What kind of stories do you want to see for Choice of Games & Hosted Games?

Prison type of story, real life stories with real problems :eye::lips::eye:

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More Wuxia/cultivation stories. A pure unafraid OP MC story with just personality stats.

More god stories but maybe with a superhero twist. Imagine being a god that roleplays as a hero on earth lmfao.

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Hmm, maybe like more Arab stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with jinns? I only know like 2 Arab stories which have jinn in their title. Also more stories about insanity or where you can be insane(Which thankfully, is getting more popular-ish these days)
Oh, and is there any ifs where you can be mute?? I only know about the kings hound on itch

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I THINK you can be mute in One Knight Stand - King Arthur x Among Us Apocalyptic Road Trip (WIP 815k)(UPDATE 07/04/24 + 200k - A Perfectly Normal Rest Stop)


Oh, yes please, I didn’t even think about the possibility of a sageuk IF and now I want one so bad…

For my end, I’m going to +1 all of those who’ve said slice-of-life stories. I just crave stories where there aren’t “end of world” stakes, where the focus is developing the MCs relationship with the community, with the other characters, and with themselves.


Sort of, kind of. You have to put in work to get the mute stat set to “true” because there’s no “were you born mute” sort of option. But given that it’s an Arthurian tale, there were MANY characters who over the course of (any number of cycles of) the story had taken upon themselves various vows of silence or who had been cursed to silence. The mute options may be heading towards something like that, meaning that eventually it may no longer be an option and your character may have to “revert” to a speaking character rather than remaining mute. We don’t know yet, as it’s still very early in the story (chapter 2.)

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