Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


Quick doodle of my detectives! Sienna (left) and Blaire (right).



They look so good!!! I love how you do expressions. :slight_smile:

Beautiful Vampire Lady~

Ava, your light skin and hair on white paper… ahhh


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It has been such a long time ago, but I finally finished the list of questions @impeccably-stressed shared on the forum a while ago. In the form of a fanfiction.

Thus, for those who are interested to ‘meet’ my detective:


OKAY, so, after the RO-favourite-places-to-kiss ask, the art bug got the best of me, so, I give you:


Featuring my detective, Ilya.


Featuring @DeeAche’s detective, Teddai.


Featuring @DeeAche’s other detective, Macie.

Height differences what? (You can’t tell, but the first image is no better off. For Ilya to be anywhere NEAR that close to Adam’s height, she’s got to be sitting in his lap or something. He’s just over a foot taller than she is.)

EDIT: I always forget how badly it distorts if I link instead of uplaoding.


There was a conversation about N knitting things for the MC and my hand slipped


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srsly, I’m in freakin’ love with this just look at that mug cozy, omg


I love literally everything about this. This is so cute!


Aw, thanks! I’ll have to color it someday


Apparently I wasn’t done, have a draw the squad, featuring my detective Anne and based on this prompt


beautiful, omg


I was going to tell you how much of a MG vibe this gives me, but I see you already did. Very nice work :open_mouth:


@Meira_Litch yup, I had a huge crush on Ocelot in MGSV, so I decided to base my main MC on him (even though Ocelot is 40 but my MC is only 28) :grin:


You could still edit your post to add stuff. Just a thing to take note in the future.


I was messing around while watching the E3 and… tada!

The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)

It’s nice. XD I can’t wait for you make a full blown smile for A. Don’t forget those dimples of theirs!


@Meira_Litch I don’t if that is F as a baby or F’s baby, but either way, I love it! It’s so cute! And @guardsman000071, that’s an amazing picture of Ava!

This isn’t really great, but I was playing around with why my detective Emma might fall in love with Morgan since she’s…hard to warm up to. It’s probably going to get blown out of the water by canon here in a few months, but I like it well enough so I thought I’d share it.


Emma felt the mattress move and the warmth at her back fade. The relationship, if you could call it that, had been going on for months. No one had commented on it, but Nat and Farah eyed Morgan with some interest. Farah made quips now and again about Morgan staying in one place. Emma wasn’t sure if that should be encouraging or not. Morgan brushed off Farah’s observations when she deigned to respond at all.

She rolled over and sat up to watch the woman yank on her long-sleeved t-shirt. Morgan would be returning to the nearby Agency facility where she lived. Emma’s chest welled up with something that made her throat tighten and words threaten to spill out. It was easy to pretend this wasn’t difficult, or least to appear that way. Emma spent her whole life staying out of the way. In truth, she wasn’t sure she was cut out to be a detective, but she kept those private fears close to her chest. Don’t take up time or space, stay in your lane.

It wasn’t at all the way she wanted to be, and in a rush of bravado, she said in a soft and only-slightly wavering voice, “Morgan?”

Morgan stopped and turned to face her. She wouldn’t ever get used to how they moved, but she forced herself not to flinch. Morgan smirked.“Need something, sweetheart?”

She needed a way to voice everything she felt eloquently, clearly and confidently. She needed a way to know how Morgan felt. She needed Morgan to make this easy for her.

“No, I…I…I…” She had Morgan’s full attention now, the woman leaning closer, dark eyes intent on her. The blush rose to her cheeks unbidden and deepened as she realized it was there. The only change in Morgan’s expression was a glimmer of amusement in her eyes. “The facility is pretty far and it’s late…I just wanted…”

She wanted desperately to say that she was falling in love with this woman, moods and all. There was a drive deep with her that she admired, an intensity that Emma wanted a part of. She was crass, irritable and unapologetic, but she cared about the team.

Morgan wasn’t ready to hear that. She’d leave before Emma got half of it out. If Emma didn’t say something, she’d explode.

She held Morgan’s gaze. “Stay.”

The woman’s face didn’t soften. Her lips didn’t curl into a fond smile. Her eyes didn’t twinkle with joy. That was okay. Emma didn’t expect that.

She stayed.


That’s adorable. :blush:


And thus the fandom said: Let it be the day of the fanworks posts.

Was going to wait until I at least had Adam done but he’s being a pain in my ass, like usual.

Edit: Swapped with a version that has some minor facial and tone edits to match Sera’s version a bit more closely.

Grayscale because my PC monitor shows colour weirdly :sob: