Your Hero Name (Original Trilogy)


I switch between Noir and Nox because edgy, or they happen to have black hair, costume, energy colour and Magic.

Or, or, this one might be most correct, I’m bad with name and lack imagination. Really.


You want a real lack of imagination? I just called my guy “Shocker”. You can figure out his signature hand gesture on your own, I’m sure.


I read this before Overwatch came out, but yeah I can see how someone might think that considering how popular the game is.


Hero Name: Stygian Charms
—Because my character is ruthless, mysterious/dark, and charming :heart:
—Muhaha, and I always imagine myself in that story smiling this dark smirk
—I feel so anti-hero hahah


Well, there’s a topic about it already…

But whatever, I named my hero Kid A because of Radiohead’s song and album.
Besides that, I like the idea of calling myself just another hero in the middle of thousands of them, so you know those school theaters where the kids get the “Tree Number 2” type of role? I think Kid A has the same feeling. I use it in some other games where our identy is just “another brick in the wall”, y’know? Like in the WiP Zeitnot, where my chess piece is a pawn.


The Clash

Cause Rudie can’t fail.


I named my heroes rise trilogy character Air Tempest. I figured it was a good code name since he could fly and use energy blasts. I imagined him like raining lightning bolts of energy down on people from the sky. But I didn’t want to use a cop out name like Storm from X men.

Although I’m not sure it really made sense after finding out more about his powers.

For Redemption I used the name Hybrid, because the MC’s power is like a combination of all Ani Powereds. And also because it sounded like it could be a cool villain name if my MC has the option to go bad.


in RS my MC was Maxwell Marcadoo also known under the guise of the “Bestiary Roulette”.

In the original trillogy I was remembered as Tristan Christian, or “BoltTrip”.


Sky-Flash, ‘Sky’ for his ability to fly and ‘Flash’ a reference to how he can manipulate energy.


I’d go with AniBody as my name, because, when the need arises and the caped is donned, I can and will be whatever I have to be to get the job done.


I’ve ultimately decided on Venge for my playthough as an actual MC, although when I play through Redemption Season, I’ll be bringing over my safe file where I played as “Goku Son”, the guy from my avatar for anyone unaware.

His codename is “Kakarot”. My headcanon there is that, because he’s an alien and that’s his alien name (although he has no knowledge of this fact, it just randomly came to him and he decided it was cool), it kinda fit. Even his MeChip is based off his dead mom.


Current last playthrough and soon to be redone, because I got the secret ending somehow. Wild Style, no clue why I went with that. Lawless, fame.

Previous character was Starfire, you could probably guess where that came from.

Finally, my OG hero on was Nuetron Star. Lawful, justice. These are all my hero on mobile, I don’t remember any of my PC heroes.


You need Lawless and Unleash to do that.


I thought that may have been the trigger but I wasn’t sure. Thanks for clearing that up.


Having been given the game by a friend (the same who buys me horrible books in general (granted, I buy them horrible movies and books in return, it’s mutual) I gave it a try (after having it played looooong ago)
Codename Butterfly, aka Mia ‘Pink and White are totally primary colours!’/‘I should learn to hack these chips and have ‘It’s a small world’ play in everyone’s head on loop’/‘You look like the Bathory, tell me you don’t eat children to charge your power and shite’ McMasters.

(No, I am not enjoying it, sorry folks…)


I named myself Dread Hour
i took inspiration from yugioh destiny hero cards, my favorite archetype after ancient gear.
also possibly because im edgy teen and i like antiheroes


Archangel, Angel Florez, the same character I played in Choice of Romance (Black Magic looked like Queen Augustina, Lucky was Gabriella (Mendoza) Smith).


My hero’s name… I have 38 heros in total but the names I love the most are probably Echis ( a type of snake) because echis was supposed to be untrustworthy and my second favorite is probably Martigra who has death based powers and New Orleans themed costume


Tried this again, or well, am in the process of trying. While I might try Goku again I wanted to play a female OC, so I started using my own writing for inspiration. To keep from advertising my own stuff I’ll be quick lol.

Her real name is Cassandra Valor (cuz that means bravery in Spanish and it sounds cool), her MeChip is LIAX (Loyal and Intellegent Android X…X like the Roman numeral. Long story for where that comes from) and keeping with that x theme here supehero name was X.

She’s also bisexual because why not. Wanted to try that too.


Will put my 2 cents now.

My MC’s name from the original trilogy is Clade Wayne (Really liked Bruce Wayne’s last name)
His Codename is: Ragnarok, because in Norse mythology it is the event that brought the End Of Gods, because of his Infini-Powered status and the bad-ass name I went with it.

My MC’s name from the Redemption Season is Carter, no last name because we weren’t given the option…
His Codename is:Wildlife because of his ani-powered status and the ability to change (but cannot be controlled) into animals kinda inspired me to give this Codename, that will be for my playthrough.