Who's Your Hero?




@P_Tigras I’d never thought of that before. But considering that I’ve read HR2, that’s f-ing hilarious.


I was wondering if you play as a girl is blavk magic a guy or what


Sorry,Black Magic


@DJNIKOLDO If you say your character likes guys, regardless of whether your character is a guy or gal, then Black Magic will be a guy. Basically Black Magic is whatever sex your character is attracted to. I forget what happens when you tell the game you’re bi however.

@jasonstevanhill Agreed! Megan Fox is now forever imprinted in my mind as the face, body, and personality of Black Magic.


@P_Tigras If you tell the game you’re bi, it asks the gender of your previous partner and then uses that for Black Magic.

@DJNIKOLDO You get to pick who Black Magic looks like and what gender they are. You don’t get to pick personality though. :slight_smile: Well apart from most of the time if you tell Black Magic what’s the most important thing to you, Black Magic will say the same.


@FairyGodfeather Thanks for piping in on that. I was feeling too lazy to look up the bi scenario in the code.

And yep, the bit where Black Magic’s response matches your own 2/3’s of the time I chalk up to the game trying to make BM seem as perfect as possible before the bomb drops. I recall that regardless of what you say, no variables are affected and the results have no affect whatsoever on the rest of the game.


@P_Tigras See I assumed that Black Magic was using a mind-reading power and cheating in order to answer the same as you did, same way they made your favourite breakfast of greasy goodness. Oops sorry for spamming this thread. On with the Heroes!


@FairyGodfeather That thought did occur to me, and it’s probably the best in-story explanation. Nevertheless the game is so heavy-handed in other places that have nothing to do with Black Magic that I’m rather reluctant to draw that conclusion. And what explains those cases where she doesn’t say the same thing?


Code Name: Maestro
Name: Alistair Hawke
Male, Heterosexual
Justice over Fame
Lawless over Lawful
Team Player over Soloist
Control over Unleash
Loved over Hated
Underdog over Popular
Sidekick: Sparrow (:c)
Legend: 80

Lucky: 90-ish (Went with her after breaking up with Black Magic.)
Black Magic: 40-ish (Broke up with her in the Hero Project cause she was being ridiculous.)

Maestro basically wore a costume appropriately reminiscent of a maestro’s outfit, albeit a bit fancier and lined with some golden trim. His energy powers were blue.


Name: Demon
Real Name: Victor Knight
99% Justice
70% Lawless
80% Offensive
70% Soloist
Legend: 20

I really tried to be something like Batman, but just how it was written and my choices I was sort of limited.


Has anyone managed to get more than 81% soloist? The legend guide says I need 85% at the point of saving Sonja.


Codename: Rush
Real name: Erin Rosado (as if you couldn’t guess)
Colours: Red and silver
I can’t remember the stats but:
Justice over fame (just)
Lawful over lawless
Team Player
Sidekick: Sparrow (that story was quite sad)

I remember having 95% love level with BM.
The game I currently have saved for HR & HP is having a relationship with BM, which sadly, involves voting with the Populars because BM is being a silly boy. At some point I am going to make a game which involves going down the Underdog route.

The ending genuinely upset me. As soon as it happened, I was literally like “Noooooo!”, and feeling like moping. I work in a cinema, and what didn’t help was at work the next day, selling tickets to the film, Rush, and thinking of the game.
And then thinking of how I make myself sound like I have no life.


Was I the only one who did a lawless justice character, I feel like everyone else either did justice or fame and stuck to lawful which I kinda don’t get.


Im like kill the bad guys safe the world and ride away on a unicorn deadpool style :3


Real Name: Clyde Ackley

Code name: Minuteman

Justice: 71

Lawful: 65

Defensive: 54

Team Player: 80

Legend: 69

I chose to stay in a relationship with Black Magic (Kate Upton) and I punched Jury in the face.


Name: Aries Passadar
Code name: Firestorm
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Appearance: Long, reddish blonde hair. Alabaster skin. Gray eyes. Slender build.
Costume, first incarnation: Red and silver armless bodysuit with ceremite weave and upgraded with blast bracelets and shield tubing. Mask covers over eyes and has flame-motifs.
Costume, second incarnation: Red latex singlet, knee high boots and elbow length gauntlets with silver highlights. Silver ring emblem emblazoned over chest. Mask with flame motif remains. Tight and sexy!
Biography: Aries is a young woman who decided she was destined for more things than what the cruel Judge had in mind. Inclined towards law and justice, she doesn’t care for fame. Enjoyed romance with Black Magic, who looks like Chiwatel Ejiofor, until the Hero Project came between them. Was faithful to him until he gave her a cruel ultimatum. She cultivated romance with Lucky up until the conclusion of the Hero Project. She exercises strict control over her Infini powers and pitied the ani-gangs in the fringe. She is highly outspoken and does not care for beating around the bush.


Name: Cabbage. (can’t remember the last, but it was either very rude or very stupid)
Hero name: A pair of f***ing balls
Straight woman.
Fame 76‰
Lawless 84%
Team player 80%
I imagined her with the biggest amount of curly ginger hair possible, as well as constant spandex.
Wanted to join with Rebellion but got place stolen by Jury…
Got with Black Magic, and was very happy about it.
Sided with the populars in the game show civil war. Betrayed Jenny for selfish gain. Was not worth it.
Hated Lucky to the depths of the earth. He felt like the worst girl next door type. I imagined him singing country music and having buck teeth. When it asked me what his real name was, I wrote “Betty”
As in the Betty/Veronica TV trope about love triangles.
I didn’t get high legend, and most people didn’t like me very much. I ended up having the chameleon trait. But my character was a calculating, lying, selfish little thing, and I intend to continue with her.


My character’s real name is Ruby Kholden.
A woman (obviously), straight.
Her codename is Finesse.

Her stats for the first game are:
Justice 90
Lawful 81
Defensive 54
Team Player 88

Legend 65

Family relationship is at 97. Not sure how she wasn’t at 100 honestly, but I guess the negative reaction to the grandmother writing letters to her parents pretending to be her set that back a bit. How dare Ruby react in anger at such an obvious breech of privacy and trust.

Victon relationship is at 3, because the Mayor needs to be strung up by his thumbs for looking like a disturbing futuristic version of Hitler, and Jury is a drooling idiot.

Sidekick was 47 before Prodigal’s big reveal, but at the end it was 1 because my sidekick was Tamara Rain, and her parents didn’t allow her to see me anymore. She was kind of a pill anyway. Actually, very much a pill, so not a big deal.

Black Magic is at 97, because although the fake fire stunt was a dumb move, Black Magic obviously liked Finesse and tried his best to get back together with her after she learned his creepy secret. He was also really supportive of her when she needed him.

Millennial Group at 84. I hung out with Fistfull and found out about he and Monk’s, ahem, involvement, and kept it a secret for them both. Also I did well on the missions.

Her costume was red and silver, her powers were purple in color, and her outfit was a lot like the second Silk Specter’s uniform from the Watchmen. Just switch the colors from yellow to red, and black to silver. In my mind she wears her hair back in a high pony-tail. She’s very upbeat and positive, and determined to be the best hero she can be to restore the family name to it’s former glory.


Codename: Kavalus (or the Estonian word for finesse ((areal maneuverability)) after his ability to fly )

Name: Dean Winchester ((OH SHUT UP))

Orientation: Bisexual

Gender: Male

Fame: 65%

Lawful: 55%

Offensive: 53%

Team player: 85%


Legend: 75

In the relationship department:

Family: 90

Victon: 2 (LOL)

Side kick: (bat bird chick? Can’t remember her name.)

Choice: Sonja

Black Magic: 97 ((HIGHEST FRIGGIN SCORE I EVER GOT. I still don’t know how I managed to pull it off…))

Looks like: Castiel Novak (again, shut up)

Millennial group: 85