I kind of mentally pictured him having that dark spellcaster look Loki was sporting through the movie… I was even hoping he’d be a bit more mischievous ta-boot, though he certainly had the swag of Loki, haha~

@GoldenFantom Well, I don’t want to get in trouble by giving too many spoilers on here… but! I did make a review/walk through on Tumblr for my friends and if you scroll to almost the bottom of it, I give a detail on what the secret is.

This way people who don’t want the spoilers can just not go see. I hope I helped you though!


Code name: ElectroMan heterosexual male sidekick: sparrow justice’lawless’offensive black magic:73 honestly not to sound like an asshole I truly didn’t like the game it could have been massively better and I fell some of the best forum authors can do it way better and I hope one of them do. P.S. I hope that the forum authors can do like the comicbooks and have weekly updates with missions and villain P.S.S Black magic was Megan Good :smiley:


I Just read your blog about it (I was listening to my friend play the game for about the first 2 hours of it) and it sounds like, from what i read already and what u told evbry1 in the blog, it sounds like the whole game is an M. Night Shamalan movie:
Ey bro ur a hero,
Your a badass,
Doin’ some bad-assy stuff
Oh Black Magic your so smexy!
WHAT A TWIST <-- i think we all know which one i’m talking about here
Gratz bro! U beat the game!

Player: I don’t know what just happened…but i think need to change my pants





Okay, I absolutely loved this game, but I was very confused about the possibilities. A FAQ would be nice, or perhaps a thread devoted entirely to narrative choices.

I ended up with a fame of 38, and my relationship with Black Magic in the gutter due to her secret. It sounds like some people had a problem with her secret, but still ended up happy with her(him) in the end? That confuses me.

Also, I had Sparrow as a sidekick, I really liked Sparrow, I had a good sidekick rating, and then that thing happened at the end. That was another part that confused me; does that happen with all sidekicks, or is that unique with Sparrow as a sidekick?

All in all, I was kind of confused how much narrative control I had. Is it possible for Prodigal to be good? Can you romance someone other than Black Magic? I don’t know.

Edit: Oh, and with Victon having a rating, is it even possible to end up buddy/buddy with him?



To view stats on a Kindle, press the Menu button and select Show Stats.


@CPFace, um, wow, it actually works. I’m just so used to the Menu button not doing anything for active content on the Kindle. Maybe it’s just the types of active content apps I have on my Kindle. Does it work for Choice of Zombies, too? I’ll have to try it out there as well. This adds a whole new dimension to CoG games for me on the Kindle.


@Scelous I have a lot of similar questions regarding that stuff. As far as I can tell, Sparrow is the only one with that result, but only if you save her. If you save the reporter, she’s suddenly a real person… When I played with the rich girl as my sidekick she just spied on you for Prodigal, and I haven’t tested it with the peg-leg kid yet.

I think Black Magic is the only romance option, and you can tell him/her that you’re okay with their secret, but s/he still tells you to leave and you still ignore them for days, which is a bit odd. You can forgive them in the end though, but it’s still awkward if you’re forgiving them for something you said you never had a problem with.

As far as I can tell, your relationship with Victon and Prodigal remains the same no matter what you do, so I’m very confused as to why Victon even has a relationship meter to begin with.

Also, can anyone let me know if Black Magic even answers ANY of your questions when you ask him/her about their past? I’ve tried three different questions now and all I get is “you wouldn’t be interested in that”, despite the fact that I am obviously interested or I WOULDN’T HAVE ASKED. So frustrating.