Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


Nice! Love me some M pics!

Morgan has dark skin. So I would let it be. If you are thinking of the instagram snippet we saw of her, remember that Sera said that the filter way lightened her pic.



There are those fucking horrible cranky days that drawing is just… utterly frustrating… This super annoying doodly sketch is the result of me stubbornly continuing with drawing anyway…

I hate it when I draw inconsistent faces, but after struggling way too long I kind of gave up… Morgan, why are you doing this to me? </3

For those who are not aware, this drawing is inspired by this fantastic comment in the other thread.


Hahahaha, those finger guns, just :ok_hand:

And Ava is beaaaaaautiful. But I’m sure if she noticed those hairs on the back of her neck she would run to the nearest mirror to put them in order.

Only perfection is good enough


Thanks, used my own fingers as a reference cx

Very likely, indeed.
Though I could not help myself, knowing that this (meaning that some of Ava’s hairs curl in the nape of her neck) happens when the mc goes with Ava to Murphy’s abandoned lab as well. Since reading that I just prefer envisioning Ava with a few tiny stray curls in her neck.

Detective: Perfection is overrated.
Ava: You only say that because you are a human. Who can never achieve perfection. Vampires on the other hand…
Detective: narrows eyes at Ava Pardon? What did you just say?
Ava: I said -
Nat: barrels in from another room, barely on time to prevent this useless argument Oh, Ava! Those curls in your neck are cute, you should wear your hair like this more often.
Ava: claps her hand over the curls in shock
Detective: snickers
Ava: glares at the detective


Morgan better be careful carrying around that dangerous weapon!

and by that I mean her face because she too beautiful it’s dangerous!


I whish I could like comments multiple times…

Me: let me hug you out of gratitude, please!
Mewsly: runs away I regret ever talking to you!!!

This is far more accurate




wrow, it’s been a while since i’ve posted here. which explains the wild amount of works i’ve made this time around lmao.




“How is it so easy for you to be kind to people?”
"Because people have not been kind to me."


tech1 tech2

tech3-2 tech4

“Until next time then. And if you should need anything at all, then call at any time.”
“And here I thought you weren’t keen on phones?”
“I would fight through any form of technology if I knew you were on the other end.” Though she smiles as she says it, the words are entirely serious. And leave me entirely speechless.


p1 p2

p4 p3

“Must have been boring these past couple of months doing nothing but pushing paper around your desk.“
“Paperwork involves minimal effort—something that suits me well.”

i’ll admit, i’m a fool for you
second person pov. suggestive content.

You smooth a hand down over your clothes, turning this way and that as you stand before the mirror. The Agency supposedly hosts its fair share of balls which, as the new—and first—human liaison of Wayhaven, you must attend. Who knows how the night will go?

you make me smile (stay for a while)
second person pov.

“That was horrible,” you say, shutting the door behind you firmly. “I should’ve checked the weather before our walk.”

Beside you, her shoulders bunched up to her ears, Nat smiles. “It’s not your fault, Detective. I should have realized it was about to pour sooner.”

like lightning in a bottle
ava/gn!detective, morgan/gn!detective
second person pov. some suggestive content.

You wrap the towel around your body, cursing yourself for not having remembered to bring your clothes inside the bathroom. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but with Unit Bravo currently in your house, it is.

"let’s do dishes together."

Farah peers into the dishwasher, her brow wrinkled. “Isn’t this thing supposed to wash the dishes? I thought that was the point of the name.”

The Detective rolls their eyes. “Yes, Farah. It is.” They nudge her out of the way, ignoring her mock affronted gasp. “But it’s broken. So I’m going to have to clean all of these by hand for now. Until I can get it fixed.”

little wonders
unit bravo, bg farah/gn!detective
morgan pov.

“You’re all unbelievable,” she finally huffs, rolling her eyes. “My kid is walking now—on her own—and none of you cared to see it!”

I made another detective...SHOCKING.

Farah: “Hey Detective!! SMILE!!”

I swear I’ll try to do actual fanart someday I’m just terrified I wouldn’t do it right.
Ahem, In my neverending attempt to make an MC for to date Farah that actually sticks, meet my newest detective: Leigh Lutz. A.K.A Queen Grumpyface.
She’s a 20something, 5’8" pile of Meh.

Leigh: “I’m pretty sure your positivity is the main reason I like you.”
Farah: “Woah WAIT! …you like me?”
Leigh: …leaves

Leigh: “Can you turn the music down?”
Farah: “Sure.”
Leigh: “More.”
Farah: “…”
Leigh: “More.”
Farah: “…uh…”
Leigh: “More.”
Farah: “…well now it’s just off…”
Leigh: “Perfect.”


I just realized I never posted this here

So I have a theory that the reason N & A must always be the same gender is that N must be the tallest member of UB or the world will implode, and since Adam is taller than Nat they cannot exist at the same time.... That being said I want to live in the world where Nate towers over Ava and he can comfortably rest his chin on her head... and she would let him because friendship!


ok, spare me, but am I the only one who low key wants A and N to be…more than friends in some AU.


I admit I kinda want that too(I kinda also want an FxM AU too) Also I noticed that this the Fanwork thread so I’m kinda getting off track.


I made each character using the create avatar thing since I suck at drawing.


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Me? Draw Felix? It’s more likely than you think...


My first ever Wayhaven fanfiction is online!

tu es belle × nat/nb!mc

French is the language between lovers. Set post-B1.

I’ve only had one Nat playthrough so far, so please bear with me in case it’s OOC (and inform me of it). Enjoy reading. :slight_smile:

So I'm working on something for F's Birthday ;3


Sorry for double posting but its F’s Birthday!! :tada:

Happy Birthday to Farah!

Happy Birthday to Felix!

A big thank you to @HomingPidgeon and @impeccably-stressed ! They both helped me out a lot with feedback on these! :heart:

The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA dude never gonna not love these they turned out so good!! Best birthday present F could get :+1:



This is so fucking cute, my heart… <3