Umm...and you are?

@alleykae “Using my first name aids character identification”

@lackofmops Yes, I am Wulfric Redthorn the bringer of blood!

@JimD Awww, I feel special!

@alleykae I use my name sometimes but rarely cuz it sounds gamebreaking, My name is Prince Doritos Highlander the Third, but my servants call me King D for short

@Headhunter180 Yah, RIP L *Pours some orange juice out of cup* and because im original, not with pics maybe but names yes, and I felt like Death Note dropped the ball after they killed off L. Ive never seen a show that tossed out so many reasons to like it in about a few episode span, Imma try not to rant but killing off one of the greatest antagonists in anime history and replacing him with one of the shittiest antagonist ive ever seen, idk if near was related to L but near seemed like a huge L rip off.

[Off-topic Spoiler rant]

Plus they had killed off all the really interesting characters, and the new characters kept getting lamer and lamer(save like one or two) and let’s face it Light was a very mediocre protagonist to begin with he was only truly likeable when L was around and the show was very compelling and you could only appreciate it when L and Light were in their chessmatch of geniuses to decide the fate of the world, but they were kinda friends I guess, that’s how I seen it I know Light was trying to manipulate everyone to getting closer to L to kill him because L was one of the only people smart enough to see he was the killer, and L would also take advantage of that and hang around Light and keep him close to try to get more dirt on him but he always suspected he was a killer… til he got killed. Then Light becomes the mega bastard we had hoped he wouldnt become and his likeability is almost zero then they replace L with an 11 year old who just says he is smarter than L when it looks like he still wears diapers.

And the worst thing about that is Near is lame and one of the most annoying protagonists in history to me, because he is just a copy of L but a douchebag that isnt interesting and boring, and Light is struggling to keep up with this 11 year old which I dont see how but Mello, yes, I see how you might struggle against a detective who kills and kidnaps people to solve crimes, and blackmails the president. Mello is one of the only compelling characters after L dies.

I stopped watching like 40 episodes in(though ive seen the end) but still the saddest thing is how DN ends… Near beats Light… how the hell does Near beat Light? Light is stupid enough to reveal his plot to everyone… and write his own name in the death note… one of the most flacid endings in history. I know he thought he had beat everyone but seriously? and I know all killers supposedly get sloppy? but if you beat L and evaded being figured out for all that time how are you going to just admit you’re the killer? and give it all way like that? and get beat by Near of all people, maybe if Light got shanked by Mello in a bathroom and just bleed out that would of been like 5 times better ending.

@2Ton yep, when they killed im off I was like “WTF??! He was the best character!”(okay besides Ryuk who made me lol about a thousand times when he wasn’t allowed to eat apples).

@Headhunter180 Yah, EVERYONE flipped their shit I actually thought they were trolling I was like “They wouldnt kill L! PSSSH!” and then next episode I tune in “Yep, L is dead we’re replacing him with Near…have fun!” but yah the only cool person at the end of the show as Ryuk but then again it’s not hard to be badass if your a demon. XD

I still cant believe they killed L, I expected Light to become a good guy again or them compromise or something but no Light killed L and then I just wanted Light to die to but not the way he did wait or was it Ryuk who killed Light? I might be wrong but still it was Flacid.

Say wha…

Er, on-topic, I always call my character Light. No matter what game, no matter what species, no matter what gender, it’s always Light. Even in games on the consoles and games like that, if given the choice, always Light. It has no specific meaning to me, but I am still attached to it, especially since (for me, at least) it’s a gender-neutral name.

However, I do what @Fairygodfeather does during my second playthrough or third or something. I either use a preset name, since I’m too lazy to enter a name at that point, or I smash my keyboard. Usually, my name’s ‘Asd’. Pretty cool name, if I say so myself.

But yeah.

Personally, I never use my real name, and I have never picked a pre-made name, either. I like being able to make my own identity for my character, and I like the idea of not having any connection to the character at all outside of the story and personality I build for him/her, quite unlike Drazen. Besides, I don’t play any of the “future” or generally any of the “present” games. I stick with my wizards and ship captains, thank you very much. Sometimes I will go ahead and base my name off the style that is already there (I did this with Broadsides and some of the races in Way Walkers), but in most cases (such as Dragon, Life of a Wizard, Romance, the other races in Way Walkers) I already know about the styles of names and whatnot that would fit since those are what I consider to be “my” genre as they all fall into the same styles of writing as I write. Often I’ll actually end up forgetting that my name wasn’t a preset name and I will get rather attached to my name and start to think of that name as associated with the game and the character.

OMG @Random you killed L :*( and I hate preset names choices id rather have a custom name as you all seen above but when I write stories people just automatically have a name, like I have a really crappy name system it’s all like “Your mother named you Dandy Shitlord Macgee” with like 5 exclaimation points at the end and then you’re name is forever Dandy when your a boy

@2Ton … Yes, I think I got the idea of that name from Death Note, I think, I kind of forgot now xD

@Random I will be you’re L… and we will have the greatest rivalry in history!

@2Ton Okay! *Kills 2Ton* Oops.

:frowning: awww it’s death note all over again

“Choice of Kung-Fu” and “Tin Star” conveniently allow me to use my birth (Chinese) name, so I actually throw that in. (No, I’m not telling you what it is.)

Usually, I use the preset names, but there are two exceptions.

I played “Heroes Rise” as Arthur 'Lord Protector" Tintagel, a superhero I played in a Mutants and Masterminds game was in last year, though the person I played bore very little resemblance to the character I rolled D20s for.

There’s also “Choice of Broadsides”, which I normally play with the name of “Alastair Winslowe”. Expect to see that name again in “Guns of Infinity”.

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I tend to just use my real name, unless I do a female play-through.

i almost always name my Character ether “Aysten” Or “Nandon” Since when i write stories those are almost always the name of the Main Character…

I think it would be cool though if there is like a random name generator so every time you play you get new names!

I mash keys when testing. If its a new game just make a quick name. Once I know how the game works and I know how to kick butt then will use my real name. :slight_smile:

I usually call call my character Silver. Or sometimes Tiger/Tigeress. It really depends how I feel, unless I see a preset name that I really like. :slight_smile:

When you randomtest a game, the ai inputs “blah blah” for their name.

I think it would be possible to create a random name generator in choicescript. It would be horribly spammy though since you’d need a list of all the names codeside.

Did you mean have a random name where it randomly chooses a first and last name? Or where it randomly creates the entire name?

Now I’m tempted to code a random option for names…

Not that I would ever use it or implement it. I like thinking out my character’s names. I’m pretty sure I have dozens given how many games I play, a different name for each one. Never felt comfortable using my real name, though.