Lucky: Silly heroine name

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I really enjoyed the games but I really, really wish there was some way to change Lucky’s name. ‘Lucky’ seems completely at odds with her powers and also just kinda lazy.

I understand updates are unlikely but I’d really like to see this in a future version.


Slugger can be a bit annoying after a while but to be honest, I’d rather have that then the alternative. I don’t like swearing so I’m happy to put up with it :smiley:

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I still say it would have been nice to pick the exposition yourself. I don’t much care for Prodigal saying chicken either, it’s not like the MC displayed any cowardly behavior in front of her, as far as I can remember, so it makes little to no sense and frankly takes away some of her credibillity or whatever you wanna call it, it puts you off, takes you out of the moment. For me at least.

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I remember grandma saying “balls” and Prodigy referring to herself as a “bitch” in HeroFall.

And I didn’t mind the use of “slugger.” I thought it was quite memorable and provided a cultural tie for different characters. Didn’t one of the villains call the MC a slugger near the end?

Think that ship has sailed, my friend. But I agree that it doesn’t do much for me either. Do you have another suggestion that is actually in keeping with hir bizarre power set?

I think Lucky is like Indiana Jones it was the dogs name first.

Or maybe it’s Lucky as in break a leg. Boom!

I suggest Bomboozler or Bombboy/girl or Mr/Ms Bombastic


Yeah, the name didn’t seem to fit his/her power. I just thought it meant “Good Luck” like what FairyGodfeather said. But yeah I cant think of any name other than Bombastic lol .

Great name

Well look at it this way, every third person has superpowers in this world, shes lucky there are any codenames left.


Just a few off the top of my head,
‘Shatter’, ‘Fallout’, ‘High Cost’, ‘Reform’, ‘The Nuke Girl’.

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I’m not a very big fan of slugger as a swearword… Same deal there.

“I’m not a very big fan of slugger as a swearword… Same deal there”.
I’m actually rather tired of this word. It has been annoying the hell out of me for 2 games already. I don’t understand the need to use a pretty weird substitute for common swear words. These games are hardly written for little children (who know all the curse words already anyway).

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i don’t think it is the omission of swear words but rather keeping with the theme of a super hero filled world, kind of like our own language evolves to fit with the changing times like Sick meaning something is amazing, or saying tight when your excited.

Slugger doesn’t bother me much, like @Lobo420 said, it’s in keeping with the theme of being set in a future with a different culture and linguistic semantics. After all, half of the words we view as swear words today didn’t have the same meaning in the past. And swear words weren’t completely omitted in the games, a few were thrown in here and there.

I didn’t mind it for a lot of the reasons that have been discussed above, although it did strike me as a bit strange that it seemed to be a stand in for just about any swear word. I think most languages have a bit more variety in their foul language :slight_smile:

Maybe CREPITUS its latin for explostion or some eles along thoughs lines

I had a cat named lucky

Curse words represent the culture they come from, from what they find taboo or have a bile fascination for, the curse words of the past become either outdated or lose their taboo.

Was anyone aghast when Joss Whedon threw in a Victorian swear word in the Avengers? Unless one is a remarkably lively Victorian, probably not.

But if s/he wasn’t named Lucky, you couldn’t *puts on sunglasses* get Lucky.

…I’ll see myself out.

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Like the legend of the Chicken
The plot could only thicken
What keeps the planet tickin’
Is the Underdog I’m pickin’

She’s got a limb that turns into a bomb
That’s kind of dumb but I’ll take her to prom

She blows up in self defense
It makes our dates a bit tense
Although her name makes no sense
I’m on this show to Get Lucky


@Havenstone snapsnapsnapsnapsnap

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