Your Hero Name (Original Trilogy)


For posterity, before I completely forget. It was that long ago.
Vilen Ito, heroic name ‘Monochrome’, and be damned if I remember how I picked that…


My hero was Andrew Baker, whose heroic name was “Paladin” because I was a super boy scout who mostly used his powers in a defensive manner where possible, but woe betide you if you acted dishonestly or unjustly.


I feel so uncreative I used my real name for my OG MC for the triology. His codename was Rush.
For the new MC I gave them the name Alex and their codename was Dismorphani. Alex was nonbinary and liked other nonbinary types.


Code Name: Strife
Real Name: Aeston Douglas


My Heroes Rise MC was Poppy, known in the time of need as Mimosa. I wanted her to give a nod to her grandma and her plant based powers with a flower-based hero name. Maybe it’s not the most creative of ideas, but I liked it at the time and it grew on me. She wasn’t interested in Black Magic in a romantic way, her heart has always beaten for Lucky, but she reconciled with him either way. He needed a friend and she reached out.
For Redemption season, I went with Drew, known also as Proteus. I went with that nickname because of Drew’s continue change. He ended up romancing Verdict, but he’s polyamorous so I like to headcanon him in a relationship with both him and Weaver, honestly. :stuck_out_tongue:
Poppy is a cis bi woman while Drew is a trans pan man, and they have a familial bond. They’re similar, trying to do as much good as they can and valuing their family a lot, so they got along well quickly.


Hero Rise - Captain Infinity Leader of The Millineal Group and husband of Black Magic

RP - Morpheus


Surge for original series and Ani-body for the new. Ani-body was supposed to be a clever play of “antibody”. Sounded cooler in my head than when I share it in public hahaha


Original Hero Rise Trilogy
Codename: Stealth ('cause I like the idea of being covert)

Hero Project
Codename: Morph ('cause I wanted something simple and I didn’t like the suggested ‘AniMorph’


Replayed all five games with Cherry Bomb, the short-of-stature hero, who was partly based off Deku from My Hero Academia. A Justice/Lawful/Teamplayer/Ideals/Freedom hero, he admired All-Might/Rebellion so strongly that he took the Pump pills, was terrified of Black Magic’s attempts to seduce him, started a romance with an Uraraka-like Lucky…and then cheated on her with Prodigal, leaving Uraraka to become the strong and independent leader of the Millennium group. I said partly based on Deku.


Named him Atlas, after the Greek Titan who was condemned to hold up the sky for eternity. Similarly, my hero has been “condemned”, or moved by his powers, to metaphorically hold up the sky, stopping it from falling and destroying the Earth. Or if you use the common misconception that Atlas holds up the Earth, it works better, meaning that Atlas is basically keeping the world from falling apart.

Or something like that.

Ran away from BM, married Lucky, made friends with Prodigal.


That’s literally exactly what I did. name was Noval and Reaper don’t ask me why


Omegareaven,is my go-to name for most anything. Other ones are Seika and Saber Link.


For thé original trilogy :
For my first run Green eyes (I dont remenber why…)
For the second Anarchick

New project: animal


I used Gunner. It just popped in my head at the time and I didn’t know of any other heroes with that game. So it was 1) Cool. 2) Original.


Senoxfid. Dont know why. Just sounds cool to me.


I was inspired by Smallville and named my hero Impulse