Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


i can’t stay away from you - rated g
set sometime after book one.

“I can’t stay away from you,” Ava says.

Said by someone else, the words might have been a sweeping declaration of love. Coming from Ava, they’re an admission of guilt.

why haven’t you kissed me yet? - rated g
set sometime after book one. established relationship.

“Speaking of turning the day around…” A mischievous smile lifts her lips, but the Detective thinks nothing of it, too busy taking another sip of coffee. Really, you’d think they’d know better by now. “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”

They choke on the coffee.


As (semi-?)promised I present thee, @AngelOfTheBroken, M with ponytails!
I had no idea if you prefer M as male or female, therefore I drew both. Because there can never be too much M <3 Absolutely not because I adore drawing M or anything…
Also, enjoy their freckles! c;

In all honesty, I am not satisfied with how Morgan turned out in this drawing. However, I am not certain if I will be able to work on it any time soon… :c But I hope to come back to this, mayhap also add some colour to their lovely frowny-faces.


i’m way too fixated on this game and its characters lads. here’s a graphic for the girls because i’m Weak.

i also posted this on tumblr.




The joy of being me is I love both so, yaaay~ X3 Love forever~ Ponytail M is amazing!


forgive the potato quality, im not at home

but here’s F and a freakin dog, omg

“Detective look look look!”


I wanted to contribute as well. I can’t draw, but i did my best (i know M is taller than F, but it’s done now…) :stuck_out_tongue:



Hello, peeps! I didn’t know there was a fanwork, fanfic forum of Wayhaven Chronicles. I was told by a friend to move my… things… here so it won’t be drowned out in the other forum.

Anyway, here was my first work.

Grab a snack, literally, 'cause you might need it.

I hope you’ll like this. I made it like the same way with the game, where you can be subtle or not-so-subtle.

I hope you all enjoy it! :slight_smile:

When talking about thunder, I had a kind of “spur of the moment”… and it goes like this.

(For Female Detectives)

A rainy evening, along with thunderstorms, no electricity:

MC: Can’t sleep. I mean, not just because of the thunderstorm, but also I just can’t stop wondering about…


If A, then...

A thunderclap occurs, making the MC shriek for a split-second.

MC: I can’t sleep like this…

Gets up, walks out of her room, stops in front of A’s door, lightly knocks 3 times, then opens the door

Finds A lying on the bed under a blanket with their arms out, eyes were already open, facing the ceiling, then A turns her/his head to face MC

MC still at the doorway

MC: Sorry. Did I wake you?

A sits up in his/her bed

A: I haven’t slept since tonight.

MC: Is it the rain or the thunder?

A: No, I’m just worried… (Voice trails off)

MC: About what?

A: About y- (Flinches). It’s nothing (Flashes a quick smile)

MC gives a steady nod

MC: I can’t sleep.

A: I know.

MC: You do?

A: Yes. I heard you from the next room. The thunder, right?

MC: Yes.

A: Would you like to sleep here? (Asks with a small, reassuring smile)

MC: If I may.

A: Yes. Come on in.

MC walks in, sits next to A, both of them lie down together, facing each other

A: You must be cold. (Wraps blanket around MC)

MC has option to be subtle or the opposite of subtle


MC: (Blushes) (Stammers) I, uh, I mean… Thank you. (Smiles)

A: (Flashes a smile) You’re welcome, Detective.

MC fails to contain an almost silent chuckle, something that A hears

A: What is it?

MC: I just remembered something. When you said that I must be cold, you sounded the same way when we were patrolling in the night. (From Book One)

A: (Controls a snigger, then falls silent) I could never forget that night.

MC: Why?

A: Well, because… (Falls quiet for a few seconds) because it was when Murphy almost got you.

MC: Oh, well, in that case, I’m glad you found me first.

(A looks MC in the eye, then neither looks away. Until another thunderclap makes the MC flinch)

A: You should get some sleep now, Detective.

MC: Alright. Good night, A.

(A “sort of” blushes for a small period of time, but either the room or the night is too dark for the Detective to notice)

A: Good night, -Insert character name-

Then MC sleeps better than before


MC: (Grins) I kind of am. The same way I was when we were patrolling in the night. (From Book One)

A: (Hides a small chuckle) You know I had to, right?

MC: But it doesn’t mean neither of us enjoyed it. (Smiles)

A: Perhaps. (Stares blankly for a short time, but not at the detective, as if remembering the memory) (Then hides a smile)

MC: Good night, A. (Purrs their name)

(A looks at the MC)

A: Good night, -Insert character name-

If N, then...

A thunderclap occurs, making the MC shriek for a split-second.

MC sits up in her bed

MC: I really can’t sleep like this.

Then MC hears some hurried footsteps towards her room and knocks on her door

MC: Who is it?

N: Detective? You alright?

Recognizing the voice

MC: Please come in.

N walks through the door, then closes it

N: Are you alright, -Insert character name-?

MC: I am. (Accidentally lets out a nervous chuckle)

N: Okay. Because I heard you from the hall, you said you couldn’t sleep.

MC: Well, I’m having a hard time sleeping… Because of the thunder.

N: Would you like me to keep you company?

MC: If you wouldn’t mind?

N: Not at all. I was just on my way back to my room.

N sits in the bed, next to the MC, then notices that the MC, even though her lower half is already covered by the blanket, is still cold

N: You still seem cold (Takes off his/her jacket). Please put this on.

MC: What about you?

N: There are only a few things in the world that can hurt me (looks at the MC) and one of them is seeing you being uncomfortable, or hurt. (N offers a reassuring smile) So please, put this on, -Insert character name-.

MC takes the offered coat

MC: Thank you, Nat/Nate.

They both lie down, facing each other

MC: Let’s share the blanket. It’s big enough for the both of us.

N: It’s alright, Detective. I can handle the cold.

MC: Please?

N looks at the MC in the eyes

MC: I also can’t stand it when I see the people I love suffer.

N: (Smiles) Well, like I said, Detective: If it hurts you, it hurts me.

N wraps the blanket around herself/himself

MC: Good night, N.

N: Good night, -Insert character name-

If F, then...

A thunderclap occurs, making the MC sit-up from her bed.

MC: Well, since I can’t sleep, I might as well try to do something else.

MC gets up, walks out of her room, and begins to stroll down the hall.

Just as when she was passing in front of F’s door, another lightning gave light to almost the whole house and, a split second before the thunder, she hears F shriek in his/her room.

MC knocks on F’s door

MC: Felix/Farah?

F: Detective, please come in!

MC immediately opens the door, gets inside, closes the door.

MC finds F curled into a ball: knees close to his/her face and hands are covering her/his ears

MC: The thunder has passed, F.

F: Sorry if you had to find me like this, -Insert character name-.

MC: It’s alright, F.

F: Please keep me company. I couldn’t rest since the thunders started.

MC: Don’t worry, F. I’m always around for you.

F: Thanks, Detective. I hope I will be too.

MC smiles, then sits with F in the bed.

F: Why were you wandering the hall this time of night?

MC: I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I might as well do something else.

F: What were you planning to do?

MC: No idea.

F: Well, thank goodness you had no plans, otherwise I’d have been interrupting you by now.

MC: I don’t mind changing my plans, as long as it’s for you. (Smiles)

F: (Grins) Really, Detective? In that case, you might not be able to do anything you plan at all.


MC: (Stammers) I, well, I uh… (Clears throat) If I was able to finish helping you in any way I can as early as possible, then maybe I still might be able to continue anything I plan.

F: (Chuckles) Do you really think I’d let you finish quickly just like that?

MC: (Stammers) I think, I uh, you should, um… What do you mean? I mean, What does that mean? When you say that?

F: (Sniggers) Don’t worry about it. But I do love the way you struggle to speak when I talk to you in that manner. (Grins)

Another lightning before the thunder, except this time, it only makes F close his/her eyes tightly and purse her/his lips.

When F opens his/her eyes, F is surprised to see that the Detective is still sitting still next to her/him.

F: I’m sorry, Detective. I can’t help it.

MC: Don’t worry. I’m here now.

MC slowly reaches for F’s hand. However, F decided to meet the Detective’s hand half the way

MC: (Smiles) Let’s just sleep it off, okay?

F: Good idea, Detective.

They both lie down, facing each other

MC: Good night, F.

F: Good night, -Insert character name-


MC: What if those plans involve you?

F: Then you should let me know first, so I can prepare for you.

MC: You know that the best interviews are the ones not scheduled, right?

F: I hope it’s not just an interview you plan to do with me. (Smirks)

Another lightning before the thunder, except this time, it only makes F close his/her eyes tightly and purse her/his lips.

When F opens his/her eyes, F is surprised to see that the Detective is holding her/his hand.

F: Ooh, Detective. If that will be your reaction for me every time, then I hope the thunders never stop. I’ll have to do my best to keep my eyes open, though. (Smiles)

MC: I can hold it for you throughout the night. (Smiles)

F: We’re just gonna sleep? (Smirks)

MC: There will be a time for other things later, F. Besides, you need some sleep too.

F: (Chuckles) I suppose you’re right.

They both lie down, facing each other

MC: Good night, F.

F: Good night, -Insert character name-

If M, then...

A thunderclap occurs, making the MC sit-up from her bed.

MC: Not only is the thunder too loud and scary, but this blanket is doing nothing to stop the cold as well. It’s cold? Crap, it’s cold!

Remembering the times when M was shivering from the simple decreases in temperature, the Detective snatches her jacket from the door and runs out of her room, straight to M’s front door.

Knocking three times on the door, the Detective calls out to M

MC: Mason/Morgan?

The Detective hears no answer so she decided to enter the room

MC comes in and closes the door on her back

The MC finds M sitting in her/his wrapped tightly in his/her blanket, but still shivering, so the Detective immediately sat next to M.

M: (Shuddering) Hey.

MC: The blankets are doing you no good to keep you warm… Here, put this on. (MC takes off her jacket and offers it to M)

M: Thanks.

M gets out of the tightly wrapped blanket, wearing a cargo trouser and a tank top

MC: Why were you wearing a tank top?

M: (Curtly) 'Cause I didn’t know it was gonna rain!

MC gives a steady nod first then says…

MC: (Softly) Right, of course. Sorry. I just shouldn’t have asked… (Voice trails off)

M realizes the way he/she answered the question and seeing that the Detective even offered her jacket

M: (Stammers) I’m sorry, -Insert character name-.
(Speaks clearly) I should’ve thought about the way I’ll answer your question.

MC: That’s alright. So, how are you feeling now?

M: (Smirking) Warmer. Thanks to you.


MC: (Stammers) Oh well, that’s uh, it’s, uh… You’re welcome. (Nervous chuckle)

M: (Smirks wider) What about you, Detective? It looks like you’re the one who’s cold now. Is there anything I can do to… make you feel warm?

MC: (Blushes strongly) No. No, it’s okay. I can handle it. Really.

M leans in so much, but the Detective only leans back a little, 'cause if the Detective didn’t, their lips would’ve met.

M: Really, Detective? 'Cause it seems like you’re shivering.

MC: (I am shivering, but not because it’s cold. I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because-)

The Detective’s thought is cut short because she realized she did not even managed to move her hand away even though she noticed M was about to reach for it.

The Detective stifles a gasp because M’s action was unexpected.

M: You’re shivering worse than before. Would you like me to loosen your tension?

A thunderclap makes the Detective do something so unexpected: She suddenly moved closer to M, and this time it was M who had to lean back because M was also surprised at the Detective’s action.

MC: I’m sorry. I was just so nervous.

M: If that’ll be you’re reaction for every thunder, then I don’t think we can do anything for tonight.

MC blushes

M: Let’s just sleep, yeah?

MC: That’s preferable.

M: Hopefully, tomorrow morning, you’ll be feeling better.

They both lie down, the Detective facing the other way.

The Detective suddenly feels her side of the bed sinking slowly, then she realized that M was moving closer towards her and M puts a hand around the Detective’s stomach and reels her in to a spooning position

MC: What are you doing?

M: The blanket doesn’t work, and you’ve no jacket at all. It’s the best way to keep you warm. (Smiles).
Good night, -Insert character name-.

MC: Good night, Mason/Morgan.


MC: (Smirks back) Happy to help.

M: What about you? I’m wonderin’ how I can make you… warm… on this cold night.

MC: I can think of one way on how you can help me.

M leans in so much, but stops at the last couple of inches because M realized that the Detective has no intention of leaning back

M: Only one? I can think of up to a hundred. (Smirk widens)

Just then, M reaches out to the Detective’s hand and puts the Detective’s hand to cup his/her cheek. After doing so, M uses her/his free hand to cup the cheek of the Detective and they began to lean closer, until…

A thunderclap makes the Detective do something so unexpected: She wraps her other hand around M, and M was a bit surprised because he/she was not expecting this.

MC: (Removes arm from M, clears throat and shakes her head) I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.

M: Feel free to do it again next time. (Smirks)

MC: Maybe I will. (Smirks back)

M: Let’s just sleep it off, yeah?

MC: Okay.

They both lie down, facing each other

M: Turn around, so that you’ll feel less colder.

MC: How?

M: Trust me.

The Detective turns her back on M, then feels her side of the bed sinking, realizing that M was moving closer. Then she feels M’s hand wrapping around her stomach and reels her in to a spooning position.

M: It’s warmer for you, right?

MC: Yes. It is better than before.

Then the Detective rests her hand on M’s hand still on her stomach

M: Goodnight, -Insert character name-

MC: Good night, Morgan/Mason.


My first fanwork of Wayhaven Chronicles. Wrote up a little story for Adam’s birthday.

Adam’s Birthday Present
Synopsis: Detective Alice Roesler decides to give Adam a shoulder massage for his birthday
F!Detective/Adam du Mortain


My MC is the most sarcastic fucker alive, and hes dating everyone cause you cant make me choose.


Let’s live the poly dream, my friend. I walk by your side on this one :joy:.


Goodness gracious! I love your art style!!


It is so hard to draw faces/characters consistently… cries in a corner
Morgan walking Lorelei to their bed, because yeah…


[looks at my own inconsistent characters]


How did you color this? It looks great!
how do you make shadows this good, wtf


So glad that I am not the only one suffering.

Now onto the fun part!

First, I colour all the parts with a base colour and almost every piece on a different layer (naming them is very important, otherwise you lose the overview very easily… Naturally I am not talking from experience, I am very persistent in naming the layers, truly!)…
When that is done almost all the layers that follow can be clipped on top of those (as in making them clipping masks).
Second, I take a lighter and darker colour in approximately the same shade, but there are times that I take colours from other shades that suite the base colour well. It depends on the material that you are drawing.
And when I have those two colours I start to add them to the places where light and shadow are supposed to fall. Later, when all layer have these darker and lighter colours I blend said colours, so that it looks more natural.
Thirdly, I pick a dark colour, most often a dark blue, purple or brown and go over the whole of the drawing, to add even more shadows. When that is done I often play a bit with the opacity of this layer.

If you give me a bit of time, I will make a ''quick" example. To make my horrid explanation (hopefully) a bit easier to follow.


Don’t worry, your explanation actually makes sense to me! (I should really play with opacities and masks more because I already do everything else)

But it would certainly be helpful for those with less digital drawing experience. :slight_smile:


I have no time, so I’ll add something quick.

What I do to make shadows and highlights is colour everything with the base colour as LM said, but then, what I do is add one layer for shadows and one for highlights. I set one on overlay and the other on multiply. And that way is so easy :smiley:

I’ll give a more specific explanation later on.


Let’s pretend that this is the dog N makes kissy noises to in the bakery, therefore it is not off-topic.

Okay, for those interested, this is how I generally work.

  1. Lines; this is a fast sketch, generally, I make the lines clean.

  1. Base colour;

  1. Adding lighter and darker colours/shades in a clipping mask;

  1. Blending colours and possibly adding more to make the drawing spicier;

  1. Adding the ‘‘real’’ shadows, they are still at 100% opacity;

  1. Playing with the opacity;

  1. Adding details, go wild;

This was a really fast sketch and colouring, obviously, it is far from my best… It is only meant to clarify my written explanation of how I tend to work on my art.

What Meira says about the settings of a layer is also a handy tool! One I forget often

If there is still confusion then please ask, I only bite my romantic partners.


This…this amuses me so much. :smile:


I wish I could give this more than a single like because this is so helpful! Thanks for the tutorial! :hugs:


How long have you been drawing, if you don’t mind me asking?