Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyone's art in the first post!

Oh. My. Heart. swoons on the spot

These are some gorgeous drawings :heart: Take my wallet and soul, if you need!


I apologize, but this is the most relevant thread I could find: is there still an open discussion topic for Book One? I’ve used Search and it only finds book two and the locked book one thread.

The Book One thread is locked because we hit the post limit, lol.
You can always discuss Book One in this thread, but if you feel uncomfortable discussing it here, you can always go to the General Discussion which doesn’t have any scope beyond being related to the Wayhaven Chronicles. :slight_smile:

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That thread has book two spoilers and I didn’t want to risk seeing anything yet. The question I wanted to ask: is there a guide on how to not get bit by Murphy? I want to make saves where I am and am not bitten for book two. It happens late game so if I get bit it is frustrating to restart each time. I’m a tech minded character if that helps.

Please refer to the FAQ. There’s lots of questions answered here:

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I see it, thanks. I was worried about encountering book two spoilers if I hung around too long.

No problem! I totally understand. There are people who don’t remember or don’t know how to spoiler. :slight_smile: I would be cautious too.

Wow it’s been a while- but im back with colour!

Drew one of my detectives, Jack Crown, to get back into the swing of things, and also have some illustration for a fic I’m working on.

And a bit more fic relevant- here is what remains of Janet Greenland :skull: (in the fic- she didn’t quite die, not Properly, and so UB has to deal with the appearance of a brand new form of supernatural…)


Is there any way you guys could give the male characters a celebrity face? Like what y’all think they’d look like as celebrities? :blush:

I absolutely love Jack Crown. He looks like a more put together version of my detective Griffin “Gizzard” Bowman. The only difference is that Gizzard typically dresses in all black and would never wear a tie lol.

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thank youuu- jack loves his colours far too much, he’s all bright and light clothes if he can get away with it haha

Here is Janet and Adam- in my fic i went with them being soulmates, because that idea brings me much tragic joy…

(now if i can get myself to finish my Falk pic… maybe tomorrow…)


This one is a slight Book 2 spoiler (all routes, not romance-based) so i’ve tucked it behind a spoiler tag (dunno if there’s a better way of doing this?)

[spoiler]falk stanczyk|344x500

A broody Falk, considering the fate of his people…[/spoiler]


The fact that this story has fanfics written about it is a testament to the quality of the story and the writing!



Falk’s giving me Grindelwald (or Johnny Depp, depends on the person looking at it) vibes here, no offence :sweat_smile: Actually, the more I think about it, Falk is a perfect Johnny Depp character. If anyone’s gonna do a movie on TWC, they should include Falk and Falk must be played by Johnny Depp. Otherwise, I’m boycotting the film right there :grin:

But seriously, that’s good art right there :+1:


I like it a lot but why is he so saddddd :frowning: does he miss his RO interest

My art style at the time made him more sad than I intended. He’s just a bit grumpy at everyone lying to him.

Now that I think about it I might redraw Vincent

I don’t know if everyone here is on tumblr, so I want to link to one of my favorite artists! They are just playing WHC for the first time and drew an AMAZING take on M!UB and their detective.

Since it’s not my art, I don’t want to repost the art directly but you should go check it out!


wow! that IS amazing! thanks for sharing! i’m definitely gonna make sure Sera sees that if she hasn’t already!


Fanart I made of Ava and Farah


takes a deep breath, then screams I LOVE IT!!! OMG, THEY’RE SO GOOOOOD, KILL ME!