Hero Rise Herofall: Unholy Trilogy Hints and Tips


When you are on the blessed vessel there’s 3 doors. What’s the answer on the first one? I keep getting it wrong

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You can put in: Your name, Prodigal, or, I think, The Crush

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Like my character real name or codename? I put in my codename twice and it was wrong.


The code name should work. Hm. Also keep in mind that the order of questions is always randomized, there another question that requires types input


Who is our most heinous Infini enemy?
Yea I don’t think this was the same question as before. Do you know the answer too this one? Can’t bother too restart for thexample forth time


just write prodigal and it should work


Most heinous should be your code name, Prodigal, or the Crush.

The other questions are:

Shining examples of non power heroics and the answer is either Inherit or Jury
And what should we do with Powered People and the right answer is show no mercy

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Prodigal worked👍 Thx doods


Black Magic also works I think


Got all doors open. Thanks doods​:+1: I started too get a bit frustrated :joy: