Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


Of course, you may c:

I drew a lot (several times a week, if not every day) when I was younger, from the moment I could hold a pen to approximately when I was 11 or 12 years old.
After that, I did not draw for a long time, or maybe one to five drawings a year. I think this went on till my… 18 to 19 birthday?
Shortly thereafter, I quit my second college study in frustration and I finally decided to do something more creative, which I am doing now. It is not completely focussed on drawing, but it gave me the room to draw more.
Now I am 23 years old college student.
So if we take a liberal estimation of the years I spent (regularly) drawing it would come on the sum of 17 years. Of which I have been drawing digitally for three years.


You can see the hard work in there, maybe in 3 years time I will make a comparison of my drawings now and then haha.


I’m 24 and I feel like a proud momma to you despite only knowing you through the internet.

off-topic discussion!!!

I didn’t start drawing intensively until I was eleven going on twelve, before then I read more than I drew, lol. But when I turned twelve, idk, something just clicked and I’ve been drawing ever since.

I actually did the opposite of you. I originally pursued an art degree, but I just…couldn’t. I don’t know if it’s because it stifled my creativity or if it was a depressive episode, all I know is that it wasn’t working for me. In the two years I was in the art program, I drew maybe a sum total of thirty drawings, down from the hundreds and hundreds I would do in high school.

Now, I’m studying for respiratory therapy, and I’ve actually drawn more this year than I did my entire last year in my art program. Weird, right?

Ok, that’s enough off topic from me.


It can be fun to look at what you made when you were just starting out. It can give you a boost.

Thank you so much, hearing this truly means too much to me <3


Indeed, I choose this image deliberately, because recycling is important and I want to make a statement

Our off-topic discussion

all I know is that it wasn’t working for me.

Believe me, you are not the only one, there are many that tell me this when the subject ‘making art’ and ‘studying art’ is brought on the table.
And having depressive/sad periods never helps, at least in my experience :c

I’m studying for respiratory therapy.

That sounds so interesting. That would have a lot to do with a human’s unconscious being, right? Since breathing at a certain speed can trigger both relaxation or stress, depending on the speed and deepness of the breathing.
Do you do Yoga as well?

I’ve actually drawn more this year than I did my entire last year in my art program.

When you do not have to make something there is no pressure, which can create the best of artistic flows a being can feel. I think…?


Ok, so, extending my explanation from before about the layers.

As LM said, once you have your sketch done, you put the base colours (also, as she said, I recommend to do every section in different layers, so, for example, you can have, skin, hair, clothes, etc etc) in each layer. Don’t worry about adding any depth at this point.

After you have all the basic colours done, let’s assume you want to do the shadows of the hair. So, what you want to do here, is.

  • Create a layer on top of your hair colour one.
  • Next, choose a cool colour I usually use an almost white blue. Really, is like really really reeeeeeeeeeeeally pale.
  • Now, with this layer you have created, you need to set it to multiply.
  • With your cool colour and whatever brush you like to use (I like one of the soft ones, since it makes a better blending effect), paint in the places you like to put the shadows. Since the setting of this layer is in overlay, you will see instant shadows. If it’s too dark, do not worry, finish all the shadows, and then play around with the opacity, this way you can make your shadows softer as you please.
  • Done! Your shadows are done :smiley:

Now, for the highlights, the process is exactly the same except for two things.

  • First: When you create the new layer (again, on top of the basic color one) set it to overlay instead of multiply .
  • Second: Instead of choosing a cool color, choose a warm one this time. And again, make it rather pale.
  • Now you just need to paint in the places you want to have highlights. And you are done! :smiley:

Same as with the shadows, feel free to play around with the opacity of the layer.

And if you want extra life, then you can manually add touches of colour in certain places (for example traces of a very warm colour to simulate some lose small hairs).

I hope you find it useful :smiley:


Wayhaven art dump!


Meira_Litch’s Astrid and Felix posted outside of details because unicorn onesies.

My detectives, gif warning

Kira Langford (Side MC for F and N. After seeing Felix I’m really tempted to use male bravo for her too instead of female lmao)

Lauren Kingston (Main MC for A and M)

Busts for Mason and Felix

Done before Sera posted canon appearance :heart_eyes:

I had Adam and Nate done too, but did not like how they turned out lol.

Art for other people

Dagger1819’s detective’s as animal crossing characters.

Meira_Litch’s Astrid and Felix! No heart version.


goodness! felix looks so absurdly huggable!!! :heart: :hugs: :heart:


I still can’t believe you did such a gorgeous drawing for me! I am eternally grateful :heart:


So a while back Sera answered an ask on tumblr that said vampires can probably make more animalistic noises, so that means they purr right? That’s what that means? That’s canon now? Unambiguous canon?

(this felt short enough to just leave out in the open but if anybody wants me to put it under a cut let me know!)



We need purring vampires!


I think im falling even more for Ava now…


A female Darcy purring… *swooning * I am charmed.

@HomingPidgeon, This is so cute! I adore how you made the drawing so intimate without changing much about their position. And the yawning cat is just adorable.


Apologies for the double post.

Have some portraits of Farah <3
I adored working on these drawings of her, and, clearly, I got lost in her hair. The amount of time that went into that… Dear oh dear… I thank the gods for audio books.

I have been doing head studies throughout my weekend. Perhaps I will be able to finish a few more of the female Unit Bravo.


Here’s some old art of my Detective, Dexter Khatri, that I did for expressions practice~


Also, here’s my interpretation of Male Unit Bravo!


Finally finished the minimalist boards for my detectives.







They’re beautiful!!! I’m so jealous


I got some colored pencils today…

I am weak…


That’s so cute! I really like the colors.


I made another moodboard photoset about my f!detective Lauren and Adam, oops. Once again it’s also on my tumblr.