Custom RO/Companion names

If you were playing a game, would you like to input your companion names? Or would you prefer if it was pre-made?


At least have default names or suggested names so we can keep track of canon characters more easily (call her Lucca first play, rename her after my smart friend second play).


I’d prefer set names. If a game allowed me to input companion names they’d feel more like cardboard cutouts than real, three-dimensional characters and I’d be far less interested in them as a result


No, no-no, no inputing npc’s names, that’s heresy. They must be set.


Set names, please. It helps add character when I’m not just naming every Tom, Dick, and Harry… well, Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Also it’s less confusing when I go onto the forums and talk about those characters to other people. They won’t be all like, “Oh, you named NPC#1 this? I named them that, after something or rather bullshit I don’t really care.”


That’s a pretty good argument

Yes. So much yes. I’d prefer not to use descriptions when talking about my RO, thank you very much))))

Honestly, I already have trouble deciding the gender of an RO when it can be changed. Please no.

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I actually don’t mind either way, but it’s easier to talk about with others on the forums if they have set names. :smiley:

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A name is a part of a character. despite it having little significance it is used as an identifier and that enough reason with everything else, to be honest.


I actually prefer having a list of names to choose from. Just typing in a name, though it takes just a second or two, can actually feel like an interruption when I’m reading a CoG.

If it’s for the mc yeah I prefer the list of names that are preset. The box is just as harrowing as blank paper for me…

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I’m very strongly for the case of NPC/Companion characters having set names. I feel like players shouldn’t have to determine things about the NPC that the PC would not have control over (in most cases).


That’s absolutely right.

An MC wouldn’t just walk up to an NPC and go, “I dub thee Billward.”

That just doesn’t make sense.


Idk my characters always have flexable morals and that just might be up their alley…

That might be kind of cute if it were a nickname, not just deciding that’s their name now LOL

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Set name for sure. ヽ(´▽`)/

No. Personally I’d hate it. NPC’s are meant to actually be characters rather than purely reader creations. Some of the RO’s in games already feel too much like wish fulfillment, rather than standing on their own already. I find it quite immersion breaking being able to directly set RO characteristics (including gender, I’d rather it be indirect or earlier in the story if you’re going to go there) but particularly names. NPC’s should have their own names. Maybe allow selection of a nickname if you want to go there? That would be something the PC would be able to choose IRL.


Put me squarely in the no naming of companions by the player. I think it would detract from the story.

How about set names while also allowing the player to choose a nickname for each companion?

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