Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!







Haha thanks. Luckily it consisted mostly of basic shapes so it didn’t take all that long.

I need to draw Morgan more


a n g e r y   yet incredibly sexy


You definitely, absolutely, right-this-very-moment need to draw more Morgan.

It is never enough, never enough Morgan <3

Oh my dear lord… *swoons very hard * i just now notice the hairclips in her hair *swooning intensives *
Would you… could i… is it okay… may i draw Morgan with hair clips…?


Friend, friend, friend. Please do.

I love how you draw her and I always want more


Lol, wish I could draw :disappointed: Guess I’ll just have to wait for you all to draw and enjoy those :smile:


So has anyone drawn Vega? I haven’t read any of the four hundred plus comments. totally played the second book demo and wants to draw a scene from it :wink:


There is an overview of all the fanwork content in this thread right in the very first comment. Most people have made sure to put their name and fanwork and what it is about on there.

But no, as far as I can remember there is no drawing of Verda, yet.


Vega? Or Verda?


Verda. Sorry I have no idea why my autocorrect did that -_-;


I have seen a drawing of Verda. Is in Sera’s Tumblr tho!

Here is one of them

“ Soloman Verda! One of the most charming character in Wayhaven!
Love the colours :D

And the other, both from the same artist :smiley:



Thanks!! Wow those tarot cards are amazing >w<


Yeeeeeesss, he/she is doing the whole team I think. And they, are, a-ma-zing.

I'm just gonna leave this here...


someone help i can’t stop


Great job with the freckles!


Dude I saw that people have been posting fanart and I totally freaked! I’ve been wanting to do some too!!
So here is a drawing of me and Mason :smile::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Morgan is sexy and she knows it.

Morgan with hairclips and in a tank top (since some of us were in desperate need of it simply because: so many freckles!)
Please do not mind that it has been thirteen days already… I have had a crazily chaotic dozen days.

Now that we know that Morgan is from Greece I feel like I coloured her skin too dark. I need to figure out what shades fit her now. Hope you do not mind that I took a sample from your drawing, @Mewsly?


Of course I don’t mind becaus she looks AMAZING :heart_eyes: