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Each sidekick differs, (SPOILER: Sparrow is Prodigal, Tarana is black-mailed to spy and Prossie is Prodigal’s evil sidekick)

The best relationship you can get with Jury/Victon is a truce which you do by dropping out of the race for the slot in the millenium group after being told he is the one who ‘hired’ the wisp.


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Thank you both for some clarification. I’m still confused about some things, but the clarifications on sidekicks is good to know. I have to say, Eriedanna, that I’m very, very disappointed to hear that Sparrow is actually a real person, but only if you forsake her. I feel like that’s a lame cop-out; either make Sparrow a real person or don’t. And yeah, Black Magic never answered my question.

Does anyone know if it’s actually possible to become a part of the Millenium Group? I’ll be further disappointed if it’s just flat-out impossible.



Yes you can become a member of the Millenium Group also in regards to Sparrow

(SPOILER: In that end scene when you see Sparrow and Prodigal together ‘Sparrow’ is just some homeless girl Prodigal got off the street to play ‘Sparrow’ that who is shot if you choose the reporter, Sparrow is never actually real at any point)


@Nocturnal_Stillness Oh good, that makes way more sense. Still bizarre, but a lot less infuriating at least.


Codename Fox




Team Player

Power 100
Health 100
Money 3975
Legend 66

Your relationships:

Family 97

Victon 3

Sidekick 1 (Tamara, ended up saving her and she was cut from the ending due to parents understandably not wanting any contact.)

Black Magic 93 <3

Millennial Group 88



Sidekick: Sparrow
Good-ish relationship with Black Magic

I really liked that fact that you get to choose Black Magic’s looks. But I seriously lol’d when I saw Kanye West as an option.


Codename: Nix
Real name: Kyara Trixal
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Sidekick: Sparrow (bitchass )
Relationship with Black Magic = 97
Black Magic = Brad Pitt

Thats the player that did everything that I would have done in life, making her my fav made.

with Black Magic’s little secret was funny

Black Magic “Its not what it looks like…”

Nix: “I dont think it really matters, I dont car”

Black Magic “wait whaat…?”

(of course it doesnt actually happen like that but thats pretty much her reaction XD)


@Thatdudeoutthere Given that you chose to play the Black Magic relationship much the same way I did after the revelation of her little secret, ie. your character didn’t care, what did you think of your character being forced to ignore her afterward? What did you think of the ending with her?


Team Player
Power 100
Health 100
Money 3194
Legend 53
Your relationships:

Black Magic
Millennial Group


@bocoom Wow, my Charge could not be any more different from yours! :stuck_out_tongue:

Real Name: Elyse Akimura (she’s a ninth-generation Japanese American, though does have some non-Asian ancestry)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Sidekick: Sparrow (should’ve saved Sonja instead the first time…)

Team Player

Black Magic: 97
Black Magic = Tom Daley :smiley:

I joined the Millennial Group in the end because it didn’t give me an option to deny it, not that I’m complaining. Elyse didn’t really have a problem with Black Magic’s secret, though it’s strange how Black Magic asks the PC later on if zey had a problem with it when the PC had already confirmed that zey never had a problem with sucking the life force out of brain dead people in the first place. (Woah that sounded macabre…)


@mistylavenda i wish i could buy this game. the rest sounds fun but i herd it was kinda linier




Well I did sorta regret buying it, but what’s done is done.


@mistylavenda Yep, I played it the same way you did. I was kind of annoyed at how my character kept ignoring Black Magic after the big revelation since like your character, my character said he didn’t have a problem with it. I was also annoyed that my PC didn’t even think to ask Black Magic to be his date to the Award Ceremony. I mean come on, you just slept with the woman/man of your dreams who is totally into you also, and you’re totally ok with their terrible secret. So why doesn’t the thought of inviting your new gf/bf out to be with you on your big night not even occur to your PC? Instead your PC is inexplicably totally ignoring her/him, not even reading Black Magic’s emails. The least the game could have done was given you a choice in the matter. So Black Magic’s concerns later in the game came across as valid to me, what I totally didn’t understand was my PC’s boneheadedness.


I’ve played with all three of the sidekicks at least once. My favorite sidekick by far would have to be Tarana, if only because she was the most developed character out of the three and ultimately the most sympathetic. But that said, in terms of ending I prefer to choose Pressie as my sidekick and then save Sonja during the Sadistic Choice part, because that way nobody really dies AND I still get the Hero of Tomorrow award and cash prize.

By the way, for anyone who’s had trouble with some of the game’s options being blocked, I’ve noticed that whether or not you end up forced to make one particular choice depends on your stats prior to that point. For example:
—> If your Fame score is too low when you reach the Sadistic Choice, the game will not allow you to save Sonja. (20% is the lowest Fame score I’ve had so far that would still allow me to save her.) My Fame scores have never been very high, but I assume that a high Fame score would force you to save Sonja.
—> If you choose to go with Fistfull during the Minterview chapter, you’ll end up finding out a big secret involving him and Monk. (Which I won’t spoil here.) If your Soloist score is too low, you will not be allowed to blackmail them. Also, if your score is not too low and you DO blackmail them, don’t bother calling Rebellion for help later, because the Millennial Group WILL hold that against you and refuse to help.
—> In the end, when Rebellion offers to accept you into the Millennial Group, the game will force you to accept the offer if your Soloist score is too low.

I’m sure there are plenty of other examples that I haven’t found/heard of yet, but you get the idea. So it pays to keep an eye on your stats as the story moves along, because those stats do affect what you can and can’t do later in the game.


I really was expecting a little more, of all the games so far this is the one that feels more linear, There’s no big change no matter what you choose as far as I’ve tested.

Another thing I’m particularly distressed about, is your only romance choice, because Black Magic doesn’t only have his little secret that nobody knows about, he also has this thing with Diva that even if he’s with you it doesn’t say it ended with her, normally I would never choice someone like that to be honest, but there’s no one else here, so naturally I end up alone.

Here I was so hoping I could get it on with Rebellion. sigh.


@Ryocchi I completely agree with the “more linear” statement. Of all the officially published games I’ve played, this one is easily the most linear, to the point where I continually felt railroaded on the masochism express.


I think it went along the lines of:

Name: Vincent Alban
Codename: Poseidon
Sidekick: Pressie
Team Player>Solo
Black Magic was Leonardo Di Caprio. :slight_smile: Vincent was first “I need to think about this…” and then told Black Magic at the end “I’m not sure now but I will be.” I was offered the a replacement job in the Millenium Group at the end as well. And Mayor Victon, is needless to say, a jerk.


Code Name: Reaper

Real Name: Leland Salazar

Male and Straight

Justice 91 Fame 9
Lawful 84 Lawless 16
Defensive 71 Offenisve 29
Team Player 90 Soloist 10

Money 4194
Legend 67

Family: 97
Victon: 3
Sidekick: Sparrow
Black Magic: 96
Millennial Group: 88

Best game on here WANT A SEQUEL!!!


Codename: Scorpia
Name: Sabina Victoria

Fame: 67%
Lawless: 44%
Offensive: 53%
Soloist: 10%

Money: 104700
Legend: 70
Family: 97%
Victon: 5%
Sidecick: 1% (Sparrow!!!)
Black Magic (Matthew Lewis): 94%
Millenial Group: 87%