Umm...and you are?

I notice while playing COG weather player made or cog made the name choices are quite…interesting…and even so game maker on cog might pause and wonder what would the player want to be called…

You for one if your reading this, probably skip right pass the choices when coming to the name section and enter your own. So tell us here, what kind of names have you used? Why maybe? Do you decide on sometihng like Gorganoth because your a dragon. Lil snotty because you think it’s funny :-))? Maybe something unique.

Even that what are some suggestions that you would want for cog games. As for game designers feel free to come along and pick up a name for your cog story or be inspired by your fellow forum members. (no doubt @2Ton and @Headhunter180 can think of a whole list) Just to note ^-^

Arnold d’al Schwarzenegger… Because “GET TO DA’ CHOPPAAAAAH!!!” :-))

I hate it when there’s no choices in regards to names and just a text box to fill in. I usually just mash keys against the keyboard to come up with a name. I almost always choose a preset name, or pick something very similar in style to the preset names if, in the offchance, I hate all of the names provided.



personally I name my characters after myself unless the options offered suit the story better or I can’t come up with a name that fits the game.


*has a game with just a text box for the names*

“Ahem, I probably should just hide…or add the option for set names.” lol

If I’m giving a proper name, I use my real first name, and the surname of a notable branch of my ancestry; If I’m giving, to use your example, a name for a dragon, or suchlike, I use, - predictably: Drazen.

As for the why: Using my first name aids character identification; a related surname follows that, without sacrificing my mild internet paranoia about personal information; and Drazen has been a reliable username for years.


Hahaha! Well it’s your choice. I’ve currently no name choice at all in my game, which is an even greater crime.

I like set names because they give me an idea of what sort of name will fit in. I never play myself, I always roleplay a character when playing games, so I want a name that fits in and doesn’t stand out. If the creator provides names I’ll use those, generally.

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@Nocturnal_Stillness haha so true was going for that then get complaints via inbox about demo not having set names or handpicked >_<

@FairyGodfeather I see someones avoiding the public eye >-)

@FairyGodfeather @Arcania

I chose no set names because the world in my game is close to our own, so most names fit.

I generally always name my character Kat Darkmoon. Kat for obvious reasons and Darkmoon is a running joke in all my stories there’s always a noble family named Darkmoon. (or Toni Stark if I’m feeling silly)

@Katgirl64 lol I see whatcha mean. So then if your not allowed to pick your own name. What sort of random name choices do you wanna be given out?

Jimney, Cassandra, Rothla, Ceaser, Resa…who knows…I think I just inspired a new character name for my game…

I have a ton of names, but most of them are awkward so brace yourself…

Choice of Dragon: Deadrobane The Hell Breather
8 Thrones: Prince Doritos
Zombie Exodus: Jimmy Pimphands Macgee
Werewolf Games: Wulfric Redthorn
Unnatural: Jimmy Ghostfingers
Most Medieval Games: Aluroth The baddest mofo to ever touch a Wand/Sword
Choice of Broadside: Henry Black Swift-Hand
Futuristic Games: T34B4G 2.0
Choice Of Vampires: Mr.Bitey
Eastern-Influence Type Games: Shikamaru The Shadow Pimp
Noir Games: Detective Awesomebuns

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Prince Doritos!!!
I died!

@2Ton speechless…

When I played choice of the dragon, I was “the great, mighty, smelly, Mopking who I owe the greatest of respect and tribute.”
@2Ton are you really Wulfric Redthorn in werewolves rising? Really? Really? Reeeally?

@2Ton also I gotta question. Why not name your detective character L Lawlie Ryuzaki? He is in your profile pic right?


I hate having to type something in. Since the entire format of the game is mostly move a mouse a tiny bit, click, click, click, for the most part, to suddenly have to use the keyboard and just for one thing annoys me. Using the keyboard as an added feature is nice, but I don’t like it when it’s compulsory. I’d like a default name at least, even if it’s John Doe.

I feel the same when I’m asked to type anything in in choice games, with the possible exception of solving riddles. Now for a longer game, which saves, and remembers the name I typed it’s not annoying. But if it’s something short, I hatey hate hate having no default name. So I’m usually wwjfpq2ufj or something that’s a random mashing of please I want to get to the story.

One of the things I hated most was when I had to choose from a list of celebrities I disliked, or type in a description for Black Magic. o.O. Did not like. I found it immersion breaking.

@FairyGodfeather amen to that… =D>

@2Ton I am going to name an NPC in ZE2 Jimmy Pimphands Macgee.

@JimD can you throw in a self proclaimed Prince Doritos in there too by any chance?

Am I the only one who liked using my own name in choice games? It makes me feel more in the moment during interactions when people are actuaLy calling me by my name, makes it more real. I don’t always use my name though, as a fairly modern, Hawaiian name, it doesn’t really work in medieval games and that sort.