Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyone's art in the first post!

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I really love your art work
Will you be done one of Nat and Morgan?


@Astralise.Ink those are awesome, you have a great talent :slight_smile:

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@Alex_Parker_Roberts Thanks! And I will.



@Astralise.Ink These creations are PERFECT. So excited to hear you are doing Nat & Morgan! :grin:


I’m late to this but
@Astralise.Ink jaw drops Gorgeous! I’m in love with your Ava! Can’t wait to see your Morgan.

You all guys art on here is fantastic! :fire:

If anyone draws Mason with manbun I’ll die…:heart:


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i am so jealous of how fluid and natural you were able to make his posture! beautifully done. i genuinely think sera just creates characters she knows is gonna make us all thirsty at this point lmao


Can’t wait to see Nat, she’s my favourite RO

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@DrainingVenom Thanks!
@Alisha_Houghton Thanks! I am considering drawing the male version of M.
@jaz99hewitt Thank You! I love Nat too.


Oh.My.God. :grimacing: Yes please! Please please with cherry on top? You’re so talented it would turn out amazing!

Oi you take that back! Your art is gorgeous!!!

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When I expanded the little triangle thingy, the link said fan art. Is it fan art, or fan fix? I can’t really do art very well.

This is a general thread for fanworks. You can post both fanfics and fanart here.

Since I’m someone who got a F in my art class, drawing fan art was waaaay out of the waters for me. So the best I could do, was to write up this “short” fic (short as in about 4k words xD) with my main MC, Hayden McCarthy and Nat. Hope you enjoy it!

Annual File Sorting Day (M!MC x F!N)

“This is booooooooring !” Farah drawls, earning an unimpressed look from Ava, a sympathetic look from Nat and a roll of eyes from Morgan.

“You think?” Morgan deadpans. If it weren’t evident by the slow, dragging pace in which she sorted the files, it was pretty clear that she wasn’t having the best moment in her life right now.

Farah turns back to Hayden, who’s watching the exchange with an amused smile, “This is your fault, Hayden!” She jabs at him, causing his hands to go up in defence.

“Hey, hey, don’t blame me! I didn’t want to sort old records about window breaking tennis balls and piss taking dogs. It was the captain’s order.”

That doesn’t deter Farah from continuing with her verbal assault (by Farah’s standards), “And you dragged us off to help you do it.”

Hayden’s eyebrows raise slightly, his lips quirk into a small grin, “And I wonder, who jumped in when they entered my office and literally forced me to let you guys help me?”

That wipes off the self-satisfying smirk Farah had, replaced by a fluster rare for the cheery chatterbox of a member of the Unit Bravo, causing Hayden’s grin cover his entire face. As Farah desperately tries to come up with a retort, Nat intervenes, as she always does, “Alright, you two. That’s enough.” She chuckles, “The faster we can sort this out, the faster we can be free for the day. Unless any of you want to stay here?” She adds the last part with a small smirk.

“Nope.” Both Hayden and Farah answer at the same time, causing Nat to chuckle and focus back on her files.

It had been several months since Unit Bravo moved in here and the deal with Falk and the maa-alsud had been done. There had been no major events regarding the supernatural in the ensuing time, letting Unit Bravo settle in properly. The Trappers had been relatively quiet too, surprisingly enough, although Rebecca thinks that they are bidding their time to strike once again. Farah, as always, had a different theory.

“They’ve been so put-off by our awesomeness that they’re too feared to make their move now.” She boldly claimed over pools one evening, while losing to Tina in a matchup full of puns and badly cracked jokes.

Speaking of Tina, that brings us to the present. The files.

Apparently, Tina had enough of the police work and the mind-boggling revelation of Unit Bravo being vampires (which oddly enough, the unit took with stride). So she submitted her leave of absence to the Captain’s office, packed her bags and just left one day. When Hayden asked her where she had gone, she screamed “Hawaii!!” so loud that it almost blew his eardrums away. Looks like she is having fun.

The captain, obviously, wasn’t so pleased with the fact once he came back from his intense golfing session to find the application that essentially amounted to saying, “I’m going to have some fun. I’ll bring some souvenirs. Bye.” on his door. However, after much pleading and convincing by Hayden and Verda, he managed to calm down enough to relegate Tina’s punishment to a stern rebuke on the phone, which, safe to say, didn’t do much in curbing her enjoyment. Her social media pages were full of pictures of her in Hawaii, which did just about enough for Hayden to seriously consider whether to pull a Tina or not. Unfortunately, he didn’t. But Tina’s having fun. So that’s handled for now.

What wasn’t handled was the files.

In midst of Unit Bravo, the newly revealed supernatural world and his blossoming relationship with Nat, Hayden had entirely forgotten about the Annual File Sorting Day. A day where the Wayhaven Police Precinct arranges and sorts all files neatly into categories and classes for “future use”. Or in layman’s term, loads of paperwork.


For the last four years, Hayden had seen the old Detective Reele trudge away alone in this mammoth of a task. Sometimes he and Tina would give him a hand too (as in crack bad jokes at each other while misplacing files all over the place). But little did he realize the amount of work Reele had to put in to barely complete this within one day. Which was more than the entire force had worked in a year. What was more frustrating that he completely forgot about it, only to be reminded by the captain while he was having a romantic dinner with Nat last night. He freaked out once it came to his attention, and in order to calm him down, Nat promised that she would help him tomorrow.

Which led to Unit Bravo’s appearance in the early morning, primed for the mountain of paperwork they were going to tackle. Which is, safe to say, more ready than Hayden was.

Six hours, two breaks and one paper airplane fight later, they’re still here, trudging away through the files like there is no tomorrow.

One hour later (more like an eternity later)……

“And done!” Hayden exclaims, releasing a sigh of relief, before turning back to the four vampires in his office, “What about you guys?”

“We are done too.” Nat says, getting up with two boxes full of paperwork with ease, giving Hayden a smile that makes almost all of his circuits in his brain go haywire.

“Finally! I felt like I would die from paperitis.” Farah yawns, signalling that she is indeed tired.

“Is paperitis even a real disease?” Morgan comments.

“Sure is! Just ask Hayden.” Farah looks at Hayden, “Tell her, Hayden.”

“Yep, sure is.” He simply nods, trying to look serious, “Around a million people die from this disease every year. Mostly overworked detectives with a huge amount of paperwork.” he fails, miserably.

Morgan looks unamused, “Ha ha, very funny.” She rolls her eyes as Hayden & Farah chuckles, “I’m going out now. Need some fresh air.” And with that, she leaves.

Farah stretches for a while, before joining Morgan as well, “Welp, I’m out of here. Good luck arranging everything!” She waves Hayden goodbye, “See ya Hayden!”

“You too Farah!” he waves back, but she is already gone. He hears a sigh and a chuckle from behind.

“Looks like it’s just us now.” Nat comments.

“Yep.” He takes a look at his watch, then at the boxes piled on the desk, “Hey, any chance you guys wanna help me with these boxes?” He says, making sure to emphasize on his “normie” status, “I’m not exactly a strong guy.”

Ava raises her eyebrows, “No, but you are a supernatural power bank, so there’s that.” A half-smile plays on her lips.

Hayden fake gasps, “Why Ava, did I heard you make a joke !?” He says in a faux dramatic voice.

Surprisingly, the smile doesn’t go away from her lips. Instead she turns around, putting the last of the files in a box, “Maybe.” She mutters.

Nat looks pleasantly surprised, “You’re changing, old friend.” She notes.

“Am I?” Her usual stoic expression is back. Nat just chuckles once again.

“Maybe not.” She says, her expression brightening, “Come on Hayden, I will help you with that.”

“Really? With all of the-” Hayden starts, before seeing Nat carry three boxes with ease, “Oh right, I forgot. Immortal, attractive vampires with super strength and too much time in their hands.”

Nat laughs. It’s really beautiful when she does that, “I thought I told you to never forget that.” She reminds Hayden of their talk at the Agency facility, “Come on, I do not wish to tarry in this place any longer.” She looks back at Ava, “Ava, come on.”

Ava locks her eyes with Nat’s, “You go on with Hayden. I still have some paperwork that I need to take care of.” She motions at a pile of files at the corner of the cabinet.

“Oh. Oh. ” Nat says, her expressions brightening, with a tinge of purple showing in her cheeks. Sudden realization strikes Hayden, as he watches this exchange. Did Ava really do that to set us up alone? He tries to have a look at Ava’s face in order to gauge her emotions, but is quickly disappointed. That women is damn good at doing a poker face.

“Come on then Hayden, let us roam here no longer.” Nat calls out to him, impatient to leave, “Ava, please hurry up.”

Ava only gives a nod in answer and strides toward the cabinet slowly but determinedly as Hayden and Nat exits the room with a bundle of boxes in their hands.

“No, caviars are not supposed to taste like that.” Nat argues back, looking kind of exasperated.

“Then what are they supposed to taste like?” Hayden says, genuinely curious.

“Sort of like bubbles popping out inside your mouth, sweet and watery.” She says, before opening the small door deep inside the basement, beside Verda’s lab, “We’re here.”

Beyond the door, lies the physical database of the Wayhaven Police, aptly known as the Data Storage. While the precinct has been using the digital database for quite a while now, the captain still insisted that a physical storage of files should be kept, in case of the loss of the digital database. He also insisted that while data might be inputted digitally, a soft copy of it should also be created for it, one of the main reasons why it takes such a long time to sort these files out.

Smart move by the captain, but one that is a huge pain in the bottom for Hayden. Even though he would have ordered the same thing had he been the captain instead. Probably.

The room itself, is as bland as it can be. Grey walls, white tiles. A fluorescent light hanging over their heads. Six shelves stacked with files in the either side of the room, with a table at the middle. The most defining feature of the room, however? Advanced dust particles with the ability to stain any clothing known to mankind. It was also kind of cold inside.

Nat takes the first step inside the room and almost retracts back, “It’s so dusty….” She says, trying desperately to avoid the dust.

“Yeah, it’s dustier than I first came.” Hayden comments, doing the same thing as Nat, “Mom would disapprove of this place for sure.” He chuckles.

Nat joins him in his good-humoured fun after putting down the boxes onto the table, “Yeah, for sure.” She chuckles, then turns back at Hayden, who just put down his boxes as well, “Do you come here….often?” She attempts at small talk, which is met with a raised eyebrow from Hayden.

“Not at all.” He says, opening his box and setting the files on the table, “I think you will find me to be a very paperwork-averse person. I like books and stuffs, but paperwork isn’t really my thing. And this place” he gestures to the shelves around them, “is paperwork hell. Or paperwork heaven for others. Depends on how you see things.”

Nat giggles, “That is true. Can’t argue with that.” And with that said, she goes to work, meticulously arranging the files in order, as Hayden do the same.

No words pass between them for a while, before Hayden’s voice breaks the silence that prevailed.

“Hey Nat?”


“I just wanted to thank you.”

“For what?” She turns, sounding and looking genuinely surprised.

“You know, for helping me with these files.” He holds up a file, as if to emphasize the point, making Nat chuckle again, “Also with Murphy. And with Falk. And with Mom. And with the Trap-”

His words are cut short as Nat suddenly swoops in and pecks him on his cheek. After shaking off the initial shock, He places his hand on his reddened cheek, as if to capture the lingering sensation. Looking up, he finds Nat looking at him, smiling, with a hint of pink in her face.

“There is no need to thank me, Hayden.” She says slowly, “If anything, I should thank you. For bringing the team closer. For helping to improve ourselves.” She blushes a bit as she says the next sentence, “For being closer to me. I’m glad you’re with us, with me. There would be no other place I would be right now.”

She smiles. It seemed to Hayden that her smile had the ability to break thousands of hearts. Funny, how didn’t he noticed this before?

Their eyes remained locked together, blue meeting brown, for a while, before Nat breaks the silence with a constrained cough, her cheeks considerably more reddened than before, “Let’s work now, shall we? Don’t want Ava to disapprove of us.”

Hayden laughs, “Truer words never spoken.”

“Hey Hayden, where should I keep the “Harry Johnston” files?”

“In the “H” rack. It’s the first rack on the left. Should be the upper part.”


Nat moves toward the first rack on the left, reaching up towards the upper mantel with a bit of difficulty. She tips the file onto the mantel, but doing so results in one of the files above dropping down to the ground. She sighs at her handiwork, then bends down to pick the file up. As she dusts out the file, she notices the name of the file written on the side of the file.

Hayden McCarthy

Hayden, with a file here? What did he do?

Curiosity piques Nat’s mind. She briefly considers whether she should open the file or not. It could contain some private insights to his life that was unknown to her. But she would be invading his privacy, and he might not take to it kindly. Decisions, decisions.

Before she could reach a conclusion to her dilemma, she hears the man in question call out to her.

“Hey Nat, are you do-” he turns the corner and comes to a stop, seeing his girlfriend standing there awkwardly. His eyes narrow to look at the file on her hand and upon realizing what it was, his cheeks reddens and he looks down at the ground.

Silence consumes our couple. A silence ingrained with delicious awkwardness as both parties try to figure out what to do. Safe to say, it takes a while for one of them to break the silence.

“I forgot to burn that when I became the detective.” Hayden chuckles, making Nat give a strained giggle as well, “Sorry about that.” He gives her a tense smile, as if to lighten the situation.

Nat, for her part, looks extremely apologetic, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have-” she stops when Hayden puts his hands up.

“Don’t be. It’s natural to be curious.”

“Then I hope you don’t mind?” She gestures at the file. Hayden thinks for a moment, then shrugs.


They both walk to the table, where Nat puts down the file and opens it, from where a picture of a teenage boy reveals itself. Black hair, blue eyes, a cocky and careless little grin on the corners of his lips. It’s hard not to recognize Detective Hayden McCarthy right away.

“This is…you?” Nat asks hesitantly.

“Yep, when I was 18.” Hayden says, then scratches his head from embarrassment, “I always had a baby face growing up. Heard quite a bit of tease for it. It wasn’t until I was in my second year at college when my face finally decided that it wanted to catch up with my age.” He chuckles.

“What did you do?”

Hayden sighs, “Cons. I convinced people to buy stuff that didn’t work by making them believe that it worked. Then shared the profit with Lance, who supplied me the stuffs. It was a profitable venture.” He gives a rueful smile.

“Did Rebecca….disapproved?”

He shakes his head, “She didn’t know. Always busy with her job. Although when she found out,” he takes a deep breath, “it wasn’t pretty.”

Nat feels uncomfortable, to say the least. She always imagined Hayden as a friendly and lovely guy. So to know that he had a less-than-stellar past surprised her. But the curious part in her brain overrules her cautious part, as she asked in a quiet, hesitant voice;

“When did you got caught?”

He doesn’t look up, “A few days before my graduation. I was trying to convince Taylor Larkin to buy a bottle of “snake oil” when Reele raided with two officers. I was taken to the police station, and had to spend a night in there before Mom came in and bailed me out.” He shudders, “Reele wasn’t willing to drop the charges though, and told me that if I wanted to avoid jail, I had to do “community service”. Which meant I had to join the police. That made me sober up quickly enough.”

Nat’s hand rests above his shoulder, making him look back at her. His face is deeply contorted, perhaps due to the memories.

“If you don’t want to talk about it, you don’t have to.” She says quietly. In response, he just shakes his head.

“It’s not that I don’t want to talk about it,” he takes her hand in his, “it’s just I want you to know that I’m not the angel I make myself to be. I’ve done some bad things, I’ve made some terrible decisions and I regret all of them.” He looks extremely saddened, his face down, “I’m sorry. I’m not the best person you wanna be wit- Hmmph!”

His words are cut off as Nat tilts his face up and presses her lips onto his. Hayden, having regained from the shock, deepens the kiss, one hand on her cheek, the other on her waist. After a tender minute or so quickly passes by, Nat breaks the kiss with a content sigh and rests her forehead on Hayden’s, having to tilt a bit down due to her impressive height.

“I don’t care about what your past was.” She says quietly, her hands on his cheeks, “No one does. What matters is the present; what you do now. How you live your life now.” She locks her eyes with his, “And to the team, to me, to all of these people who work with you, you’re a good person. Someone worthy of their friendship. Someone worthy of the risk they would put themselves in to save you.” She closes her eyes, her face now tranquil and beautiful, as it should be, “Someone I could love with all of my heart.”

Hayden just smiles, his eyes crinkling with joy, “Throwing the L word out there already?”

“Why shouldn’t I? I’m honest with my feelings after all.” Comes the reply from Nat, her eyes still closed.

“Good for me. Makes my heart more stable.” His smile doesn’t waver, “I love you too, Nat.”

Nat doesn’t reply, instead goes for another kiss, to which Hayden gladly obliges. However, before their lips could meet, a faint knock is heard by the door, followed by a familiar voice.

“Detective? Natkins? Are you done there? May we come in?” Chirps in the teasingly joyful voice of Farah.

Both Hayden and Nat gives a long look at the door, then at themselves, sighs and finally chuckles, “Yes, we’re almost done here, Farah.” Nat beckons her inside, “Come in.”

They barely straighten themselves before a grinning Farah bursts in, followed by a smirking Morgan and a disapproving Ava. Farah and Morgan scrutinizes the couple for a short moment before Farah bursts in laughter and Morgan’s smirk grows wider. Ava’s glare grows more disapproving.

“My, my detective,” Farah speaks with an impish glitter in her eyes, “were you getting tardy with Natkins? Out then, for interrupting on your private moment. We’ll leave at once.” She bows and turns to leave, before being stopped by Nat, who looks unfazed, although a tinge of pink has appeared on her cheeks.

“No Farah, you haven’t interrupted anything. Me and the detective were just discussing some things.” She explains a little too quickly.

“Discussing, huh?” Morgan remarks, the smirk still not gone from her face, “Does the discussion happened to include certain body parts like-”

“Morgan, I dare you to finish that sentence.” Ava coolly cuts in, which causes Morgan to stop, although the smirk still remains firmly in its place as she checks Hayden out.

Hayden rolls his eyes, then chuckles, “Ava, why don’t you put that box down on the table. I’ll handle it.” He says to Ava who was holding the last box of files in her hands. Ava nods as she does what she was asked of.

Nat looks at her watch, then frowns, “We’re late for the debriefing. Agent McCarthy would kill us.” She then smiles apologetically at Hayden, “Sorry, Hayden. I-we have to go. Your mother told us that she wanted to debrief us about some events.”

Now it’s Hayden’s time to frown, “Surely it isn’t something serious?”

It’s Ava who answers, “Likely not, since if it were something serious, she would’ve directly gave us her orders.” She gestures at the box, “Are you sure you would be able to handle that alone?”

“Why Ava, I’m surprised that you do care about me, considering the fact that we’ve made a world record on disagreements and arguments.” Hayden notes. In answer to that, she just rolls her eyes and surprisingly enough to him, lets a half-smile plays across her face. Huh, looks like that woman can loosen up after all.

“That doesn’t answer the ques-” Ava starts, before Hayden stops her with a wave of his hand.

“Go on, I will be fine.” He sneaks a look back at the box, “Probably.”

Farah chuckles at his uncertainty, before heading towards the door, “See ya, Hayden. Do drop by at the warehouse. It gets boring out there.” She waves goodbye.

“I wonder.” Hayden remarks, chuckling, “See you then. Goodbye Ava, Morgan.”

Ava only nods, while Morgan actually deign to give a proper answer, “See you around.”, causing much of a pleasant surprise for him as they both walk out of the room. Which leaves him and Nat alone. Again.

Nat sighs, then walks up to him, before giving a quick kiss on his lip, “I have to go. Sorry.” She looks apologetic once again, “Let me make it up for you tonight?”

“Sounds good to me.” Hayden says, his mind already spinning its wheels, trying to figure out where to take her on a date, “How about the new Italian place that opened last week?” He suggests.

“There is a new restaurant at town?” Nat wonders, before chuckling, “I guess I have been cooped up inside the warehouse for too long. Sounds good to me.”

He can’t help but grin, “Great. Then I will be at warehouse at,” he takes a look at his watch, “what, seven o’clock?”

“Yes, seven sounds like it would be fine. Rebecca should be done by then.” She gives Hayden one last kiss, before walking away, “See you at seven then.” And with one last smile full of unspoken words, she’s gone, leaving Hayden alone.

He keeps looking at the door, as if expecting Nat to enter again, before shaking his head and laughing softly, “Yeah, see you at seven.” His gaze strolls throughout the room, before settling on the box, which knowing Ava, was likely full with the most amount of files she could possibly chug in there. A sigh involuntarily escapes him, knowing that he would had to check and arrange those files once again before he was done for the day.

But hey, at least he had seven o’clock to look ahead of.

Now before you heckle me with rocks for bad writing, bad grammar, character misrepresentation or just plain ol’ cringy writing, this is my first time trying my hand at a fanfic. So I’m extremely sorry for any mistakes I committed while writing this. Please have my latest batch of cookies as compensation :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

Now, if you still feel like heckling me, please do continue :sweat_smile:


@moonfungus I LOVE this fic! Gods I wish I had a fraction of your talent for writing. UB character portrayals are remarkable; they’re all true their characters not a OOC moment in sight. Your MC Hayden sarcasm made me chuckle! The shenanigans of his youth with Lance Huttle just gold lol
Annual File sorting day. :grimacing: Paperitis :joy::joy: so many great lines in this. Nat is lovely! :blush: Here have the whole bakery for your effort! :cookie::cake::pie::doughnut: Plus :star::star::star::star::star:

Here comes the annoying request:
May I humbly request a Mason fic for my birthday pretty please??? You don’t have to of course, no pressure. Ok I admit my bday isn’t til March :joy: so you got loads of time to decide whether you would care to. With your talent it would turn out fantastico tho!!!

Wholeheartedly agree. @moonfungus please write more.

You’d do this for me?? :grinning::smiley::grin:Oh my god I’m so bloody excited like you wouldn’t believe!!!
Gods how am I going to last til March lol
Oh shy please!
For example MC Elena is a hugely extroverted people person but majorly shy when it comes to M (at the end of book 2 shy level was 81% :joy:) you don’t have to use her of course go with whatever suits you! I will read anything you write! Im officially a card carrying fan!
PS pacing is just right. May I say it again I’m totally impressed!

:joy: I nearly spat out my green tea!

So would M. :grin:

Umm too late I did :joy: by writing a private Mary sue × M × Tane draft that’ll never leave the confines of my imaginary drawer!


That was a very good fit. I hope that you write more of them. :slight_smile:


But of course, it would be my utmost pleasure :joy:

Just a quick question; shy MC or bold MC?

Ahh, stop it, you’re gonna make me blush and inflate my ego to the size of Mount Olympus :blush:

I’m glad you liked it :grin:! I was a tad bit unsure about the pacing tho :sweat_smile:

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The one in Greece, or the one presently floating over New York? Dry Underline humor. I don’t know how to make an emoji that states that.
I just hope that my fanfic is decent. Worried face.


Oooooh, Farah would approve :joy:

Lemme think…definitely the one in Greece :grin:

I don’t think emojis have become that powerful enough to contain each and every type of humor a human being may or may not have :joy:

Don’t worry about it. I’m sure you would do great. Just remember, you can’t possibly do worse than what Twilight did :sweat_smile:

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The basic underpinnings weren’t that bad, what made it fail was the fixation on romance, also the type of vampire didn’t really fit, but that’s just me nitpicking that last one.
Also for most of it, the main character was essentially a MacGuffin.
I’m talking about twilight Mind. Then the movies came along, and removed whatever good things that were in the books at all. Sad face.

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You can always go back to Anne Rice & Bram Stoker for some hardcore Vampire fix :blush: Don’t focus too much on Twilight it’ll pass lol Also get a healthy dose of Byzantium, Lost Boys and Nosferatu into you.