Your Hero Name (Original Trilogy)

So, apparently I’m absolutely terrible at giving codenames to my characters. I’m trying to start a new Heroes Rise game, but I can’t decide what to call my character. So I figured I’d make a thread here, very curious to see what people named their MC’s and why.

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Charger, because I allways charged up maximum energy attack


Sonic Boom, because on the first few pages of the game i saw that word, then i named my character that.

Serendipity, because my hero likes to try and help whenever she can, so in theory any encounter with her is beneficial. It doesn’t always make sense but I like it anyways.

I named mine Bastion because that’s what I wanted her to aspire to be, a bastion of hope to protect and bring people together,from infini powered, to ani, to non powered. I wanted her to be someone that inspired people and showed the world what a hero should be.

Slade just bc slade is my favorite antagonist villan wise (Teen Titans)

I named my hero Gene Hazard.

I figured my character would take that slur and make people choke on it by becoming a paragon, an icon of what heroes should be in the minds of the public.


My MC’s name is Riley Rosado and his codename is Hotshot. He’s ambitious but has a tendency to get too cocky and fall short or lose sight of his goals, so growing up, he was sarcastically called “hotshot” by a lot of people. When he became a hero, he decided to make it his codename as a “take that” to everyone who doubted him. He still has a lot of growing up to do though and, while he does genuinely want to help people, he gets easily distracted from the big picture and is still learning what it really means to be a hero

I have no idea what Zachary Sergi has in store for the next parts of Redemption season, but ideally Riley would grow past his “Hotshot” persona and would end up at least thinking about a name change in his future

Also he’s kind of hot-headed and favors using energy attacks, so there’s kind of a bit of wordplay there too


All interesting names here, guys. I’ll be honest, part of me made this threat looking for inspiration and ideas. And it’s working, but it’s super interesting to see people’s names.

For the original trilogy I used the name Spark since it was a combo of my MC’s name (Samir Parker). I also had an MC named Phoenix.

For Redemption Season I used the name Shift… I really didn’t have any ideas.

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Understandable, for redemption series I’m totally using Beast Boy, but for now I think I’m gonna find a cool word for Avenger or Redemption.

Maybe just “Venge”. Like it could mean “Vengance” for my parents injust sentence, or I’m going to “Avenge” them. Etc.

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That’s the idea I was using for the name Phoenix since they got the whole “rising from the ashes” thing, especially from the second to third game. And of course had their energy power’s color be “firey”… though it made me wish Black Magic’s powers weren’t the same color

Phoenix would work well if I ever played a female OC.

Gooottttaaa name her “Jean Grey” though. She’d fit right in with BM. Lol


Romance a male Black Magic and make him look like Cyclops and then its perfect!

I used the code name Charger because I pictured her driving one.


Funny story heroes rise was the first choice of game I played and when it asked for my name I used my standard fake name “Blaine Redwood” Theeen it asked my surname and I was like ooooh. So my save file is called Blaine Redwood Sterling Rizzo to this day. As for my super hero name, for heroes rise I went with Shieldshot since there was a partial focus on shields and I like shields. As for Redemption Season I used Zigzag Zodiac and his name is Zeke all of these decisions I support 100% I mean Zigzag Zodiac… come on.

I believe I’ve just figured out what save file to get the “You and BM rewrite the universe” ending. You’re a genius!

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Lucius, cause it is kinda unique you know…

I honestly thought you named your character that because of overwatch, but I’m glad that you didn’t though and her name have a greater meaning to her character. :slight_smile:

I used Outlier.

The meaning of the term is “a person or thing situated away or detached from the main body or system”. Essentialy, someone who’s different from the rest.

And, given the Infini powers of the MC and the specific situations they always get themselves into, I think it’s safe to say that they’re different from the rest.

Short off topic note: I also used this alias in Community College Hero, since it just fits perfectly with the MC, who has no powers and is in a student body where everyone else has powers.

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